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Fetch Me This And That | Solo Quest

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#1Eiko Jitsuko 

Fetch Me This And That | Solo Quest Empty on Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:19 am

Eiko Jitsuko

Eiko breathes in deeply, and exhales in a cute tone of voice. Not necessarily child-like, but it can be pretty humiliating as her voice matches her height; which is... small. Eiko does not talk much, but likes to get into ruckus and tragedies, just like the scene that happened ten years ago in her childhood.

She wanders off, tired, thinking what she'll do next. Either get a cup of tea and eat her favorite cranberry cheesecake, or maybe take another quest and tire herself out. She decided to take a request, an easier one so her body wouldn't be forced to get herself hurt. She walks by the Bulletin Board to look for a request, and noticed that not much people are taking requests unlike earlier. The papers on the board aren't stockpiled any longer. So she looks at one that seemingly caught her interest, but nothing else make her feel excited. She looks deep down the valley of papers and see an old paper that has already darkened and the edges are ripped apart. "This seems rather interesting..." muttered Eiko, "just hope I wouldn't take too long." she added with a sigh, taking the paper off of the board and reads it as she walks away.

It was a request that is similar to a scavenger hunt. Come to think of it, the last time Eiko had a scavenger hunt is ten years ago, it would give her a small glimpse of childhood once she looks for the desired items. As she was still reading the letter, a cat purred at her, scratching Eiko's leg and catching her attention. Eiko looks down at the cat, it was a black cat whose eyes are purple. It was a rare sight, so Eiko picked the cat up and started petting it's head. The moon shaped accessory attached to the cat's choker shone through the light's sunshine. "Are you lost?" asked Eiko with a small smile. She put the cat down and pet it once more. "I've got to go." she added and turned her back around, leaving the cat. It purred again, so Eiko decided to take the cat with her. When she turned around, the cat was no longer there.

She felt strange, and she decided to let the cat be and continue on with the request as quickly as possible so that she can rest the time she go back home. The desired location for the quest is nearby, like a forest. Eiko lost a small amount of hope when the items she need to look for wasn't specific. But the sight of home and the refreshing smell of tea would surely make her feel better, it slightly boosted her confidence.

She walks around the park nearby the forest, sweating and breathing deeply due to the sun's harsh rays in which Eiko isn't used to be under it directly. She thought that it would be much easier if the scavenger hunt was as night. But she needed to finish early as though she wanted to ensure her own health and safety. As she was strolling around, looking for some old plant she did not know what it'd look like, a cat purred behind her once more. It was the same black cat she saw earlier. Being utterly suspicious about it's owner, Eiko pet the cat once and left quickly, not trying to get any curses if it had any. When she was a few meters away from the cat, she turned around to see that the cat wasn't there anymore. Knowing that her suspicions would only take 10% of her time, she did not mind the cat any longer and proceeded to her own request she wanted to finish for extra Jewels.

She does not know what the old plant looks like, but she looked for the plant that looked as old as possible. Like some branch whose colors are fady and dirty, and the leaves are eaten by a caterpillar. Wasting her own time for an item that was not specific, she took a random branch that lied down on the ground. The one who wrote the request wouldn't notice, will they?

Eiko took a branch with her. It was dark and quite shabby, and her hands are starting to get pretty itchy. She started looking for the second item, a burnt wood. She looks around to see that her surroundings are full of burned woods, like a pyromaniac would do this. "Which burnt wood?" asked Eiko, grinning a little at her own questionable acts. Wanting to rest already, she took a small burned wood that is similar to what a charcoal looks like. The request was not specific, so why would she?

The next item would be a large chunk of metal. It wasn't in the request of how big the metal is, so she took the biggest one of them. Surely, Eiko had a hard time carrying a large and heavy metal. But for the request, Eiko would want to do her best. But her body seems to be lazy.

She brings the items to a certain place and walks around like a fool. Everybody was looking at her, carrying meta around. She entered a small black magic shop to meet up with the person who wrote the request. "Serena Nightless?" asked Eiko, catching the woman's attention. She looked at her with a smile on her face, "Yes?" she replied back.

Eiko placed the items in the table in front of her. "I've bought the items you needed." she said, hoping that the items she looked for that wasn't certain and specific won't make Serena mind it. Instead, the woman laughed hysterically, almost choking herself.

"How cute!" she shouted as she continues laughing. "The quest wasn't real! It was a prank! You fool!" she shouts more, shaking her feet as she could not stop laughing. From what Eiko heard, her left eye twitched as she was kind of triggered. She wanted to hit the woman in the face. "But since you are kind enough to pet me a few times, here are a few Jewels." she added, throwing some Jewels in the floor. It would be a waste for Eiko not to pick them up.

As she was taking the Jewels on the floor, the woman changed her form into a black cat, the one she saw earlier. "Toodles~!" the woman shouted, making Eiko angrier than ever.

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