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The Deed Is Done

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The Deed Is Done

The Cicci house is known for being able to collect a lot of intel and selling it for a good price. When one of the merchants in Orchidia found out that the Crowe Manor actually belongs to Nastasya Crowe after purchasing some information, he felt incredibly satisfied knowing that he could earn some money. A while ago, he managed to get his hand on the signature of the Crowe family's belated heir and managed to forge the rights to sell the estate. All that he is missing now is the deed which resides in the house to prove that he is capable of doing so. With rumors going around that the heir has sided with the infamous Grimoire Heart guild, he is sure that he can recruit some good mages or mercenaries interested in ridding her presence from Orchidia or simply making some money.


  • At least 4 mages aligned to a Good Guild or Guildless must apply for this quest. The merchant will select anyone capable of purchasing the manor afterwards for sure within the team, and will fill the rest of the team with other applicants.
  • Users have three days to apply but the quest might start sooner in case at least 1 or 2 possible buyers have applied, after which the merchant will select the the rest with applicants who are not capable of purchasing it to fill the team.
  • The users must create a topic at the Crowe Manor called: The Deed Is Done.
  • All participants must post in the topic. After the last post has been made, the user in charge of that location will be given 4 days to reply to it in order to defend their property against the invaders.
  • Do note that if you participate, that you are bound in Orchidia till the completion of the thread.
  • In case the heir appears, the participants must defeat her and then rush into the manor to find the deed.
  • If the heir does not reply after four days, the users may continue to rush into the manor and find the deed.
  • Where and how is up to the participants but it takes at least 2000 words per participant from the moment the search starts.
  • After finding the deed, the participants must rush outside and head into the woods surrounding the manor in the same topic where they'll find a representative of the merchant.
  • The representative will reward each participant 250,000J and then ask if anyone is interested to purchase the manor themselves.
  • The representative explains that they need to get rid of at a cheap price as quick as possible while they sway over some of the easily persuadable legislators to take their side that the deed had been in their hands the whole time legally.
  • Only one of the participants may choose to purchase it at 600,000J and change its name. The actual fee is 850,000J but the representative will reduce the 200,000J reward from it for you along with another 50,000J if you take it now.
  • If no one is interested, the manor will be put up for sale on the market for 900,000J. Or if multiple of the participants are interested they must start bidding against each other.
  • The quest is completed after someone has either purchased the manor or nobody has after delivering the deed to the representative.


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Noel Raion
I'll tag along.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Sign me up, sugar.

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Signing up as the fourth person~

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Kon, Maarschalk, Alice, and Evangeline, have started this quest.


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Kon, Maarschalk, Alice, and Evangeline, have completed this quest.

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