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Sea Serpent Raid

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Kenny panted looking down at the dead beast, his beachfront property was secured. He could build a house, maybe get a couple of palm trees and retire under the sun. With that Kenny sat on the ground, and laid on the ground for a moment exhausted. That was too much, damn, first a bug man, then a fat drunk, now a big blue snake. It was good to just sit down and relax, “Phew, nice work, you even did half of something Duck.” Kenny raised a thumbs up in the air, no idea where the boy was. There wasn’t much of anything to do now but rest, start on his house and maybe see what’s up on the bar scene. He rubbed his eyes again, and looked up at the blue sky. The kid was alive, Duck was alive, he had found his hot two personalities waifu, and last but not least, the monster was dead. How exciting. Kenny sat up and took off the top of his garb and laid his pike next to him, he bent his knees and rested his arms on them as he sighed. Felt good to win another, lately he was chalking up win after win, well he only had two so far, but it didn’t matter to him, he had just beat a blue snake thing.

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Daiko Flayme
Okay… despite the damage on its eyes, Fire Magic didn’t seem to be that effective against it. However, Hyōen could clearly see it lose power from all the attacks that it got to its neck, causing it to finally fall to the ground, defeated. As he was holding onto its dead head, the Fire Mage crawled up to the top of it, not having turned off his spell yet. There was still one last thing to try… and as he went into action, the razor-sharp fire blades were cutting into the serpent’s body, slicing out a handful of its edible meat that he now held on his hand. It was a little half-baked, but he began devouring the delicious meat with a happy face. “You should try this, it tastes wonderful..!” He suggested to everyone, not thinking twice of their different tastes.

Once he landed on the sand with the meat, Kenny gave a thumbs up and misnamed him again. “… You didn’t do so bad either, you bastard,” he replied with a grin. Then, he sat down and enjoyed the meat a little more, sharing some of it with Coda as she was carnivore as hell. Hell, he even did the favour and threw a large piece of meat at Kenny, saying: “For real, try some of this! I don’t know where the strange, strong, almost poky taste comes from, but it’s quite spicy.”

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Kenny, Hyoen, Alyssa, and Cosmiare, have completed the Sea Serpent Raid.

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