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Basic Duties [Quest|Victor]

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Basic Duties [Quest|Victor] Empty Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:27 pm

Victor smiled good naturedly at Kenji, the policeman who shared the same sentiments as he relayed the reasons why he had requested the assistance of a guild mage or someone capable to help him. From what Victor heard over a cup of coffee, Kenji’s biggest problem was the teenagae kids that kept drawing graffiti up on the walls of public properties. The complaints along with his own efforts to find and catch the little hooligans had far exceeded the level of his patience. In the end, he didn’t even mind having to pay someone to do the job for him.

“I need you to catch them and bring them to me as soon as you can. If you just walk around and see some stupidly made graffiti, you can be sure it’s them,” Kenji explained between taking a sip out of his coffee. He gave Victor further details about what they look like from his own run ins with them but even so, the information had been limited and Victor felt the need of having to walk around the whole town on his own to find them. From what he knew, his beloved sister wasn’t even in this town.

Once he left the shop with Kenji, Victor started walking around the town, his face hidden by a hat. It wasn’t that he was famous, but he had seen that he attracted a lot of unwanted attention whenever he went around like so. While as a Blue Pegasus member, he really loved it, it still made his job harder when he was trying to do something.

He walked around the market and even the shopping district in Hargeon. The port town was a beauty in itself and the people living there were all kind hearted and inviting. Since moving in to the guild hall, he had never, even once, felt like going back to his home. Sure, he received luxury there, but Victor much preferred the real world outside all that dull pleasure.

As he walked further into the town, he was suddenly stopped by a harsh screaming and the sound of footsteps fading away in a distance. Not wasting any more time wondering what was happening, Victor ran past the confused crowd and to the back of a building where his jaw dropped, eyes taking in the most distressing sort of graffiti he had ever seen in his life. Even Victor had done his fair share of fun, but never in his life had he ever made or seen anyone make such graffiti before.

Again, following the direction he believed the footsteps went off to, Victor ran for half a minute before he caught sight of three teenagers, all boys with several spray cans in their hands, run down a corner. He followed them until they reached a dead end, stopping and panting only when he was sure that these boys couldn’t run anymore.

“Be good children and come to the police station with me now, won’t you?” he asked, his voice light and a bit airy from having to run all that long. However, they did do something that he expected them to do. They resisted. One of the boys even came running up at him with his legs moving in a way as to get ready for a kick. The other two decided to gang up on him as well, coming at him from all three directions.

Victor grabbed the first boy by his leg, flipping him around as he blocked a punch from the second one and quickly twisted his body around to kick the other one away. They tried to come at him again, only to have the same expected result. All in all, it didn’t take him more than half an hour to be completely done with them. But by the time he was done, officer Kenji was already there. He looked impressed, handing over the money to a triumphant looking Victor that had all the spray paints in his hand. He handed them over, waved towards the caught hooligans over his shoulder and walked back to the guild hall, hoping that the next day would be better and he wouldn’t have to run around so much.


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