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Hargeon Tea Party[Caius]

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Reagan Hullston was at it again. Caius had helped that old bastard with his previous escapades as he was a smuggler helped with pirates and other goods that would go into Hargeon and would complete translations of all illegal goods and things of that nature. Caius was needing the money so he would decide that he would take the request and he would complete it as the quests from Reagan Hullston were relatively easy for a mage of his talent. They were only B rank requests on the board and he was an A rank mage so he would be able to beat them with ease and not have any issues completing the quest because he was strong like that. It was a nice summer day and it was sun shining bright and Caius was in Hargeon Town and he was walking past the park and then would head towards the docks where Reagan Hullston was waiting for him and then he would see the details of the request. Reagan Hullston didn't give him too much information as he didn't want any important details on the request and would rather give it to him in person rather than on the request board. Caius saw the old man wearing a brown jacket and he had a brown top hat and he was also looking out by the lake so Caius would walk up to him and see what the hell he wanted to she could do the quest and get paid.

Reagan would greet him and then they would go to the end of the docks far away from the rest of the crowd so they could talk in private and then they would talk about what the request was going to be about so he could get started and stop doing all the small stuff. He explained that several ships are set to arrive in Hargeon, carrying with them numerous boxes of tea that's to be spread throughout Fiore. Ships in which have refused to do business with him so he was really mad because he was the one that controlled all the supplies in Hargeon and he needed it in order to make more money. The ships that didn't work with him would pay. It was an easy job for him as he wanted the business to suffer so that it wouldn't succeed and be a threat to his. HIs job was to make sure it was failing by doing anything necessary but not obvious stuff like blow up buildings. He would have to do a secret way and mess with their records to put them out of business. He would go to their building in the docks and that way he could in their building where the ships were and then he would be able to go into the ships and then he would be able to get the data and mess it up and then he wouldn't have to worry about them being competitors for Reagan and he could smuggle without issues


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Reagan Hullston woudl tell Caius that he would have to go to the docks but it would be protected so in that case he would have to hide his identity and if he did that he would have to dress up as a Hargeon Dock authority. In order to do that he would need a unirom and in order to get auniform he would have to go through Regaon who luckly would have a costume for him as he would go into the warehouse and would show Caius the Hargeon Dock authority uniform so he could go to teh port authority and wouldn't be noticed. Reaguo hullston also had the form and also had the documentation and also had the badge so if he was questioned he could go show that and he wouldn't be in any trouble when they woudl go through the shipsments once he would arrive in the Hargeon Dock authority uniform so he could check out hte shipments. Caius would go into the warehouse and then he woudl go into the back room and then he would find a locker which would have the Hargeon Dock authority uninform and then he would stip down from his gi and then he would pull out the Hargeon Dock authority uniform from the locker and then he would put on the Hargeon Dock authority uniform and then he would put his gi in the locker to return once he was back to change. He was now in costume and Reagan said he looked great so he would have to do the next part of the quest by goign to the docks.

Caius would arrive at the docks and would flash the papers in his Hargeon Dock authority uniform that Reagan had. He would then go to the port where the ships would be arriving. There was one boat that already had docked that was having issues so Caius and a few other Hargeon Dock authority people were assigned to it. Caius followed their lead and would just sit and agree with them while learning their process for when the real boats that the quest was needed arrived in the port so if the Hargeon Dock authority asked him go on a ship he would know what to do and no look suspicious. Finally, the banners for the ships that needed a talking too would arrive in Hargeon. Caius would rush ahead so he could greet them personally. Caius put on his mean face once they docked and started to set onto the dock and walk ashore. The captain said he wasn't expecting him and Caius told him he was not supposed to be welcome her.e Their arrival did not meet the schedule that was set up with the rest of the ships and he would suffer consequences for his business. The captain would retort and then he would reach in his pocket and then he woudl pull out the shcedule to show that he indeed was supposed to be arriving at the dock today. Caius had enough and told him he would have to search the ship and the captain would roll his eyes and said screw it. Caius would walk aboard and he would have to take a look int he ship for himself.


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Caius was now aboard the ship that Regan had told him about. It was one of three but wearing the Hargeon Dock authority uniform gave him a disguise so they wouldn't question what he was doing. He also had the papers if they ever questioned him dissipated the acutationations. For now he had to complete the rest of his mission and then he would be able to get out of this Hargeon Dock authority uniform and back into his old clothes and then he could continue to do his guild work and be done with it. He just needed the money so he opened the door of the ship and would head below. it was an old ship that was very fragile as the pirates didn't have much money as they were a smaller group. The bigger ones had better ships until they rose up in rank. The business that they were doing here was bad for Regan so Caius would go down the steps and he would then go into the bottom of the ship and then he would see there was some of the cargo that was stashed. The rest was at the top but that would be harder so he started off at the bottom. Caisu would head to the boxes and the ones that said "tea" that were labeled would be his target. Caius would then take one crate and he would reach into his sheath and pull out his sword. He would then slice open the crate and see the tea spill out onto the ground. Caius stomped the tea and moved on to the next crate

He continued to sabotage the tea on the first boat and then would hear a man come down the stairs. He was a deckhand and didn't seem any importance and he would see what Caius was doing and questioned what he was doing. Caius said that he was testing the product and making sure it was legal as he was police wearing the Hargeon Dock authority uniform and he had the paperwork. The deckhand said that he ruined the tea and would have to pay for it. He would say sorry and let them be compensated for him messing up so not to worry about it and not to tell the captains. THe man said he would still rather call the captain and would turn around to go upstairs. Before he could go up caius would hit him in the back of the head and knock him out and then he would stuff him in one of the tea crates and would toss it in the back. He would then go to the other tea crates and then he would take his sword and then he would cut open one of the boxes and then he would dump all the tea out and then would crush it all on the ground of the shop and then the entire stock of cargo would be completely destroyed. Caius had finished up with one ship so he would have to do the top half which would be harder. He would have to lure the captain's away.


Hi I'm Caius

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Caius would climb up the steps from the bottom of the boat and would then head to the top of the boat and then head to the deck of the boat where he would then go to the down the ramp back on the docks. The captains were bantering with each other and then they saw him and asked what the hold up was because they had to move all their supplies soon or else they would get in trouble. Caius would pull up some information and asked them about the records that they had that Reagan told them about and he would ask if they had all their records up to date and if their taxes were paid as they didn't see anything in the history that showed that they did have the up to date records or pay their taxes. The captains argued that everything was up to date but Caius would direct them back to the office to check their records. The captains had no choice and then they would decided to go as they let Caius finish up on the boat and then they would go off the docks and then they would head to the building where they could check their records and then they could make sure everything was up to date and then they could check on it. Caius had planted the seeds of doubt in their mind and with their supplies gone they would be screwed.

While the captains were gone, Caius would then go up the ramp from the docks and then eh would go back to the ship and then would go to the crates of tea that were on the top half of the deck. Caius wouldn't be able to leave the mess of crates up on the deck or they would be found so he decided that he would have to throw them over. Everyone was working in the middle of the ship right now so nobody was around. Caius would pick up the crates and then he would slowly start to chuck them into the sea one by one until the rest of them were all gone. He could come up with some excuse that the crew moved them down into the lower cargo bay of the ship and they would buy it because he was dressed up as an officer with all the right paperwork and they would have to believe him. That was one of the boats and he still had 2 more. Caius would walk off the ship and see the captains all bickering with each other as they told him that their ship was scheduled and they shouldn't need inspection. Caius told them the last ship failed the inspection so he would have to finish with the other ones. The captains told him that they needed him with them so they could prove that it was good cargo on their ship and Caius agreed. He had all the authority and they couldn't make a move unless they wanted to police force on them because of his disguise. They continued to the 2nd boat.


Hi I'm Caius

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Caius would walk onto the second ship and he would see that the tea crates were all at the front as he would be shown them by the captains. Caius would say that he needed to see what was in the crates or else they would get punished. THe captains would roll their eyes and then they would walk over to the crates and then they would open up the crate and then Caius would see the Tea and then he would have to think of something. He reached in his pocket and dropped a small bag of coke on the crate and pointed it out to the captains. They weren't paying attention so they didn't see anything. Caius would lift up the crate in front of them and then he would go and he would throw it overboard and would do with every crate on the 2nd shift. THey started to scream at him but he was dressed like an officer so if they touched him they were screwed and would get in huge trouble with the law or so they thought. Caius would move over and he would head to the next ship and then would continue doing the same thing as he didn't need an excuse this time as he would throw the crates off and say that there drugs in them and would throw the tea in the water. The captains were irate but he told them there were drugs and he could bust them for a big sentence but he was being a kind officer and he was just destroying it so they wouldn't get in any trouble as his client wanted to see their ships. Caius threw the last of the crates as it splashed in the blue water and it would sink to the bottom of the ocean for nobody to see again. His client would be pleased with the tea all destroyed.

After getting off the last ship Caius told the angry captains that drugs weren't allowed in his port. He also told them about rumors that they were smuggling people into his arbor so he would lay down the glory hand of the law on these fools and tell them they were no longer welcome and to never come to his port again. The captains were angry as they bitched a storm but Caius did his job. He told them to piss off and leave as he walked to the warehouse were Reagan was. He saw reagan pass by him and he would talk to the captains so he could get all the information from them after Caius had destroyed all of their tea on the three ships that the captains had so he could finish up the quest. Regan would shake their hands and it would show that they had to do business with him as he was the lead smuggler in all of Hargeon town and they would have to go through him if they were setting up goods to be sent. This way he would get a cut and then that meant Caius got a cut. He would walk over and he would then hand Caius his money for a job well done and he said that was able to convince the three captains that they would work him and smuggle in more goods. Caius was told that he was welcome to work from him again once another quest would show up to secure his goods in the Hargeon Port.


Hi I'm Caius

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