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Needing a Breather [Era-->Magnolia]

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Needing a Breather [Era-->Magnolia] Empty on Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:11 am

Odin had to leave, it was getting too crowded in Era. The Ark was still floating just outside the town, and the Rune Knights were constantly on patrol, and as much as none of them knew his face well enough, due to his rather average infamy -a statistic that he was planning on increasing very soon- he still wanted to leave Era sooner rather than later. His destination was to be Magnolia, a nearby town that housed the fairy tail guild, a place where no one would suspect a young dark mage to hide out and wait for things to down, whilst also getting some work in the town and meeting the locals, without arousing suspicion if he could. It took only a few hours before Odin arrived in Magnolia, where he sought out a nearby inn to arrange a place to stay for the few days he was planning on staying.


Needing a Breather [Era-->Magnolia] BTcteu6

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