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Foot Travel to Orchdia.(Travel)

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Foot Travel to Orchdia.(Travel) Empty on Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:59 pm

Waylon had a feeling he would meet Fye and Mei again after all the curious and space minded lady she was Waylon had a feeling they would eventually run into each other again in time.

But as normal as Waylon was it was time to hit the road again to the unknown to where he would stop. After all it would be were fate left him to go too. unknown how far he would to travel he would be sure prepared.

Checking over his sleeping bag, Back pack and his, there upkeep was important to him after all he needed them for a while during his trips. But since all seemed well Waylon would pack them up, fold his clothing.

Most of his evening before he would go to rest up and sleep was spent making and preparing food he would eat while he was traveling if he needed. rather then basic sandwiches he would make better meals for himself to eat like stir fry and such something with a little more balance in it and he knew he would enjoy, Packing them up he was sure to make them as well. After cleaning up Waylon would rest for the evening and then head out to his next spot.

Word count: 209/200


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