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Where Are You Going? [Magnolia > Hargeon | Foot Travel]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

Where Are You Going? [Magnolia > Hargeon | Foot Travel] Empty Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:27 am

Daiko Flayme
After having met the guy known as Kenny, Hyōen noticed his hurry to Hargeon Town. It was a mere look from a place in Magnolia that made him feel that the lad had something important to do there. Thinking about it, Hyōen had never been in Hargeon for as long as he remembered… perhaps never. Given by reputation that he caught up by asking random people, Hargeon was somewhat a port town with direct access to the huge sea around Fiore. “Sea… I don’t have that back at Worth Woodsea,” he mumbled to himself as he approached the gate of Magnolia, having packed his things and readied himself for another journey. Next stop, Hargeon.

Once on his way to the town, Hyōen noticed the change in weather. It became hotter the further he walked on his boots, a sign that the place that he was heading for must’ve been an attractive vacation place. However, as much as he was excited to enjoy the weather, Kenny’s absent reason to go there was also a catalyst. Hyōen was simply reading his face and assumed that something great must’ve happened… either that or some huge disaster, or maybe someone of important influence was there. Whatever the reason was, the Fire Mage wanted to make it yet another reason to travel around the country…

Where Are You Going? [Magnolia > Hargeon | Foot Travel] EBm9FQq
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