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Dozing Kids [Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

Dozing Kids [Jeeroy] Empty Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:42 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy was bummed out. It had been only a couple hours since he finished up his last mission and he had not slept in the past twenty-four hours. Not only was fatigue getting to him, but he was hungry as well. He guessed that was the price to pay for getting high before all of his missions. He glanced down at the baggie in his hands and noticed his stock was running a bit low. Though being around children for this mission, he should not have wanted to be as high as he currently felt like being, but his better judgement usually never won over. This was proven true in the fact that he still ground up the green herb and filled the paper before him before skillfully rolling up a joint and putting it to his lips.

He decided to dress a bit more professional today seeing as he would be dealing with some children in a classroom. He was not sure exactly what he had to do, as he had not read the entire request. So opting for a nice dress shirt, some black slacks, and some black dress shoes, he headed off in the direction of the school, smoking on the joint as he did. Of course, about a half mile before he hit the school, he put out the joint and pocketed the remains in a small baggie inside of his pocket, opposite to his glitter which he always carried.

Once he reached the school, he quickly found the room he was supposed to be helping in. The teacher was a nice looking young woman who smiled at him once he walked in. Immediately turning on his charm, he walked up to her and smiled, taking her hand and bringing it to his lips. "Hello, my dear woman, I guess fate has set us to meet today as I will be helping you along with your class." Jeeroy said smoothly. The woman blushed and looked out among her class and Jeeroy finally seemed to notice that there were young students among them.

"Yes...I am Sandine, Mr...?" She questioned, looking at the man curiously.

"Lenkins, my lady. Jeeroy Lenkins. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. He introduced himself in a flirtatious manner letting the woman know how interested he was in taking her home for the evening...in less words of course as there were young ears present. The woman blushed once again and looked away from him.

"Yes well, Mr. Lenkins. I need you to observe my class for the day. Plenty of them keep trying to sleep and not pay attention. I need you to keep this from happening if you could." She said and then turned her back to the board. Jeeroy could do this, scare some respect into the kids. They were already all staring at him with wide eyes as if they had never seen a giant before...which they probably had not. Many people around had never seen a giant as he seemed to be the only one that inhabited Fiore.

He walked to the back of the classroom, glaring at any child that dare look at him awkwardly. They would immediately look away and he even saw tears in a few of their eyes. With a deep chuckle, he took at seat in a small chair at the back of the class. He saw most of the students around him shift in their seats uncomfortably and he waved at the teacher to continue with her lesson. He let himself daydream while she taught, every now and again standing to slam his hands down on a students desk to tell them to pay attention. By the end of class, none of the students wanted to sleep. They were all paying attention very closely. Jeeroy continued to watch the woman teach, staring at her ass and wondering exactly how much effort it would take to get her to come home with him that night. He guessed he would find out.

As the last bell rang for the students, they all scurried off with promises to continue to listen in class as they did not want him to come back. Making his way to the front of the class, the woman presented him with his jewels. He leaned on her desk with a smirk as he slightly flexed to show off his muscles, which she definitely saw and seemed to enjoy. "Sandine, what would you say to me taking you out for a drink tonight. Use these jewels you so kindly rewarded me on you?" He asked. The woman turned red before nodding, grabbing her purse. As they got to the bar and got a few drinks in them, Jeeroy realized that the woman was into him much more than he first realized and as he left the tip, he took her back to his hotel, promising that she would be receiving more than just a tip that night.

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