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A Cool Shot [Solo, Training]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

A Cool Shot [Solo, Training] Empty Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:41 pm

Tori Lancaster
It was another morning as the sun rose over the town of Magnolia and for the first time in quite some time, Tori rose from her bed, all on her own. Her depression had not weighed on her shoulders as much over the last few days and there were several people who were the cause of that. Eva had taken her shopping, Alice had confided in her about her relationship with Kon and Tori confided back about the things that her own relationship with the man as well as being a Dragon Slayer, being the only one in all of Fiore who was aware of that fact. But the one who was most responsible for Tori's change in mood and outlook was none other than the orange water fowl that slept beside her. Psyduck had become her rock and the source of her determination. He had become more than just a pet or companion. He had become her best friend in the whole world. And she would do better in order to be a good friend for him.

She rose from bed well the duck still slept, quickly getting dressed as she decided that it was time for some training. She felt like she was getting rusty and this was the perfect morning to get up and tackle the day. "Wake up, Psyduck!" she yelled, giggling as he stirred. She grabbed him by his feet and tugged slightly, forcing him awake as he protested loudly. "Oh no, you did it to me so now I'm doing it to you. Come on and let's get the day started!" she cheered as she let go and Psyduck rolled onto the floor. He rubbed his eyes with his flipper, not wanting to be up but no longer protesting. As they exited the house that Tori rented across town, he would follow closely behind. Outside the house, Tori stretched to enjoy the bright summer morning and the cool crisp air that surrounding the town while Psyduck did the same. Across the street was a quaint little coffee shop that Tori had come to love, earning them a visit from the blonde every morning on her way to the guild. As she walked through the doors, one of the baristas shouted to her that her order would be ready soon, as Tori did show up about the same time every day but was slightly early than normal. "What are you doing here so early anyway, Tori?" she asked, curious about the blonde showing up when she did. Tori sat down in her usual place and helped Psyduck up to a chair while they waited for their order. "Well, a new spell came to me in a dream last night and I want to practice it. The guild master is going to have job for me either today or tomorrow and I want to be ready." she explained, earning her a nod of acknowledgement and agreement. After about five minutes, Tori stood and Psyduck jumped from the chair as their order was brought to them. "A large chai infused coffee for Tori, and a strawberry scone for Psyduck." After paying, they made their way out the door and made their way back to the guild hall, or what was left of it anyway. There was still the field out back and that's what Tori was planning to use to practice this spell.

Making her way around the rubble, it appeared that the field was quite clear of debris. Tori took her place on the field and prepared herself. She focused her magic into her hands and and slowly condensed it into a large icicle which shot forward and impaled a nearby tree. Tori was pleased that she was able to conjure such a deadly force so easily. "You really are getting better. You're becoming a force to be reckoned with, slowly but surely." Tori heard in the back of her head. The voice was familiar...but she couldn't remember the last place she heard it. She remembered a man...a man this voice belonged to. She met him when she was training her last spell, and really learning to embrace her Dragon Slayer magic. But who was he? He had disappeared before she was able to get a name from the man, and she didn't know if he was friend or foe, but at the time, it didn't really bother her since he was physically in front of her. But now...now was different. She looked around and found no physical trace of anyone there, but she heard his voice as if he was standing right in front of her. It was bizarre. Psyduck clapped his flippers together in applause at Tori's new technique, complimenting her ability, but didn't have a look of worry on his face. That was out of character for him, because if he heard a disembodied voice, he would be more worried than she was, mainly because he couldn't defend himself nearly as well as she could. Tori shrugged it off and thought to keep a watchful eye out for the man as she went about her day. It was almost time to meet at the appointed place and time on request of the guild master. She wondered what this request could be, and was excited at the same time. She never met the guild master before, and couldn't wait to do so. Today was going to be the start of just another adventure.


Icicle Crash: 909/900 (1000 - 10% reduction from INT)

Spells Used:
Name: Icicle Crash
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Frost Dragon Slayer
Type: Offense
Element: Ice
Range: 15 meters
Cooldown: 3 posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user holds up their outstretched arm and open hand to fire an icicle 50 cm wide and a meter long dealing B rank piercing and freezing damage.

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