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Magnolia Town to Orchidia Town [Foot Travel]

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Magnolia Town to Orchidia Town [Foot Travel] Empty Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:16 am


The journey to Orchidia without being detected by the community that now likely stalked his every footstep proved challenging to say the least, or at least it would have been if he didn’t have his faithful companion who was swift like the wind. Carrying the blonde haired mage as he tried to guide him through the forests to Orchidia refraining from going on any of the roads. Yes it would take longer for him to get to his destination but it would be needed, “God Damn it, how did everything go so wrong so quickly.” he thought to himself in annoyance. It was odd for him to have just suddenly done something like this, was there something wrong with him?, Evidently there was. Pushing through the issues with his mind, he continued to hold onto his companion who jumped and dashed over any obstruction to their goal.

Eventually though the sun would rise meaning they would be even more at risk with the news likely spreading wide and fast throughout Fiore. “Uggh, I can imagine it now, Fairy Tail Guild Building attacked by assailant with the ability to summon beings from the sky, further investigations are needed but a name for the person responsible has been given with a bounty soon to be placed on them.” Groaning to himself, he pulled a bag out from the side of the saddle to his zebstrika nabbed a piece of jerky from it and gummed it as they continued.

They couldn’t stop for anything putting as much distance as possible from the town was crucial if he wanted to have enough time to conceal his identity. How he would do so he didn’t know, it was problematic that Tori had been there that night in some ways and good in others. Yes she knew about him which will likely result in the bounty but at the same time she was still relatively familiar with him and perhaps she wouldn’t reveal it. At least he didn’t do anymore damage to the building. From what he could see a good third of the building was now mere ruins. Fortunately though he had reached his destination quickly enough for him to not need to put any further thought into the matter instead needing to focus on laying low in Orchidia.


Base travel count: 400
Modified with companion discount of 20%: 320
Total word count: 384/320

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