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On the move again! [Magnolia > Orchidia | Foot Travel]

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On the move again! [Magnolia > Orchidia | Foot Travel] Empty Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:42 am

You would think by now that Yasuki would be used to traveling so much from one place to the other. She had already walked a countless amount of miles to get to this town that was called Magnolia. Though she thought she would be able to stay in this town longer and offer more of a helping hand, which was something that she thought she would be doing for awhile. But she knew that the best thing to do was to keep moving. Where was she going, as she passed a few other travelers along the way. The travelers were all different - some were way shorter than her and then the others were around the same height maybe a little taller than her.

Along the trip she couldn't help but wonder where the woman went that she just finished doing the quest with. 'Would I see her again?' wondered Yasuki as she continued down the long and tedious travel all while looking at the scenery that she passed. The path was a cobbled stone with patches of what looked like marigolds lining it. The sounds of the chirping birds in the tree tops and flying around, reminded her of her happy childhood that she had. Though she didn't necessary like being reminded of her past, she still had some positive memories like of that family of three that decided to take her in. Still to this day she wondered if she would ever get a chance to see them again and if she would be able to ever pay them back for the kind gesture that they showed her so many years ago.

As the multiple things cross her mind on the travel, she starts to grow tired and thinks 'Maybe... Just maybe I can take a quick nap and relax here for a short time.' Though deep down inside she knew that the quicker she arrived in this new chapter of her journey the more people she could end up meeting and more of a chance that she meets someone her age to communicate with, and relate to.

Just as she finishes these thoughts, she can see the sign in the distance 'Orchidia Town' it read. And she can also see a building that looks like some type of inn, maybe she can get a rest here before exploring the town some more.


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