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Hargeon Town to Magnolia Town [Foot Traveling]

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

Hargeon Town to Magnolia Town [Foot Traveling] Empty Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:22 am

Bianca Fleur †
The next day Bianca got up early, the sun shining in her eyes as she did. She had decided to walk to Magnolia this time for a change. She didn’t have much to carry so it would be nice to try and find her way sometimes. She was feeling adventurous too after helping pirates with a raid that went successfully. After all, the distance between Hargeon Town and Magnolia Town was probably the shortest compared to all the other distances between towns. Bianca said her goodbye to the innkeeper lady who gave her the list she had made titled: ‘Must-Visit Places in Magnolia!’ She also told Bianca to come back as soon as she could, so the vampyress said, “Don’t worry, ma’am. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

Carrying her bag that could also be pulled on its wheels whenever she felt tired, the sorceress set out on her journey to the next town. She was going to stop in every town along the way to Oak, not leaving out any of them. Her main objective at the moment was to get to know those towns (as well as hide as long as she could from the Phantom master so she wouldn’t get scolded for failing an important mission).

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