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Sign Me Up [Quest|Victor]

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Sign Me Up [Quest|Victor] Empty Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:06 pm

Victor had ran into Jay, the body building enthusiast rather randomly at the beach. He was there to just relax and spend some time surfing but it seemed that God had no care for his plans. The man, Jay Holiday, had just finished doing his morning work out when he spotted the pink haired Blue Pegasus mage. He had stopped Victor from going into the waves, telling him that he needs Victor’s help and that he is willingly to pay him for it.

Curiosity had somehow led him to ask Jay what he wanted, resisting the urge to roll his eyes when he heard that the man needed him to sign him up for some competition. “Here are my details,” he said, not even waiting for Vic to either accept or deny his request. The man produced a pen and paper out of nowhere, scribbling on it as Vic just looked on, wondering if he was really going to spend that day doing this job for him. Vic didn’t mind but after a week of nothing but missions after missions, he really thought even he could use a break.

“There we go,” the body builder handed the piece of paper to him which he spent a brief moment skimming through before sliding it to the back pocket of his jeans. “Where do I sign up?” he asked, placing a hand over his head to stop the sunlight from messing up his vision. Jay mimicked his action but with his other hand, he pointed to the opposite corner of the beach. “There,” he said matter of factly, as if it was nothing at all.

‘He had to be kidding,’ Vic groaned in his head, still keeping a smile up front as to not upset the body builder. Vic shared some of his sister’s qualities that way. They both knew how to wear masks, only, Eva was much better at it for all the sensible reasons. He stared at the other side of the beach, catching the glimpse of a small but somewhat visible line of people he guessed was there to sign up for the competition. “The deadline is sunset, so I’ll see you around,” Jay said as he walked away, probably off to do more work outs.

Victor, on the other hand, began dashing as soon as he heard sunset. It was already noon and the distance he had to cover was too big. He started sprinting, dodging the kids and other obstacles in his way. At one point, he even bumped into a couple, spilling their drinks over them. He heard loud angry voices but didn’t even stop to apologize, however, choosing to run all the way across the beach to the long line in front of the sign up desk that Vic couldn’t even see from there. It was far longer than he had expected.

He lined up in the middle of other sweaty and beefy muscle builders, groaning inwardly when one of them decided to strike up a conversation with him. He waited patiently for the next few minutes, watching as one person after the other fell away from the line after signing their name and details up for the competition. The sun was almost ready to set when his turn to sign up came and he quickly scribbled back the same information that Jay had written down for him. The man at the desk looked bored as he accepted his application and then waved a hand lazily to indicate that he can go now.

He started walking back once everything was over, the sun now having set and painted the sky in a golden red which would soon transition into a pale grey and then to complete darkness. He arrived back at Jay’s place fifteen minutes later, relaying the events back to him and giving him all the details of the competition and stuff he gathered from the sign up booth. Jay looked pleased as Vic tried to shake off his tired visage. He handed him the rewards, patting him on his back and muttering a quick good job before going back to his workout routine again. Well, at least now he was free enough to go back and sleep.


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