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Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa)

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#1Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:12 pm

Judina †
So many different paths in life that often vary different ways. Judina thought of the paths of her brothers, Waylon aimlessly wondering and working freely and mostly likely assumed he was happy and enjoying his life, Hopefully making more friends or a life for his name, hopefully mostly good for him because of the nightmares that followed with her other brother was haunting and such a different story.

Maybe he will be sane one day, maybe not a monster but until then, Judina had other things to worry about slightly now but the days will be interesting now, A job was a good start the only thing Judina would need new is a place to live now, She did not have a house after all but that will change eventually but she had first steps to do first.

With a content smile on her face Judina seemed to feel like it was a new day and if anything a life from what she went away from, Only thing different is Waylon might not believe it is her when they see each other again. Then again she still had one other person in her mind as well, Waylon's best friend.

Thinking back Judina realized she was not very polite and often quite rude and insulting to her. Walking around the streets of Magnolia by herself for the moment, thinking about it this current moment she wondered how Arisa was now days and if anything if she was still around Waylon after all he seemed to be glued to her if anything else.

#2Káilètte † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:32 pm

Wandering upon the night in her cloak of black. It covered her whole body as the hoodie even shadowed her indigo skin. Her lion-like eyes searched upon the lands that was yet to be uncovered as she hasn't been everywhere in Magnolia just yet. It wasn't literally the lands, just a paper with everything in Magnolia and what there was to do. Her long beautiful fine hair of brown with tints of purple would sway left and right with her wide hips. Technically no one would see her hips swaying nor her hair as it was all covered by her fine made large cloak. It was just a normal one, but truly it was dark enough to where it was hard to see her face unless lit up by light up close.

She walked on the sidewalk next to some old fashion brick buildings as she wondered on the past. Where and what was Waylon doing? In the past Waylon would be everywhere she would be and possibly doing all he could to follow her, but now they went their separate ways. It's been so long...so long since they traveled alone with each others company. Has he made new friends? Was he even alive? She hoped for both as he needed more, more reasons to be happy. Another person came in mind, his sister, Judina...What was she up to? She would keep to herself in her own mind as she roamed the dark streets.

#3Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:50 pm

Judina †
The normal times alone Judina did as she once her heard mother do, Hum the voice she mimicked was exactly like what her mothers humming was like, Of the a song she heard that was used always to attempt to put them to sleep, It was at one point a song but Judina never knew the words only her mother did because they were a sleep by the time she managed at least three words in.

But Judina hummed it rather loudly and in perfect time to what she remembered, Waylon fell asleep the quickest right next to her oldest of brothers.

A evening time walk was different then what Judina normally did she was a morning person more often then that, But sometimes being travelers often you get restless often staying in one place at a time or sitting down too often that you just needed to be active and walking.

Looking up at the sky Judina wondered aloud. "Waylon were ever you are, I hope you are safe. For something else far grim roam among the family." She said not paying attention to what was around her she just knew brick buildings were close by and that was about it, The time was peaceful and reflection often happen during it. "Were ever he maybe hopefully he is not hurting anyone for this current time." Even if her brother would never intend it her oldest of brother is not himself to be sure that he was in fact harmless.

Judina mainly counted him as a danger to the public, it was hard on her to think about that fact she had no way to help him but most likely killing him if it came to it, But since both currently not able to be tracked Judina had to hope for the best for the situation.

#4Káilètte † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:17 pm

Wandering around in the darkness with no actual though in tact as the past became just that. Her mind switched to nothingness as she walked further. What was she to do exactly among tonight? She wasn't sure on what Maarschalk was doing nor did she know on how to go on thinking the negitive things that could come up when it came to him. It could be the voices that were getting to her or it could be just her fearing the whole ''Good things die fast'' belief, but a part of her knew he wouldn't hurt her, right?

Continuing her roam she would run into some wall face first. ''Owe...'' she thought softly and coldly, rubbing her face. Her eyes cornered as not too far, she saw someone. It was someone who looked familiar. Truly she didn't know who it was till she spoke of Waylon. There was only one person who actually spoke of him like that - other than herself. ''Judina...'' she would say soothingly and soft, twisting her body to turn towards her clock wise. Her face was hidden and so Judina would only tell who she was by her voice. ''It's been awhile and I see that you're no different than the last I saw you.'' she would speak with sweetness at first, trying to be nice to test the waters. Judina had different sights than Waylon did on things. Waylon was more of a countless yet loyal brawn as Judina kept to her own wits. Arisa adored Waylon though for what he was, all of Arisa - including the voices that speak within her thoughts. Her eyes watched the woman before saying anymore, waiting for her to speak as well.

#5Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:46 pm

Judina †
Was reality fooling her? The voice sounded slightly older then she last remembered. Then again Judina use to slightly think different for a few different reasons about this voice but she had move past that now. But then again Judina did not assumed she would be in this situation for a long while, Judina stopped walking for the moment and looked at this covered up woman, she knew of her so Judina had to add up option to one single idea.

It was Arisa, She remember the voice well enough."You think some one who is considered family by my family would not hide her face around  them, Am I not wrong?" She would walk to were Arisa was and stand before her, her arms crossed comfortably as she waited slightly too Arisa's reaction. "After all, you shouldn't have anything to hide from me unless your life has changed that much since we last met." Judina did seem to wait for a moment.

"What news do you have of Waylon? I have not seen them in a fair bit of time due to life commitments, I have not seen him, mother or father is almost five years since i just left such time a go." Judina did not seem to regret her actions, if anything she seemed to be asking if she know."I have a message to pass on to him if he is accompanying you but sleeping." Judina realized she was jumping to assumptions this but She view them both are almost impossible to pull apart.

She had hoped she had not been demanding if anything Judina was herself normally, After all the message that was going to be passed on that a bit disheartening to both herself and the entire family, She was unsure if she wanted to bring up to Arisa simply because it seemed like they need ed to deal with it first, But no matter she would be willing to speak to her about it.

#6Káilètte † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:50 pm

Her lion-like eyes gazed towards Judina's dark blue ones. She listened carefully on what she had to say. Unsure on what it was all going to be about, she of course was asked/questioned about the obvious, her brother. Waylon hasn't talked to her neither in awhile since that one winter night - quite short visit at that. A part of her felt pain, string being pulled from her heart...that one. She felt like he was all she had when she ran off through the forest, met him and truthfully she felt he was family. ''Hmph...I don't know where he is...Haven't seen him in quite awhile..'' she would speak in a calm soothing tone, turning away. Her lion-like eyes would dart into the darkness as her lips frown grimly. What was that fool up to? Fool he was, but that fool was her childish-hood friend. Softly she sighed and turned back to look at the blue woman. ''I have no real reason to hide my appearance from you, but it's not you that I'm 'hiding' from.'' she would speak quietly and soft. Her eyes glisten and glow gold as she looks at her. There were people that knew somethings...Those people are the people she's hiding from, but it wasn't her business.

#7Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:43 am

Judina †
So she had not either, Judina would no longer press the any situation then, Arisa seemed to be wanting to keep it to herself more then anything and Judina was not her mother, knowing full well you do not hide any from Judina's mother after all she had her ways."Whatever the situation maybe, I am not my mother I do not have her magical ways of get you to speak of your problems."Judina said, But easily seen she did not mean it rudely after all she wasn't going to force it out either, everyone had problems.

"I will fine to find Waylon shortly then, Maybe before he does hopefully."
She seemed to mention to herself like he was trying to plan out something or if anything trying to think ahead. "Arisa, If you see him before myself, Avoid my older brother if you encounter him do not act hostile or like you are going to hurt him in anyway." It was an odd out of no were warning but since Arisa did not know, Judina hoped she did not need to explain fully.

If she had to explain it it was find hopefully Arisa did not just run into him."After all, It might have taken a while for me to use to say that, we may not be blood but you are still my sister, I have too ensure you are just as okay as Waylon is."The situation was a bit more unknown to her since there were various things that could happen for all she knew, he was still out there looking while Waylon was no were in a single thought known to be.

"Well, guess I am left to figuring that out too. Finding one and tracking another will be a bit of a difficult but I will manage."
No leads on were either of them were was troubling in her mind as well but she was hiding that."It will be on my list of things to do aside from visiting mother and father, that is long due coming as well."Judina seemed to slightly laugh about it as well but she knew that she had to laugh about it for a moment before her mother would most likely over react or yell at her for being away too long like she knew she had done with out a word knowing a simple sorry wouldn't help.

#8Káilètte † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:14 am

It made her curious on what Judina wanted with Waylon, but all she was warned about was to stay away from the eldest brother. Why was this though? Her golden eyes looked towards her blue ones and thought, 'Wonder what Waylon is up to.'. She walked a little bit closer to Judina, while she was doing that she would lift up her hoodie to reveal her indigo colored skin. Her eyes would glow a gold as she would stare at her. ''Where are they anyways?'' she wondered out loud as she would then put out her hip towards the left, right leg out, arms crossed and looked at her. She was going to obviously question her. ''Your mother and father. I haven't seen them in quite awhile...I had some questions for them...'' she would say in her calm tone. She kind of really did have questions for them as to these flashbacks of hers and maybe who she really was. They were the ones that found her, they'd know, right?

#9Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:31 am

Judina †
Judina seemed to stop thinking for a moment, mostly a bit curious Judina just seemed reach over placing you hand under Arisa's chin and lifting shifting her face up towards her. "Alright, I will give in. How did this happen?" Judina asked she seemed more worried about it then mad over all. "No one just has their skin change blue for no reason." Even with that worry she would answer Arisa's question after all they were always at the same spot."Are you at least healthy?" The only major worry was if she was healthy or not after all blue skin could be a medical problem.

She would let go right away after realizing she just touched Arisa rather quickly rash and most likely in a very uncomfortable manner."They have yet to move from their home in Marigold last I remember, After all My mother loves it there and my father did not care as long as he could work, If you were looking for them that is your best bet." Judina would stand there wondering why and how that still happen."Waylon on the other hand if he isn't with you, He could easily be anywhere since he tends to wander alone by himself easily." Judina just had to hope now Waylon was at least in a safe town or city even with him not being in contact with anyone.

#10Káilètte † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:14 am

She looked at Judina, waiting for answers of where her parents were. Arisa wished she knew where her own parents were or who they really are...All she knew was 'Kuriana' had to do with her existence, but what if Kuriana wasn't really her mom but just her caregiver? Her head was tilted towards Jud, being questioned about her skin. 'Here we go...' she thought and rolled her eyes giving an irritated look towards her. ''Weren't you taught not to touch people's skin like that?'' she would say, blushing super lightly, twisting away from her hand. 'How dare she touch your skin.' the darker voice spoke.

Sighing softly she would cross her arms, half saddened. ''I am fine. Just some potion that was sold to me by some merchant. I felt...daredevilish so I took it and I randomly become an indigo colored woman.'' she spoke calmly yet soft. She was happy that there was someone who cherished it and her real self - or so she hoped. Sighing daydreamingly she would then shake out of the thought of 'him' and wondered something more. ''Do you wanna go walk to some pub or something to drink and talk? Quite boring just standing and talking.'' Arisa finally spoke, inviting Judina for drinks and food.

#11Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:55 am

Judina †
Well since the situation seemed to call for it. "By all means let us catch up with life, I am sure both yourself and I have a lot to speak about."Judina said hopefully it was not drinking too much that lead to problems, Then again Judina could handle herself well enough and had nothing to worry about it. Quietly turning around Judina would walk towards a place she would suggest anyway, She was open to ideas as well but only really knew one spot, social drinking was not something Judina did normally and had only attempted once.

"Seems like an odd thing to do too ones self, But I will not judge in the end."
Judina mentioned her personal thought of it knowing they were different people she left it at that."It does to seem have a alluring effect with your eyes, Hopefully you do not scare Waylon...Or mother."Judina could only wonder what scaring her mother would be like, after all scaring Waylon was simple because he was clueless and did not pay attention often.

"But let us drink, It will be my treat and we can talk about what all you need to bring up if needed."Judina seemed at least in good spirits even if she had been worried about how Arisa looked she seemed to make the good come out for the moment, She seemed to be leading the way to the drinking spot she at least knew of, taking her time in case Arisa wanted to choose one herself too she wasn't picky.

#12Káilètte † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:50 pm

Her eyes wandered as they walked towards where they would drink. What was she going to drink this time? She followed Judina, but then she heard something from afar. Music of weirdness in which sounded so...folkish. Her head turned to the left, to the right and then twisted her body to look from behind. ''I think we should go this way.'' she spoke calmly and lost. Her whole body turned and walked towards the directions he was hearing this sound from. A side from her head was hurting as her right hand rubbed against her temple. 'Ugh...what's this feeling?' she wondered. Closer she was going the more loud the song was going. She wasn't sure on what the music was nor did she know where it was coming from. What was this? Why was it affecting her so bad? Surely Arisa knew this from somewhere since it was affecting her so. This thinking was hurting her brain more than it should, the thinking of anything.

She was getting closer, hearing claps and roars of music. Soon there was a door from an over-the-hedge door that looks like it just goes into a hill. Opening it a shine of light would light up her eyes. Where were they...or her - if Judina didn't follow. The door would shut and there people would dance, around embraced, dancing around in circles. People were in wooden chairs as some clapped. Tambourines, drums and all, it was truly some sort of folk dancing, but in the air was some smoke.

Oh my does the smoke smell good...

#13Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:19 pm

Judina †
Turning around to follow Arisa, Judina did not quite pick up on the music right away, Slowly realizing that the sound and music and drawing her in, Not that Judina minded, If anything it was nice to see something and hear something while catching up. She wondered also was this what her brother dealt with? It was easy to catch up and keep around Arisa but she seemed to space out and not in tune with reality, She could get hurt if in the wrong situation, Her family members were at least smart enough to keep watch in such situations.

She would not speak a word about there change in  direction and were they were going, Judina if anything she was watching to be sure if nothing happen to Arisa while they walked towards the music, But the music and sounds seems rather charming and relaxing for the mind set of possible worries on the mind.

Seeing Arisa walk through a door infront of her almost seemed quick enough that she didn't seemed like Arisa did and Judina almost fell behind, but Judina didn't in the end just following through the door and was only at least one foot behind her catching up to Arisa through the door to the music and dancing.

#14Káilètte † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:46 pm

Her eyes widened as the lights blind her wits. Her hair rested against her shoulder as she walked in as if she was hypnotized by such music. It was beautiful in its own way and so different than what she was use to. People were dressed in skirts with hanging jewelry as the males wore baggy-like pants made out of cheap fabric. Surely she would think they would stare at her and Judina for looking so different, but that wasn't the case. The barkeeper smiled so welcoming and lifted up his right hand. ''Ayre Ayre, come for a drink m'ladies and relax your night away. Enjoy our festivities of this howling hour...or in this case, hours.'' he spoke so cheerfully. The man had a bushy brown mustache and eyebrows as he was bald yet it was covered by a handkerchief. Slowly she walked past the dancers and sat down in front of the barkeeper. Arisa's head tilted a little with a smile. ''It's so cheerful here. Reminds me of something that I can't quite...remember if that makes since.'' she spoke so softly and brisk, lowering her head she would think. ''Oh yes...I'd like a Blumeia, iced.'' she would say with a wave of her hand. ''Haha, of course. Right. What about you, blue maiden.'' he spoke and chuckled happily. Surely he was just jesting in a warm welcoming way, no harm. Something was going through Arisa's mind though...Why was this familiar?

#15Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:12 pm

Judina †
Judina did not really seem to wait too long."A glass ale normally does the trick for me, I am not overly picky."She said with a peaceful smile about her drink.  But logically Judina would point out normally something like Waylon would."Normally it does not make sense if you do not remember fully what happen if it reminds you of it."Judina then thought maybe she should wait and see if she does remember what happen."But then again remembering past does work in different ways, So maybe I wouldn't understand as well as Waylon most likely."She had to point out.

Even with the time just being started the single troubling nightmare on her mind still lingered, Judina could hear the echoing gasps of a man trying to say help but only saying nothing in return, It could easily be seen are troubling her when she thought about it. Then casting it aside she went back to normal."But it seems like you are trying hard to remember what it is, Maybe it is important in some manner." Judina would point out to her and hopefully Arisa would have the thought  pop back into her mind.

#16Káilètte † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:40 pm

She wasn't really sure on where these flashbacks were coming from. Her eyes would corner to look at Judina as her head lowered down towards the counter. Surely the drink she ordered will do her nice. The feeling of being drunk while satisfied of feeling nothing was grand in her own opinion. Sure enough she knew there was somewhat a reason to celebrate for her own reason. She had someone, someone that felt strong for her...or so she thought and hoped. The book she read about Kuriana, she hoped to not meet that fate, if she did...only time would tell on what would exactly happen.

Her eyes started to dim color into a tan-like tone as her mind started to think darker, but quickly it was snapped when her drink was put in front of her. The fruity berry smell went into her nose as it shocked her brain with its goodness. Her eyes widened and lightened up, grabbing the drink with both hands. Slowly she sat up to drink it slowly like some coffee mug. ''Mmmm...This is great.'' she spoke softly and looked up at the man. He grinned so prideful and turned away after giving Judina her order. Arisa's eyes cornered to look at her and wondered. ''So you know nothing as much as myself huh? My luck...'' she spoke sad and disappointed. Her head turned back to look at her glass and took another drink, putting it down and spoke again. ''Hopefully I do find out.'' she lastly spoke till drinking more and after that glass, she'd order more and more.

#17Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:19 pm

Judina †
As person she thought, Judina took no time to enjoy and taking a drink a her glass of ale."One thing you have to keep in mind is, I am not hugely able to figure out as quickly as my brothers." Then again any experience was unknown really, She had not been out drinking much either. "I mean with this I have only tried drinking maybe a total of four times adding this one to the list." She mentioned to Arisa, since it was time to get talking going for the moment to maybe see what she could spark."Yet again I have not done various things,Drinking is one of the few things I have at least tried not much else." But Judina raised her glass to Arisa. "However I raise the glass for the evening's start and to meeting each other again."

"I never pictured yourself as a drinking type...then again with learning of a few thing news and how much time has passed I shouldn't be shocked you are a grown woman after all, Maybe it is Just my brothers who aren't."
Or Judina herself but she did not mention herself for this.

Judina then put her glass down for a moment and poked Arisa on the forehead."You need to think about what in which you need to remember as well, if it being locked away in some manor, I don't how you will get it to be remembered by you, after all how you came to forget it i do not know either."  after that poke a little speech she picked up her glass and continued taking a drink for it, ,Hopefully Arisa did not drink so much this as too not remember what it all was she would have to wait.

#18Káilètte † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:37 pm

''Me? Not the drinking type? Sounds funny...'' she spoke quietly and cornered her lioness eyes towards Judina. Her own hand slumped down to grip onto her glass, ring finger entwined with it. Her own eyes were half closed as she then wondered about herself. Will she ever figure out what or who she exactly was? She held strong on her emotions on how she really felt, in the out-world she appeared always either calm or happy even if she felt disgusted or sad to where tears could develop. Her heart was pounding ever-so-slowly as she turned her head away. ''My manor? What could possibly be there?'' she questioned softly, her eyes looking at the rough-like wooded counter. Another drink was served, making her let go of the empty glass to grab the other one as fast. Arisa's head tilted up fast and swiftly drank down her liquor. Rather she'll crash or become different from drinking - she didn't care. Her hand that was free from gripping the drink would reach for her own pocket to grab some money. After that she put it down gently and got up. ''I feel as if we should dance instead of lolly-gagging.'' she spoke in a drunk foreign accent. She didn't pay no mind to it, but she did turn away from the counter to join in this wild unknown crowd.

#19Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:51 am

Judina †
It seemed kind of quick this took place."I do not know in which they are doing, Nor do I think you do." Judina mentioned while she took off but then again, she shouldn't have expected any less since she seemed to want to do something she went and did it with out even a second thought,If this was what one of her brother put up with she wondered how long does it go on for and how long does on stand it.

While Judina slowly got up from her seat to follow Arisa she wondered aloud of. "You have a manor?" Yet again another thing she did not know."That is new."She realized then she did not know much about Arisa she had not tried to know much about her for the longest time simply because it was a different time and she was much different then.

But she was not too far behind but she had yet to join in the dancing since she seemed a bit, unsure of her ability to join in on this for but the moment she was behind Arisa at least and watching over her quiet for the moment until something else happen, wondering what else she would learn from the situation at hand.

#20Káilètte † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:02 am

She smiled rather drunk-like as she would dance around with these strangers who were rather... familiar. Her eyes were full of glee as they sparkled from the lights all around. Her smile was as warm as sugar cookies that just got out of the oven. Truly it was as if she was a child from long ago, the child she once was. Her hands grasped onto the other persons hand as they twirled around in a circle and with magic it turned into a spear as if people were floating in dance. Her soul was elsewhere as her mind was split else where than where the soul was. Her heart though was still there, in the present as she or it was alone. Arisa could hear the music play like some broken record and hopefully Judina did join in as she would just then dance till exhaustion alone. It was alright if that was so, as she enjoyed the rest of her night.


#21Judina † 

Too Fabled Paths, Turned Into One.(Judina and Arisa) Empty Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:28 am

Judina †
It seemed like a peaceful evening over all, the drinking and dancing, Arisa and her had gone there different ways. Judina did have a job to go do now so even with such hopefully Arisa learned what she wanted and most likely found Waylon. "Oh lord damn it i forgot to tell her what i wanted passed on too Waylon if she found him!" Judina mentioned more as a verbal punch in the gut for not remembering the night had been wonderful and she had forgotten it was rather important. But in the end guess it was back to square one and work.


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