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Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Victor]

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Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Victor] Empty Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:03 pm

Victor took a huge bite off his curry bun, humming a sweet tune of pleasure as the curry filled delicacy slid down his throat. The morning was warm, as expected of a summer day and the town seemed to be abuzz with something Victor didn’t notice until he came across a crowd. He also saw that a lot of construction work seemed to be going around him in the town that day. Was there something that he missed? He wondered as he made his way into the crowd, as curious as ever.

In the middle of it, answering some questions that Victor couldn’t quite catch, the young man addressed himself as Reign Valystasia, a young and promising noble who was taking care of stuff around the town. He seemed to be busy, answering each of the questions people threw at him and even giving them details as to how he was going to fix their problems. Apparently, there was a lot of construction work that had to be done around the town that day and the young noble seemed to have taken it upon himself to arrange everything.

Victor was further surprised when he offered everyone compensation for helping out, which is what perked his attention a lot more than the other details. He approached the young noble himself, offering his help in the reconstruction of the docks and other things around the town. The man seemed relieved when he introduced himself to be a Blue Pegasus guild member. He gave him details as to what he could do, giving him a list of item that he must get and a list of other things that he will have to transport and also some other works that he could do around the town.

He started by talking to the locals first, asking them what they needed him to bring in and made a mental note of them as he walked between one place to the other, carrying woods, metals, and other tools and items that the workers asked him to bring. The sun wasn’t forgiving, enveloping him in a cloak of uncomfortable warmth. Sweat rolled down his body and made him irritated enough to take his expensive shirt off. It was almost like torture to choose this kind of work on a summer day, especially a hot summer day.

Victor went between places again. Sometimes, he would linger for a while longer in one place and help out the workers there with hammering something in or simply making something else. He was a strong enough mage so while the sun made things difficult, the work by itself wasn’t too hard.

At noon, he ate lunch with the workers that shared stories about the young noble. They told him of how the boy had at first been looked down upon by the citizens and how he, with his hard work and dedication, finally made a name for himself. Somehow, Victor was glad for this person. He had taken the challenge called life in his own hands and turned the tables around with his hard work. They chatted a while longer, enjoying some boxed sushi that the women made for them.

Once they had lunch, it was back to work. This time, instead of ging back and forth between places, he was made to help at the construction of the docks. He still carried in the wood but now had the job of hammering it in carefully as to not disrupt the balance of the docks. He had to spent hours just with the reconstruction of it, only pausing now and then to exchange information or pleasantries with the other workers or sometimes, older women that came to him with water and other snacks.

At the end of the day, as the sun started to set, Victor noticed that their job was almost done. The docks were almost finished and the other reconstruction around the town was also going very well. That evening, Victor was surprised to see Reign approach him, deeply impressed and thankful for the help he had put in for the port town called Hargeon. He handed over to him his rewards, some jewels, and a big smile full of relief.


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