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#1Hãi dié Líng 

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Hãi dié Líng
Fye would walk on about alone in some forest close to Era. She was happy and cheerful as she was carrying a basket of goodies. Truly this was a perfect day to relax and she felt no more worries for now. Her long blue hair would sway left and right as she would walk, swaying her hips. 'I feel weird...' she thought as she heard some crumples of some leaves and nature in general. Her lips closed as she started to jog. She didn't want to run in case it was some animal so she started slow.

''Líng! We know you're here! Come back. The village only wishes to see you once again...'' a man spoke. She knew better...THEY were here! To get her! They were going to take her and torture her... Why now? Her knees bent and covered her ears as she would hide in some space in a tree trunk. Tankfully she was semi-small enough to hide in it as she would hear foot steps. 'I rather die then go back...I can't...' she thought. She would never go back. Not after what they did to her mother, she remembered, that day. They sacrificed her mother, her grandmother took her away to some ship and came here. Rini will be safe though. They had no idea of her existence, but they won't know about her if she dies now...no. Her head became a cluster as she would then hear no foot steps. As she would exit out of the tree trunk she felt a huge wack against her skull, everything went black and died. The last thing she heard before her death was ''It's finally over. The last family member of that surname.'' and was gone.

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