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Beach Gym [Mission]

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Beach Gym [Mission] Empty Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:17 pm

''Oooo hot summers in a ninty-degree way. That's too bad cause i'm here to stay. Oooo nooo waay.~ Yes o yes I'm here for you to stay.~'' she would sing as she walked like her usual way. Left foot up, left foot down, right foot up, right foot down and it would repeat. She was finally going to go to the beach, but it was to do some quest. She was somewhat sad that it wasn't to go the way she would like it. She would maybe make some typical sand castles.  IT wouldn't really matter either way since she was here for a quest. IT wasn't that long ago since she was here fighting some damn sea monster. Did she defeat it? Who knows. No one would know besides the people who were there. She didn't really get to catch their names besides the one they were all yelling, 'Kenny'. Kenny was that one guy who looked like a caveman who finally was introduced to some stuff from a hair cutting place. That was okay though since the guy seemed alright. She would smile as she would go on her way to that very beach to help some guy out. Once again she didn't know this guy. 'I wonder if he's like that weirdo Kenny who keeps getting yelled at. Will I meet him again?' she wondered as her little neck tilted up to look at the sky, wondering such things. She would let her arms dangle against her sides, little lets walking the way she always did. Cosmiare always walked so flimsy like, but that was all okay too since she was too care-free to care about what others thought about her.

She would hum a song that she would always hum when she was bored. It sounded like some happy carnival tune. ''Do dododo do~ Mmm m mmm mm.~ Ya ya ya ya,~'' she would sing as she would walk on the sidewalk and then looked down to see some guy waiting. Was that the guy? Oh boy was he muscular. Would she be like that someday? When she grew up? She couldn't look such a thing due to the fact that she was in a young body and could even be seen as a boy. Cosmiare hated when people saw her as a boy but it was more common then one would think. Sighing softly she would go down the sandy hill and waved. ''Hai Mr. Muscle man!'' she would say and wave. He cocked an eyebrow like all the clients did and started to laugh. 'Geez, does everyone always judge cause I'm a kid?!' she thought and did a pout-like expression with her lips and all. What was with people and judging her cause of her appearance? It sucked to be honest since they're always like 'Oh be careful.' something as such. Slowly she would go up to him and looked at him. ''Oh c'mon. I can't be the shortest person to help you!'' she spoke with confidence while her hands went against her own hips. He would laugh and ruffled her hair. 'Seriously? Oh man.' she thought and just dealt with it. Sighing softly she would see a stoll. ''I'll use this for whatever then.'' she would say and grabbed it. ''Good cause you're going to need it short fry. I believe in you man.'' he spoke. 'Man? ...' she thought as she would then corner her eyes and then at him. ''Alright. Let's go!'' she would say as she would put the stand stool where he was going to lift. ''One.... two ... Three...'' he spoke as she would keep going up and down the stool and added more stuff. ''Alright now. Here we go!'' he spoke and lifted up a heavy amount of weights. He seemed trouble so she would get on top of the stool to help it down. Even though she was small looking, she was stronger than mostly anyone would think. As she would help, she'd get off the stool and look at him. ''Wow. You surprised me. Here you go kid. See yea.'' he spoke and gave her the reward. She would leave soon after.


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