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Bella's Emergency [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

Bella's Emergency [Bianca] Empty Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:17 am

Bianca Fleur †
Back in Magnolia Town after such a long time, Bianca decided to be a tourist first before diving right into taking requests, as the innkeeper lady in Hargeon Town had instructed her. She followed the little list and made sure she went to every single place listed on it, ticking off one by one with a pen after successfully visiting the places. It was an adventure, and she sort of enjoyed it. Nobody paid attention to her as it was a very popular town and there were a lot of people almost all the time. She did not stand out or anything, unless of course she was in areas that were not that popular and crowded as shit.

However, after a while of being a tourist in a town she had already visited once, Bianca decided it was time for the fun to pause and the work to continue. As a dark wizard, literally all the requests she took asked her to either illegal or similar natured things. If she was who she was years ago, she would not even consider taking these requests. In fact, she would have been so mad if she had found out dark requests were a thing and probably try to stop them or something.

Since the events that happened, happened, Bianca was no longer the person she was years ago. Almost reborn into a completely different person, she no longer cared about anything other than her guild or anyone other than herself. Her parents were dead, she killed them herself. The only family she had now was the Phantom Lord guild, and that was enough for her. She did what she needed to do to survive, and she did what she was asked by the master as long as she was capable of it.

“My name is Bianca, what’s yours?” she asked the blonde lady sitting in front of her at the cafe. It was dark outside, just after sunset, and the cafe was just starting to get customers. The woman took a sip of her coffee, while Bianca watched her eyes. After gulping down the coffee audibly, Bella inhaled and smiled. She introduced herself, giving her the name Bianca was waiting to hear. She had already known she was going to meet Bella. In fact, she had scared her upon entering the cafe. Bella was sitting giving her back to the entrance, so Bianca entered silently, and upon reaching the table, she slid a cold hand to Bella’s neck, frightening her. This hopefully showed the woman how stealthy she was.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I hope I didn’t scare you too much,” she said with a smirk, then took another big sip of her coffee. It was pretty chill weather outside. It looked like it was about to rain, but it was not. The sun was hidden behind the dark grey clouds that roofed the town. It might rain, but for now, everyone was enjoying the nice, cool weather. Bianca liked it too.

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Bianca Fleur †
Bella giggled a bit nervously when Bianca mentioned about scaring her upon entering. “Ah don’t worry about it. I don’t get scared too easily,” she said, but the vampyress could see right through her that it was indeed a big fat lie. Not only was she frightened so easily, but also made a shrieky noise when that happened. Bianca nodded, however, pretending to believe the woman’s words as she sipped more coffee, finishing half of the cup now. Then, she folded her hands on the table staring straight into Bella’s eyes. To be honest, she was trying to play with the woman who seemed to be nervous now for whatever reason. Probably for lying to Bianca about not being scared so easily.

“I see,” Bianca said with a nod. Bella then understood that it was time to talk about more important things, so she started explaining her reason for trying to steal from the company. The vampyress was not going to disagree with her or make a fuss about it. She knew that Bella was just trying to explain so that she did not seem wicked, which she was not. Bianca knew what wicked was like and Bella was so very far from it.

After explaining why she wanted what she was asking Bianca to steal for her, Bella began talking about the place where Bianca was supposed to go and how there were guards outside the establishment. Thankfully, Bella knew their patrolling pattern, which was a surprise because Bianca was prepared to find out about that herself. Bella told her about the timings of the patrolling guards which the Phantom Lord sorceress memorized. “Aren’t you going to write that down somewhere?” Bella asked, at which Bianca shook her head as she repeated the timings in her head over and over so she did not forget. She usually never forgot about anything, but just to make sure, she repeated it in her head.

So their tiny meeting came to an end and Bella finished her coffee right before Bianca finished hers. Bella paid for both the coffees, of course, and told Bianca to leave the cafe first, which was what the vampyress did. She needed a mask for the job and so she was going to buy one first. Magnolia Town was new and all to her, because of how the last time she was here she was just a child, traveling with her parents. She did not need to find out where things were or anything because her parents did that. Actually, her parents had people do that for them, and all they did was go to those places and have fun.

Bianca went to a mall that was nearest to the cafe she was just at, to buy a mask. When she arrived, of course she looked for a gothic fashion store. They had the best masks, ones that were to her fashion sense as well. The moment she entered the shop, one of the salesgirls came up to her and asked her what she was looking for.

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Bianca Fleur †
So of course she told her that she was looking for a mask, describing how she did not want the type that was all leathery and shiny. The girl grinned and brought her to a section of the shop where they had a bunch of masks and gloves and things like that. Bianca smiled and started searching for the perfect one for her. She remembered she had already bought one in a different town, but she did not want to use it again this time. She wanted a new one, and there was nothing wrong with having more than one mask.

“I’ll have this one,” she said, taking off a nice matte black one that looked very good on her since she tried it on. The girl took it carefully from her hands and took it to the counter. Bianca made a mental note to come back to this store for shopping since she needed new clothes and this shop had a lot of outfits she knew she would totally rock. After purchasing the mask, she left the establishment and headed to the warehouse that the pharmaceutical company stored their supplies. It was where Bianca would have to steal from.

So as usual, she put on the mask when reaching an area that was completely shrouded in darkness, tying her hair into a ponytail and throwing away the bag she was carrying the mask in. She was ready now, since she was almost always in an outfit that was basically ready for anything she did not need to change. She recalled the timings of the guards patrolling pattern and noticed that in a few minutes it would be the perfect time for her to get into the warehouse. She already knew how - through the ventilation system, again. She had just done a similar job recently in Hargeon Town, but she was stealing a map at that time and not beauty supplies.

Bianca waited patiently for time to pass and when it was finally time, she moved swiftly into position, slipping into the vent after removing the lid off of it, not really bothering to pull the lid back on because according to the timings that Bella had given her, she did not need to worry about that. Did she trust Bella a hundred percent? Nope. But she was not scared to fight her way out if something went wrong. She went along the vents to wherever it took her first, arriving in an empty room full of boxes. Bella had instructed her to look for a specific product, the name being quite hard to pronounce.

She went over to one of the boxes and looked inside, the emptiness of it baffling her. That’s right...Bella did tell her that she needed to grab the box with the last supplies, so she did not even have to go about looking at name tags, she just had to find the box that had product in it because basically all the others didn’t.

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Bella's Emergency [Bianca] Empty Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:46 am

Bianca Fleur †
Apparently there were only empty cardboard boxes in that room, so she had to look again in the next room. It seemed there were guards only outside of the building, since she could not find any inside. That meant that she could search the boxes as long as she wanted until like thirty minutes after the current time, again according to the timings she was given by Bella. She headed for the next closest room after searching in the first room. She had already looked in five different rooms, with so much patience - more than she remembered herself ever having.

Chuckling to herself after discovering the one box that had anything in it, Bianca closed it tightly so that she could carry it without spilling anything. Thankfully the box was not too big, so she could hold it in one hand. She had already planned her way out of the building, and that was again through the vents. The box was small enough to fit inside the vents so she would push it out slowly. She had a lot of time, but she could not waste a single second as she wanted to make sure the mission was a success.

She treaded back to the room where she had the lid of the vent open, the first room she was in when she got out of the vent. Since her footsteps were always silent, she did not need to worry about being heard or noticed. All she had to do was make sure she ducked below windows and things like that. Soon she arrived at the vent that she had entered through. She gently places the box in it, glad that it fitted perfectly, then started to push it through the vents, while she climbed in too and travelled through it to the entrance.

After a while of struggling in the vents (to make sure she did not make a sound), Bianca finally reached the end of the vents, coming through the opening that she first entered, the box of beauty supplies dropping onto the grass with a muffled thud. Bianca immediately got out of the vent, her guard up since she assumed at least one of the guards would have heard the sound of the box dropping. Luckily, nobody heard her, and so she placed the lid back onto the vent and started to leave, to return to Bella.

They had already arranged a meeting place, which was somewhere not many people would come, so that they could make their exchange peacefully. Bella was already there, when Bianca arrived, folding her hands as she gazed at the surroundings, as if she was studying the place. Bianca took off her mask and held it in one hand while she held the box with the other. “Here it is,” she said, handing it to her client. Bella studied it, opening the box up and looking through the contents to make sure Bianca had brought the right thing. With a smirk, she handed the vampyress her reward.

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