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Hargeon to Marigold [Footwalk - Phoebe]

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Hargeon to Marigold [Footwalk - Phoebe] Empty Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:03 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
As she had decided that she should write a letter to tell all about what happened in Era and Marigold and now also in Hargeon, she had made the same decision to skip the letter and just go home for the time being. She liked to stay in Hargeon, bump into some cute guys again but she needed to find her focus again and show her father her magic progress. She wasn't entirely sure why she should leave again for the progress of finding her mother wasn't much further as she hoped it would be but after six years of nothing it was hard to have a start somewhere and to find her.

Besides the big bad world outside of Orchidia was a bit scarier than she thought, sure it was fun as well but she just needed to go home and get rid of her loneliness and homesick and just get to the point of recharging and leave again for other parts of Fiore to find her mother. It was a long journey of five days back to Orchidia but she couldn't wait. She could imagine cooking food in her kitchen or eat the good food Mary always made, stand in a shop for a few days and be bored but damn she wanted to be home already.

She would put the bag over her shoulder, pay for her days at the inn. Sigh about the pretty boys she might miss, and head off to find her way back home again. She put one foot in front of the other, again walking in her running shoes as heels were not smart for a long walk of five days. Next time she would go to a city that also had a train station because this walk was ridiculous from time to time. One foot in front of the other, focusing on nothing else but going home made her walk faster than she probably ever had done before, it might even be close to running. She would never have guessed that she could miss Mary so much. Her annoying little sister, and she wondered how her father was doing, was the shop alright. Was she simply not ready to leave her home yet? Was she that.. weak?

She shook her head as she shouldn't think of it that way but man the journey home seemed to be so long even though every step brought her closer than she had been before as she had travelled far to the south, far away from Orchidia. Four days, was already a day closer and she felt that her loneliness was growing only because she was getting closer to where she wanted to be. Three days and the aching in her chest made her walk slower because it was so heavy, but still fast enough, two more days and she started to recognize the surroundings around her and one day and she would see her beloved city soon.

she knew the fields around orchidia, she noticed the river and the plants that were the same as always, it was so much greener here than in Hargeon and she was so glad to be home. The last few steps she ran towards the shop, "Guess who is home!" she finished just when Mary jumped in her open arms, "Hi Phoebe!"


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