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Era to Magnolia [ Footwalk | FuYang ]

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#1Líng YīngTù 

Era to Magnolia [ Footwalk | FuYang ] Empty on Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:18 pm

Líng YīngTù
This morning was different than what the usual days brought — there was anticipation, excitement, and nervousness. Okay, that last one was always present with Rini, but still. She was making choices on her own however, and that was a completely new feeling.

However, the thought of leaving the few members of her family alone was heart-wrenching. She's never left their side for more than a day, yet here she was. Leaving to unknown territory to look for an antique store. It was quite unexpected on how the events played out so far, but this was natural. Right? Shaking her head, her golden locks flailing about, to get rid of the doubt in her mind.

It's too late to go back on this; her new companion, FuYang was waiting for her and needed her assistance. Yet, Rini would probably appreciate that they knew each other better. But, spontaneity was welcomed in someone's life, and now it's her turn.

Her backpack on her back, she headed out the door, and made her way to their designated spot. The bench that they first met at. The more she walked away from her residence, the faster her legs moved away. She was ready for this journey — now or never.

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Era to Magnolia [ Footwalk | FuYang ] Empty on Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:27 am

Waiting. That's all she had to do, FuYang just had to wait, she was nervous that maybe, just maybe her new acquaintance would not show up, and she would have to go on the search along. This was normal, she had never really trusted anyone other than her carer, so hopefully Fu had put her trust in the right person.

When the spot of blonde made it's way towards, the bench that she was waiting at, the place where they first met, Fu felt herself release a sigh of relief. Rini had not left her, had not abandoned her to make this journey alone.

Now that it was time, Fu began the journey out of Era, and on wards to their first decision of a town to look in. Magnolia. Checking every now and then, to see if Rini was keeping up, before she decided to just walk side-by-side with the girl. Taking in the nature around them, pointing out things she had read about during her childhood days to the younger, hopefully this would help Rini warm up a little more to her.

Once they reached Magnolia, FuYang took a deep breath and smiled, turning to Rini.

"Let's go find those shops, ne, Rini?"


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