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To the Beaches! [Magnolia > Hargeon ll Foot travel]

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To the Beaches! [Magnolia > Hargeon ll Foot travel] Empty Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:03 am


Kenny patted himself down, he had everything he needed, clothes, bag, toothbrush, armor, all of the good crap that he would need to get through the day. There wasn’t much left in Magnolia besides quest and it was about time he did his own thing and head to the beach. There would be sun, sand, and beaches everywhere, he had a water bottle in hand, his bag on his shoulders and there was a ache in his back, but he was ready. What to do first when he gets there… Work on his tan? Maybe get some tea, and some beach babes? This was going to be great, really great, he couldn’t wait to get going.

Kenny checked out of the hotel and began going south, this was going to be it and the road was well lit given he was traveling at night it was more than welcome. He was ready to get going and thus he left, walking down the way and eventually made it to Hargeon in no time.

Ah yes the beach, felt good to feel the sun on his back and the sea air tantalizing his nasal passages. Though there was something off about the town… A cold air hit the back of his neck as he felt a pressure build in his chest… Something was wrong with this town, very wrong


-in Hargeon-

To the Beaches! [Magnolia > Hargeon ll Foot travel] Qurywgl

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