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Dance of the Undead [Quest - Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Dance of the Undead [Quest - Phoebe] Empty on Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:00 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Okay she had to stop now. Because Phoebe had been buying too much lately. She shouldn’t be let go in a shopping street in Era all on her own with no father or Mary to think about to refrain her from buying new clothing, shoes and everything she absolutely didn’t need right now. She stared with big eyes the following morning to the amount she had bought because of the fact that it would never fit her bag as well that she also needed to pay for the rest of the stay here, this hotel, the food, anything and here she was spending it on things she didn’t necessarily need. She sighed and let out a small scream in her pillow as she stood up and went to find her clothing. A black leather pair of trousers, a red crop top and her red heels were enough for today. She would brush her long raven black hair for as long as it was needed, sinking in thoughts as she needed to find another job today after a week slacking off because she had enough money as she believed. She made sure she was dressed properly, she shouldn’t be hanging around too long and doing nothing while more important things were around. She had done her run lately, she was sure that the heels were no problem today.

It was in the late afternoon and she was sure that she needed to find a job, she doubted, most jobs were put up in the morning and taken in the late morning and most were gone. But there was one about troubling reports, something about zombies and while she didn’t like that at all, it didn’t really scare her, it just sounded utterly ugly. She would first talk to this Lieutenant Marwin more about it before she would know what to do. This job was put up later this afternoon and she could take it at night. She agreed to do this job but went back to the hotel first to change from her bright red high heels back to the running shoes that she was able to use. It made more sense if she would have to go and venture into the woods to find any sign of the zombies or anything else at all. She checked if there was anything else she needed, a flashlight would be nice considering roots with this looks. She decided to use it for the sake of making it easier and apart from that she took her jacket, her demin jacket was her favourite one. She made sure that she had eaten something before she would end up at the gates of Era to venture into the woods. She didn’t want a rumbling stomach in case she noticed zombies or other idiots in the woods. You would never know after all. With a small purse, the flashlight and better dressed, she left to the gate and she took a deep breath there to inhale a part of the night. If there were zombies, she could surely burn them.. hopefully?


#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

Dance of the Undead [Quest - Phoebe] Empty on Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:26 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
It wasn’t that bad to walk in the woods that were just outside Era, it was the mosquitoes that she wanted to burn and it was the mud that was sticking to her sneakers that she hated. She felt so dirty and disgusted every time she took a step and heard the soggy noise of her shoe sticking into a new mudbad or pulling it out, thank god she hadn’t been stuck yet. But she would have to find a dryer path if she wanted to make sure no one would hear her. Actually she was also shivering a lot, it was definitely not so warm as it was during the day but it wasn’t that. As a Fire starter she was very good at making her own body warm but she was very and I mean very scared of the zombies. She had made possible horrid stories in her mind that made her bravery leak away from her. She kept the flashlight on the road right in front of her feet and finally noticed that there was grass and the road was dryer. When she reached that, she tried to clean a bit off her shoes and continued on with a now steadier step, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Zombies didn’t exit and with this strong soil underneath her feet she would be fine. She looked back and for a second, swallowed hard, she was surely as well lost. On the other hand she hadn’t met another creature in this forest. That meant probably that it was just a rumour, just like the lieutenant had suspected. She decided to go around and turn back soon but she wanted to be sure she had checked the parts to her right hand some more. Especially because the road or well the path she was making in her head was dry here. She was a bit lost in thoughts when her hand bumped into a low hanging branch, it was probably even from a bush, and she let go of her flashlight, it fell, rolled away and switched off. She wanted to gasp but noticed the light quite in front of her. There was a huge statue of something that seemed to be worshiped like a god and she pushed her right hand against her mouth. Thank god she hadn’t made a sound and a few steps more and she would walk right in. She hunched down and went to look for her flashlight as quiet as she could as well as look at what was happening. She heard something about resurrecting undead and her lilac eyes turned big. She left her flashlight and turned around. Her eyes needed to adjust to the dark but she made her way quite fast back to Era. She found the lieutenant rather soon and spilled quickly without catching her breath what she had seen, pointing at the forest behind her, explaining how she walked, suddenly she seemed to remember. The pagan god, the cultists and the undead that they talked about. He handed her a reward that she had almost forgotten and let her go, she didn’t even want to know the details as she headed back to her hotel. She would not sleep properly tonight.


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