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Captain's Rum [Yumi]

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Alyssa strode down the back streets of Haregon confidently with Arcane closely on her tail.  Since accepting Malum into her life she had become a completely different person, though this person was slightly more evil than Alyssa had ever intended to be.  She knew the split had won in their long battle over who would control their person though she was not mad.  They had more fun since they had met the demon then they had in a long time, the killing simply a bonus.  

With a bag thrown over her right shoulder containing an illegally imported rum, and her sword strapped to the left of her waist, Alyssa was ready to find her newest job.  Delivering the rum to a pirate would be simple enough though she had no clue the type of task the captain would have her doing after the run was delievered.  She did not want to embark upon the job by herself, but she seemed to have no choice  she had stumbled upon no one she knew yet on the back streets.  Her attire for the day was simple and consisted of a black short sleeved shirt and a pair of leggings, both suited for combat and running in case she was brought into a situation that called for such.  Arcane seemed to be prepped for anything that could happen as well, as his eyes darted around, searching for any sign of danger.  As if on cue, the Arcanine darted forward ahead of Alyssa, causing her to chase him down the road.  Her eyes met what he was staring at, a young girl with an axe upon her back, her demon mentor.



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Yumi hummed to herself as she sat in a chair, right leg crossed over the left, in her right hand a cup of ginseng tea. She appeared as a youthful, delicate young lady drinking her midday tea. The sun reflected off her delicate snow white skin, illuminating the snow white beauty as her soft pink lips cupped around her tea allowing her tongue to enjoy the delectable taste of her ginseng tea. Yumi appeared as if she was a proper young lady, perhaps of noble birth, this would, however, be the case that many would think, if not for the giant axe resting against the chair she sat in. She lolita was four foot eight and resting beside her was an axe as big as she was.

Yumi finished her cup of tea, sitting it down on the table. She supposed she better get a move on. The lolita had accepted a C rank quest today, to visit Captain Balthazar down by the docks to deliver a bottle of rum he had ordered. SHe had received the rum on her previous quest for the smuggler Reagan. Yumi eyed the bottle of rum that sat on the table, wondering what was so important about it.

Yumi shrugged her shoulders and slowly got up, leaving a few jewel notes down on the table paying for her drink. The Witch retrieved her axe tossing it onto her back with ease when she felt someone or something approaching her. Turning to the source, YUmi spotted a giant red and orange dog approaching.

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"Hello Yumi, it's very nice to see you out here today." Alyssa said, approaching the woman. She gently tapped Arcane, drawing his attention away from the woman before them. The lolita looked the same as usual, young and dangerous, carrying the axe nearly as large as herself upon her back. Alyssa glanced back to see where she had come from, and it seemed she had just finished having a drink before she had approached. Shifting her weight to better carry the heavy bottle of rum upon her shoulder, she smiled at the girl. "What are you doing here, madam?"

The sun was setting and Alyssa knew that she needed to get on with the mission before her. She was happy she stumbled upon the demon. "Are you busy? Because if not, I would like for you to embark on a quest with me. I assure you it will be a lot of good fun. Plus we may even get to kill someone." She hoped the idea of killing would be enough to persuade Yumi to join her. Alyssa fiddled with the hilt of her sword while she waited for the demon's answer. Her eyes traveled out to the lit streets, watching as a couple people walked by the two, paying them no attention. Arcane sat quietly at her side, observing Yumi like he had done since he had first seen the demon and got hit by her spell, effectively knocking him out. Alyssa was sure he remember it.



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Yumi eyed her young disciple before her crimson hues moved down towards the massive dog sitting next to them both. THe dog was looking up at her, inspecting her, keeping an eye on the demonic lolita. Yumi paid the dog no heed, focusing her eyes back towards the young woman who she called her disciple and fellow worshipper of Malum. The dog was not really any of Yumi's concern, at the moment the beast was relatively weak, even if its form had somewhat changed from when she last saw him. Yumi even though she had her own Companion, she rarely called the beast forth or used him in combat, Duskull had mainly become a messenger for her sending messages back and forth between herself and her allies.

Yumi drew herself from her thoughts, noting the bottle of rum that hunger of the young woman's shoulder. It appeared the young woman was on a quest, and her words confirmed this. Yumi began to guess that perhaps Alyssa had the same mission as she had. It seemed Alyssa had been working hard, doing numerous quests in Hargeon. Quests were a mage's bread and butter.

Yumi raised her own bottle of rum, "If I suspect what is true regarding the bottle you carry, it would see we are both following the same quest. If so, this one would be more than happy to have your company to meet up with the client." Questioned the lolita as she turned her head towards the docks. It would be nearly time to meet up with the client, Captain Balthazar.

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Alyssa followed happily after the demon. "I am glad I stumbled upon you. I did not want to embark upon this quest alone." Alyssa admitted. It had been a long time since she had to do quests alone, and the few she did before this proved to be just as boring as she remembered. She vaguely remembered the quests she completed with Kenny and realized that she missed duoing quests. When the work was split in half, it was much easier for her to complete, much quicker as well. Though she missed Kenny sometimes, she was much happier having someone stronger at her side to help her in this quest, as she did not know where it would lead.

Arcane followed behind the two of them, tail wagging as usual. Alyssa realized that the demon held the same bottle of rum that she herself did. Yes, they had both been embarking upon the same quest making this much easier for her. They would both be rewarded in this account. Alyssa needed the jewels, as she could feel her pockets emptying more and more every day. She guessed that was what happened the stronger she got. Speaking of stronger, she hoped that she would get to kill someone that day, as she had not gathered a skull for her throne in a few days.


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Yumi hummed to herself as she strolled on through the streets of Hargeon, making her way towards the docks with the bottle of rum in her hand. She followed alongside Alyssa, her diligent pupil and behind them was Alyssa's loyal dog like companion. Yumi didn't utter a word as she spoke, allowing silence to reign over the three of them as they made their way through town. It wouldn't be long from before they reached the docks another five or ten minutes, they were probably only three or so blocks away from the docks, and the smell of the sea was growing stronger with each step they took. THe sound of seagulls crying echoed over the air as they flew over head, sailors releasing angered shouts as the bird's released droppings on their heads.

Yumi turned to gaze over her shoulder, briefly sharing a glance in Alyssa's direction, before coming to a halt as she arrived at the start of the dock. In the distance at the end a large Pirate Ship was docked, with many pirates gathered out the front. They were drinking and gambling, shouting loudly as music played around. The pirates danced as they stomped about appearing to be enjoying themselves on this day. Yumi merely snorted in mild amusement and began her approach, indicating with her head for Alyssa to follow after her.

"Keep your head, and do not lose your temper. These drunkards will be unpredictable so keep your guard, but do not be so ready to spill blood." Spoke Yumi giving her instructions to her disciple.

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Yumi made her approach towards the group of pirates, their attention is drawn towards the demonic lolita as she attracted their attention. They began to leer in her direction, lust appearing within their eyes as they greedily cast their gaze over her blossoming young body. Yumi held back a sneer and slowly released her demonic presence in order to instil fear within the pirates. Her pressure exerted full force upon them. Her presence formed wisps of black magical energy that rose from her body floating up into the air and suppressed the pirates. THe band of pirates stumbled about falling over themselves as fear began to form in their eyes from her demonic essence. Yumi stalked towards them like some mighty predator, her eyes glowing blood red as she made her approach. Yumi was not someone who enjoyed wasting time, she simply wanted to get things over and done with. The lolita had spent too much time in Hargeon after this quest she would leave, perhaps she would return to Oak or even make her way to Era to see what the Rune Knight's were up to. Who knows what she would uncover while visiting Era.

Yumi approached Balthazar the moment she laid eyes on him, easing her demonic pressure allowing him to be free of his grasp. The captain gripped his heart an uneasy sigh of relief escaping from him as he stood up brushing his clothing off. Yumi approached the Captain until she was only a foot away from him, the captain gulped appearing slightly frightened of the tiny little creature before him, not that Yumi could blame the pirate. The Lolita extended the arm holding the bottle of rum, holding it out for the captain to take, "I was asked to deliver this to you, you may thank a mutual benefactor. I believe you know him well." spoke the demonic being as she handed the rum over.

Balthazar uncorked the bottle of rum and took a small sniff of the alcoholic substance. THe captain then raised the top to his lips and took a big long swig enjoying the sweet burning taste delivered from the alcoholic substance. He swallowed it down and exhaled exclaiming with delight as he re-corked the top and tossed the bottle to one of his men ordering them to put it away in his personal cabin. The man took the bottle of rum and ran off as quickly as he could, wanting to get away from the demonic little terror that was Yumi.

"If you have time stick around, there is something I would like to ask you." Spoke the pirate captain as he ordered another one of his men to retrieve something for him. The man quickly left returning back to the ship, leaving the rest to look up at Yumi with an overwhelming amount of fear. The man returned ten minutes later carrying a bag with him loaded with a number of unknown items. Balthazar retrieved the bag and held it out towards Yumi "PLease take this bag full of smoke bombs and find Maxwell Buscon, he will be on the outskirts of these very docks awaiting you. PLease make sure you are not found out by the Rune Knights or even caught by them. Maxwell must receive this bag." informed Balthazar after Yumi retrieved the bag from him.

Yumi accepted the bag tossing it over her right shoulder. Balthazar removed a photo from his pocket holding it out for Yumi to see, 'This is Maxwell" informed the pirate as she showed Yumi what the client looked like. Yumi examined the photo, recognising the man on its cover, she had undertaken a quest for this man once before. Yumi nodded and departed from the docks where the pirates were located making her way to the outskirts in order to find Maxwell and hand over the bag.

As Yumi walked towards the outskirts, a pair of rune knights were coming her way, "Our scouts said a young girl picked up a bag from Balthazar and was heading this way." Said the rune knight on the left before both looked dead ahead spotting the figure of a young woman up ahead, 'I do believe thats her." Said the one on the right. Yumi cursed them and quickly ran behind a warehouse. The two knights followed after giving chase. Yumi moved amongst the warehouses, but the rune knights were close behind her. Yumi continued to the outskirts where she could see people beginning to gather in a large crowd. The knights were shouting at her to stop, but Yumi refused slowly increasing her running speed. Yumi dashed into the crowd blending in with them, spotting Maxwell just up ahead. Yumi closed in appearing in front of Maxwell. She tossed the bag into his hands and departed blending in with the crowds to vanish from sight. The rune knights came to a stop looking around but due to her small stature, she had vanished into the crowd disappearing from sight.

Yumi moved through the crowds returning back to the docks, taking a long way around. Yumi approached the docks making her way through the shadows back to Balthazar. She moved silently making time before she arrived back at the band of gambling, drinking and merry pirates. Yumi ignored them going straight to Balthazar. She approached the pirate captain who was shocked to see her back so quickly.

"welcome back, I must say I didn't expect you to be done so quickly." Balthazar motioned to one of his men, making him leave the ship disappearing from sight before returning five minutes later. The man was carrying a small parcel. Balthazar took the package and handed it over to Yumi, "Here is your payment." Yumi opened the package inspecting the insides, counting fifty thousand in jewels. It was all there. yumi stuffed the money into her bosom and turned around, it was time to head home for the evening. She wanted to get some sleep before making up her mind in the morning about where she would leave to.

Yumi marched away from the docks, returning to the streets of Hargeon. Yumi mixed into the shadows disappearing from sight. She returned to her motel room, using the shadows to move swiftly and silently. Yumi arrived back at her room, arriving through an open window, shutting it behind her. She then began to get change, having a quick shower before stripping down bare and slipping under the silk satin sheets. Yumi laid on her back shutting her eyes and drifting off to sleep. She would worry about leaving tomorrow.

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