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Era to Marigold [Footwalk | Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Era to Marigold [Footwalk | Phoebe] Empty on Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:29 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe decided that Era was not the town for her. She spend most of her jewels on luxury and she didn’t want that anymore. She was used to Orchidia and that was already a big town but Era just filled her temptations with more and she couldn’t keep up with that. She decided to leave and go to a smaller town somewhere south of Fiore, she wanted to enjoy the happy and warm weather and so she packed her bags with the shoes and clothing that she had bought here as all fitted. It was quite a troublesome job but she sure hoped it would be a good decision. She had searched for some information before and had decided that Marigold was her best option for now. Perhaps she would learn some valuable lessons to be between the friendly people of Marigold and the farmers. She would pay for her stay at the hotel and leave. Her running shoes were less muddy than two days before and she felt good. She wasn’t as lonely as she had expected with Mary and her father back in Orchidia. She perhaps would return soon. On the other hand she still had not find any news about her mother. She hadn’t found the magazine that her mother used to write for, she had seen them in shops, heck she had even bought one but no luck. Her mother’s name wasn’t even in it anymore.

That’s what kept her busy while she was walking. Thinking about her mother and what she could expect and all when it came to finally finding her and how to find her. Since she was no longer with the magazine. Her mother must be around mid forty’s now? She didn’t know actually, it was too long ago to remember and her father didn’t talk about it. As soon as she got frustrated about the thoughts, she would walk faster and she would remind herself to keep her emotions low, she didn’t want to start a random fire. Apart from that, she simply needed to continue her training or else she might set something on fire, no matter how small it was. She needed to be well aware of her emotions to not make any mistakes with her fire starter magic.

It was a four day walk and it took her quite a time to finally arrive but it was a beautiful sight to be here. Something she might feel home, better than Era which she had liked as well but in a different matter.


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