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Beach Gym [Quest|Victor]

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Beach Gym [Quest|Victor] Empty Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:37 pm

Victor ran a hand through his hair. The humid wind from the ocean was blowing over the sandy beach. It was a nice sunny day to be doing some work and earning some keep, he thought. Well, life at Blue Pegasus was easy and with the amount of money he could spend, it was far more easier. However, it did make him guilty that he would laze around the guild all day, and not to mention, Victor liked the outdoors much more. So there he was, almost sweating under the heated sun, walking towards the gym closest to the beach, famous for a guy named Jay that had numerous titles under his belt.

Even at the moment that he arrived, Jay was already doing his workout, having done ten laps around the beach. When he spotted the tall looking Victor, he had given him an once over and then a meaningful smile. Victor could guess why. Despite being only eighteen, he had worked his limbs off to become strong and while he may appear lean, he was a lot stronger than that and Jay, as a professional, seemed to be able to see it.

He listened to Jay as he explained the duty of a spotter, something that Victor already knew. It wouldn’t be his first time acting as one either so he didn’t have many questions to ask Jay as they proceeded to the first set.

Jay went over and quickly laid over at the seat and with a big heavy puff of air, grabbed the weights and started lifting it over his head. All the while, Victori stood behind him, lightly hovering his fingers over the weight to make sure that Jay was using the right kind of muscles and necessary pressure to do the weights without damaging anything.

He had to help him at the last round of the first set, but not too much since it was within his capabilities to slowly lift the weight back to resting place. Once the first set was over, they talked a bit. Jay had told him about the numerous competitions he had won and all the titles he had gathered. But it seemed that he was also insecure in the sense that he didn’t know how long he could keep it up. Body building and competitions had been his passion since childhood but he was getting old and his body didn’t listen to him as well anymore.

At the end of their talk, Jay added more weights and went back in. This time, Victor’s job as a spotter was heavier. Jay was tired from the first set and he was having difficulty with the bench press. He had to slowly help him around at the times it seemed like he may drop it and even ask him to correct his posture in case he may stretch his muscles past a point. “One, two,” he started counting. At each count, he made sure that he was supporting Jay well, mainly worried about the weight falling out of Jay’s hands.

He counted to eight, firmly grabbing the weights and helping it up at the very end of the set where Jay seemed to have had the most trouble. The weight had been heavy but not as much as to make Victor feel uncomfortable. He had trained with weights before and this wasn’t that much. However, he did admire Jay for not giving up and still following his path.

Victor had gotten a work out of his own from just helping Jay as a spotter. He was quite satisfied that he didn’t spend his time locked up in the guild and actually gained something instead. Maybe he could come and train with Jay a bit more from now on. The man did seem like he knew what he was doing.

They chatted a lot more afterwards, with Jay talking about how impressed he was that Victor had done such a good job as a spotter. He gave him some tips as to how Victor could become stronger before handing over his rewards. As the sun slowly went behind the horizon, Victor walked back to his guild, a pouch of money juggling in his hands.


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