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(Yet) Another Awesome Advent! [Isabella]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

(Yet) Another Awesome Advent! [Isabella] Empty Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:44 am

Daiko Flayme
Tired, Hyōen spent the rest of the day inside. He casually moved his position from the bed to the couch once in a while and reverse, thinking of when the sun would set. After the birthday party for Medias’ seven-year old daughter a few days ago, all Hyōen wanted was a little, tiny rest before working like always. His hair would also turn into a huge mess meanwhile, giving even the red raptor Coda a shocked look on her face. Hyōen barely noticed it, though, as his slumber overwhelmed sound. The dust beneath the couch would slowly make its way out of the window and indicate his continuous movements around the room. He was bored.

It was around afternoon, so the time of feast had come. With an empty belly, Hyōen took a step out of his window and lashed a fire from his fingertip. It would grab onto the corner of a roof nearby, letting him swing across the street without reaching the surface. Then, by the help of the very same spell, he reached the top of the roof and looked around the town. Coda was slowly making it to his shoulder as she rested on it, nuzzling her own feathers meanwhile. Gazing upon the distance, a very eye-catching store was spotted by his eyes. “Well… the daily dinner is always a mystery. For me, at least,” he spoke to Coda, before he leapt down and approached the surface with a high speed, until his feet emitted jet-like fire to brake the fall. Standing right in front of the store, he rushed in only to feel Coda’s absence. The bird had taken off to ‘socialize’ with random people, and that could only make the day an adventure…

(Yet) Another Awesome Advent! [Isabella] EBm9FQq
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#2Isabella King 

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Isabella King
Isabella was doing her usually thing, shopping for dresses. Her and Vul were having a nice time relaxing since they haven't done anything but work. She has stopped to about seven stores and wasn't happy with any thing she was seeing. She was carrying Vul around and petting him. The afternoon sun wasn't too bad but it was becoming annoying. She kept walking down the street looking into windows trying to see a really cute dress before Vul started to get weird.

"Come on Vul stop I think this store might have something I like." She said trying to get her red several fox friend to stop. Isabella had her eye on this really pretty diamond blue dress. She loved her blue long dress she was wearing but this dress... This dress was amaizng. It had had diamonds covering it and had a nice v-cut on it with the right leg cut to show both of her legs. She loved it and ran into the store and bought the dress. She immediately put the dress on and walked out the store. The dress fit her great. It showed her body off nicely but also wasn't tight. It was great. She opened the dirt and walked out of the store and got smacked in the face by a bird. She was taken by surprised and completely confused. She looked at the bird and the bird looked at her. This was one strange experience she had gotten into.

#3Daiko Flayme 

(Yet) Another Awesome Advent! [Isabella] Empty Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:06 am

Daiko Flayme
Coda was admittedly fascinated by her attire. Everything looked glowing, a thing that attracted raptors like her. It reminded the bird of her early days where she was out scavenging for lost treasures, jewelry and other shiny things like some cliché, unstable collector. Soaring around the lady that it just dashed into, Coda began peeping friendly noises that weren’t so loud from its usual shrieks. Its grey feathers shone almost as pretty as her dress, in which it instinctively tried to make her notice. As a bird of prey, it was proud of its plumage and its beauty, a theme that suited the female raptor in some ways. The Vulpix next to the strange girl appeared friendlier in Coda’s eyes than most of her other encounters with animals. Descending to its height, the bird began flapping her wings out majestically in an attempt to start a game with the mystical mammal.

The store where Hyōen was to be found sold various kinds of… ice. There was vanilla, coffee ice (which was a thing), cocoa ice, coconut, banana, apple, citrus, mint and all other flavours that a child could come up with. Despite his tolerance against soft food, Hyōen didnøt remember having tasted ice before. It lead him to order a regular soft ice, and when the waffle was on his grasp, he silently embraced the aromas and taste of cold dairy products. It tasted good for something that caused a massive stomach-ache a second later, in which the Fire Mage quickly ran across the street to find a place to empty his belly.

(Yet) Another Awesome Advent! [Isabella] EBm9FQq
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