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Troublesome Transaction [Quest - Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Troublesome Transaction [Quest - Phoebe] Empty on Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:21 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe had another job for today. She first had gone back after the disaster with her shoes. Gone back to her hotel room that was. She would check the blisters that her bright lime coloured shoes had given her, or well her brand new heels. It had not been smart to wear them immediately for a long walk. But she had taken a job that had involved her to walk long but it had been done now and she would head down on a set of ballerina shoes and find the hotel’s healer. She would immediately take care of the blisters and Phoebe was grateful for that. She also offered her a massage as she seemed stress and who would Phoebe be if she said no to that. So she would follow to another room and accept the back massage without any problem. She had been walking the whole day and working hard the last couple of days, she could use some stress relieve. She apologized about her long hair but it was already in a ponytail so it was no problem. She felt the massage oil made of almonds and some flower and it smelled really delicious. She would wait and almost fall asleep at some point because she was so relaxed, but she was on the edge and would just let her skin shine and her happiness gloat with her. It would take about thirty minutes not even that long but it was long enough and the blessing that she no longer would have to walk on blisters made everything better as well. She thanked the healer, put it on her tap of her room and headed back upstairs once she was dressed again. She just realized that she had again spend money instead of saved up for certain things that she needed and this wasn’t necessary one of them. A roof and food was so much more important. With that she sighed heavily at herself as she stared in the mirror. On the other hand if she was super stressed and hurt she couldn’t do jobs properly anymore. She grabbed her demin jacket again and headed back to the door of her room, she grabbed her purse that was next to it and headed out to find a new job to earn the jewels for the massage. She now knew where to find the quest board for people like her, without a guild. She had heard much about it now that she got in another city than Orchidia. Although in Orchidia you had Lamia Scale. She knew that much as in: almost nothing at all. She heard about the name but that was all, and that it was a guild for mages. Maybe her mother was in a guild after all? It was always a possibility but it didn’t fit her mother. And it didn’t the vision that she had seen with the orb, with the spirit on the waters in Orchidia. But maybe that was a trickster, a liar and it had hurt her. But that’s not it felt.


#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

Troublesome Transaction [Quest - Phoebe] Empty on Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:28 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She reached the quest board soon, it was a lot easier to walk on the flats than on her heels but she loved them so much and she never got blisters with the red ones. She might use them more often but for now she was walking on flats. Which made her a little shorter but nothing she couldn’t handle. She liked these shoes too and her running shoes as well, even though they were muddy right now, but she felt more beautiful and secure when she walked on heels. She would only have to understand that walking in them wasn’t always useful. The sun was setting and she grabbed a quest from the board, it would take a few more hours before it really would get dark but it was good to be aware of that. She would walk to Gaud and tell him that she was fine in taking the job. He would tell her the time she was needed and that for now she didn’t have to wait in the shop. So she could go and find a restaurant to eat something. She didn’t feel the need to eat something extravagant but something like a spicy curry was fine. There was a small cafe that sold that, so that’s where she went. She would enjoy her food slowly and surely with something to drink before she had to head back to Gaud. When the time was ready, he would give her a map to find this shady alley and meet the seller that Gaud wasn’t sure about. She understood him after she took one of his items today, he probably didn’t want to buy anything again that was stolen. She arrived at the alley, glad she wasn’t wearing heels anymore and the seller would hear her coming. He was cloaked completely which gave her the shivers and made her think about the zombies from last night. But she would have to do this for the sake of jewels, ”Gaud send me. Did you bring the merchandise?” Gaud had told her what it was but as the seller showed her the tooth, she found it disgusting. As she had expected of herself. She however tried to keep her face as neutral as possible. He would put it back in the bag and she handed him the jewels in the same time that he handed her the bag. She would quickly turn around and head out of this alley, she found it disgusting and creepy at the same time and that was not a great combination. She shook her head as soon as she was back in the lights of the streetlamps from Era. She headed back to Gaud quickly and handed him the bag. He was really fascinated by it that he forgot her for a second, which she didn’t mind. It was interesting to see if you forgot it was a tooth. Thank god it was from a beast, she thought she would more freak out if it was from a human. Gaud paid her and she went back to the hotel quickly after that. She still didn’t trust the seller so she would liked to be locked up in her own room by her own doing.


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