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Dozing Kids [Quest | Snow & Chel]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Dozing Kids [Quest | Snow & Chel] Empty Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:39 am

Venus Rosé

The aroma of coffee and baked pastries wafted in the air, filling the entire room of the bakery. The mouth-watering displays of cakes and cookies by the entrance of the store lured the townsfolk and those who passed by the front of the store, beckoning them in before they would be lead inside by the employees. The bakery was rather small in size, though it was cozy enough for her to enjoy her leisure time in the store every now and then. Sitting one of the empty chairs was a young girl, her hair as white as snow and her skin as pale as a sheet of paper. Blue eyes were concealed with a piece of black cloth and she would receive curious glances from customers that sat around her, questioning their peers as to why she had her eyes covered. The youth ignored the remarks and tugged on her black gloves to remove them.

Lifting her usual cup of coffee from the plate, she placed it against her plump lips and blew away the fumes of heat that rose from the liquid before taking a small sip of it. Through the large window that rested on her side, the young woman stared out, observing the people from a distance. Summer was finally here and the townsfolk appeared to be excited for the change of seasons since it would be time for harvesting, more crops to grow and there would be healthy refreshments all over the market soon. Her attention shifted over from the scenery to the plate of chocolate cake that was located in front of her. Digging a spoon into the soft texture of the cream, she took a scoop of the cake and placed it inside her mouth.

The sweet flavour of the chocolate immediately exploded within her mouth, causing her eyes to open wide as she savoured the taste on her tongue and it would glide down her throat afterwards. ”It still has the same amazing flavour.” The android gazed down at the cake in astonishment, her eyes sparkling with enthusiasm while she enjoyed the rest of the cake in ease. Snowflake was one of the regulars of the store and it had been long since she had visited the shop, after she had set out to travel to other towns and even after all the time she was gone, the cakes from the shop still tasted the best to her. However, the sole reason of her being at her favourite bakery store was not because she wished to enjoy the delicious cakes, but for an appointment she had made with a friend. Her eyes drifted towards the wall clock and made a mental note to herself that her peer should be arriving soon.


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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat

The rays of light were shining through the small gaps that were between the towels hanging over the wire. They shone on the two persons who were getting dressed behind the towels. The light would follow the lines of Chelvarics muscles as he was putting his shirt on. For once, he was actually gonna get dressed decently before he went out. Why, because he had another job with Snow and he wanted to look really good. That's why he was gonna wear a nice suit for a change. Scraggy was also putting a nice tie around his neck. But for the rest he was still in the same clothes as he always was wearing. He put tuxedo pants on and combed his hair so it was nice and neatly. He looked like a gentleman when he looked into the mirror. He quickly went outside with Scraggy and they were walking toward the first shop he wanted to stop before he went to Snow.

The store was directly in front of them. It was decorated with a big lollipop on the outside. The windows were painted red on the outside and the door was painted with a little candy. The shop looked really sweet from the outside and Chelvaric just wanted to take a bite out of it. He opened the door and a small bell was ringing. The inside was even more colorful than the outside. Every single color of the rainbow was somewhere to be found in the shop. There was Poky’s, pucca chocolate, tongue twisters, Barabools, Sour Balls, Swizle Poppers, normal chocolate, candy apples and the like. So many choices you could pick. Suddenly a small old lady appeared behind the counter. She looked really old but she was energetic as a young Child. Chelvaric was thinking deep what he should pick for her. He thought about it for a while till his eye fell on something and he smiled hard. He pointed to it and not much later he was out of the shop with the bag of candy.

Chelvaric walked through the town of Magnolia quickly so that he wouldn’t arrive late for his appointment. He soon arrived together with Scraggy where he was expected to be. He opened the door to the well-known bakery. It smelled delicious inside. He saw the silver hair of Snow and he walked over to her table. “Hello Snow, I hope I am not late. I tried to be as quick as I could. How have you been?”, He said to her and sat down in the chair while Scraggy jumped next to him. He smiled to her and placed the bag in front of her. “Open it up! There is something nice in it!” he smirkingly said.


Dozing Kids [Quest | Snow & Chel] HVEbuMl

#3Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The door to the bakery swung open, revealing a familiar face. Her gaze would glide towards the door and stop, looking up at the figure that towered above the rest. ”Chelvaric.” The girl waved towards the young man to catch his attention before turning to take take a sip from her coffee once again. Her legs were crossed on top of each other, her short skirt exposed much of her bare thighs while her hands rested on top of her knees. In her hand, the paper request would fold and crinkle, the words now a jumble of objectives that she had stapled into her prior. The reason the two Blue Pegasus mages have agreed to meet at the bakery was due to the fact that they had taken a quest together, which was to help a teacher with some students in her school and thus, they will be leaving to their destination together.

”It’s fine, you’re just on time.” The youth reassured him and permitted the man to sit in the empty seat in front of her. Her eyes would immediately shift towards the bag that was placed in front of her with curiosity as she opened up the bag that Chelvaric had gotten for her, wondering what possibly might be inside. Lips slightly parted in wonder, she noticed candies in cute plastic wraps inside the small bag. Being not used to receiving gifts, the girl was greatly astonished by such a lovely act from her partner. A blush rose her cheeks, though barely noticeable, as she muttered in her soft voice with the bag clutched against her chest, ”Thank you. I really like it.” For some reason, she felt like a child getting rewarded for the first time in that precise moment.

”Shall we go now?’

The young woman took a last, long gulp from the coffee to empty the cup and left some jewels on the table before walking out of the store. Since their destination was a local school in Magnolia, the distance from the bakery to the institution was not that far and they were able to reach there within half an hour, possibly even less. She made sure to arrive in time, a good couple of minutes before the class begins so that they can listen to any little details of the quest that their client had put up. Their arrival at the school was greeted by the teacher’s bright smile, as if she had been expecting them before the two of them would be beckoned inside the school and into her office. There, she would inform the mages about the requirements of the quest, which was to prevent the students from falling asleep; a recent trouble that she has been having in the class, while she teaches the class. The request appeared to be a simple one, not much tiring as the ones she did back in Marigold which required her to run around harvesting crops.


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#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

Dozing Kids [Quest | Snow & Chel] Empty Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:24 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

It seemed he was still in time and that was a good thing. He didn’t like to be late after all. He looked at her as she seemed very excited for the present. Well excited for Snow that is. She never really showed much emotion but he had learned to pick up on the small things she did. “It’s no problem. You're always so nice to take me on jobs. I wanted to repay you”, he said to her and smiled. Some girls around them were staring intensely at him as he looked a bit like a model in his nice clothes and with a big smile. But the smile was only directed at Snow and she had his full attention. She was looking really cute. And he couldn’t deny it but her thighs were quite attention pulling. He nodded to her when she said she wanted to go and he Scraggy, Snow and her fox left for the school.

When they finally arrived at the school they were beckoned into a small room on the side. It seemed to be the womens office. She explained to them what they had to do and Chelvaric nodded in her direction. The school was not really a place he wanted to be and he wanted to get out fast. He seemed really nervous and it was quite unfitting for his looks. They went to the classroom and went inside. It was a nice classroom quite the same as all of them. Just desks in the middle of a room. A bigger desk where the teacher was and a black board on the wall. While there were closets in the back to put your shoes and belongings in.

The class started and he and Snow were looking to see if all the kids were paying attention. At first, it looked like they were all good. They were paying attention and taking notes. Sometimes a small prank and the like but nothing serious. But then near the middle of the class, the students started to doze off. Chelvaric at first threw some paper at them so that they would wake up. But after a while, that wasn’t enough. So he sent Scraggy to them to whisper something scary in their ears. That mostly would make them sit up straight and not fall asleep anymore. The class was over and the kids left. Chelvaric and Snow went into the office again and they got their jewel reward. They both walked out of the school onward to the sunset.


Dozing Kids [Quest | Snow & Chel] HVEbuMl

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