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Eyes wider open [Quest | Marina]

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Another day, another job to do. The sky looked cloudy gray with some slivers of golden sunshine, dark enough to prompt even her to sleep in a bit longer, and finally select a more traditional - modest even - choice of wardrobe: Her white jacket and miniskirt over stockings, the kind she usually wore for guild assignments where she expected to meet resistance. After all she already knew what kind of job she'd be doing today, having selected it beforehand: Another job tending to Khalash Saton's magical business.

The last mission hadn't been that boring, though Alisa suspected the only reason for that to be related not to anything about the job itself, but rather the company. As always... Marina, however, was very much a special case in that she kept Alisa interested not via a perpetual aura of mystery, but by being a genuinely fun person to spend time with.

Among those that she might call her friends, Finn was the only one who somewhat resembled her style. For all their differences, an earnest, thrill seeking drive were traits they shared, and another reason why Alisa thought Marina would be a good fit for Blue Pegasus.

Those thoughts kept her company on the short walk from the inn to the shop, leaving the sculptress wondering if or when the right opportunity for such a proposition might finally present itself. Once she swung the creaky door open, she quickly found the person she was looking for, standing behind the counter.

"Oh, hello, hello! Good to see you again, Miss Alisa...!", greeted the cheerful yet somewhat lecherous old shopkeeper, taking a bit too long in scanning down and up her body like a feast for the eyes, "You look well!"

Fortunately for him Alisa hardly minded being admired, after all, this outfit hardly presented anything one couldn't see just from buying Sorcerer's magazine whenever she appeared on it. It truly was a rather modest choice of clothes considering her summer collection, but that jacket was fresher than it looked, and the short skirt did wonders in keeping her cool. Despite barely showing any skin, this outfit had its own allure, hugging her curvaceous form tightly enough for just the right amount of sensuality:

"Good morning Mr. Saton, and thank you.", she'd smile and rest one hand on her hip as she ran the other down her hair, before looking around the store crossing her arms, a more serious look taking over her expression, "So, you just need us to return an item today, is that correct?"

People always get more uppity whenever someone asks them to return whatever money they earned, so now - more than any other mission Alisa had done in the past few days - was the time to expect a fight, and be ready to try and prevent it. She was pretty sure whatever negotiations she might have to do would take place inside the store where things could break and ultimately make the whole thing more trouble than it's worth. Would she have to use her feminine charms again? Maybe, maybe not, but as she glanced towards the door, one thing was clear:

She'd much rather deal with this alongside Marina.

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Eyes wider open [Quest | Marina] CyhFjWA

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#2Marina Wulfstan 

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Marina Wulfstan
There was a nice thing about doing requests in a town instead of raiding and sneaking around in a desert. The request generally where on the safe side  at least the low rank ones. Despite the being easy tasks the did provide a good enough amount of jewels for Marina. Then again coming from a place where she rarely dealt with jewels any amount of jewels seems good compare to nothing. The city life was great compare her old life in the desert. Sure it was a bit more boring when you have nothing to do, but it's better to be safe and bored than to be in danger.

With today weather it look like it could start raining at any moment. So to be on the safe side. The desert dweller decide to wear something more suitable for the weather? Or at least to make sure to bring an umbrella. The guildless mage would look through wardrobe of clothes and pick out a newly purchased black coat, a pleated skirt and some long socks. She was curious on why there were so long. Anyhow. After she finish taking a nice warm bath and other things to get ready for the day like brushing her teeth and hair. Marina was fully dress and ready to leave the inn she was using for a make shift home. Marina lock the door to her and wave goodbye to the desk person. What a nice guy letting her stay here this long at a reduced rate.

Unlike last time when Marina did a request she decided to grab herself a snack from a.nearby vendor. She didn't know what this snack was call, but it smell wonderful and it got her mouth watering. Handing the street vendor a couple of jewels she got some sort of fish sample muffin? Smiling at the cute smile her snack had, the desert dweller took a rather large bite and happily him enjoying her snack. This must be that rare seafood her mother took about. If only she was here now.

As Marina was eating she look over at the request she had to do. So it was that old man again. Easy enough and there was the fact that she get to work with her friend again. Working with Alisa is fun though she wasn't fan of the shop keeper staring at them.

Soon, Marina throw away the trash from her snack and brust through the doors of the Mag Shop. "Sorry if I''m late. I had to eat something before I came here. Spending the most of your day in a shop with no food wasn't great. Marina just like the store owner was examine Alisa outfit. Of course, Marina was less perverted about it."If this was first time coming here. I would assume the Alisa is the owner of this place. I know I be jealous of anyone working for her. Marina jokingly said as greet the actual owner with a nod.


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Fortunately, her partner arrived soon after, "Lovely to see you Marina.", greeted Alisa. She could feel both sets of eyes on her, of course, she was used to it. But even being used to it, she much preferred Marina staring at her - the girl was more subtle about it, closer to smitten admiration than lustful gawking - prompting Alisa to slowly pivot around to face her, shifting her weight to one leg. An action that sent her short skirt fluttering about as the tall girl rested a hand on her hip and winked at her.

Almost like she was posing for Marina... Almost.

In return, she'd smile at the lovely brunette and admire her choice of outfit for today. She too picked something a bit warmer and more modest than a summer dress or skimpy shorts, yet whatever cuteness she had contrasted with that confident show of thigh and even more confident comment that made the Pegasus chuckle: "And I'd be jealous of anyone you worked under.", she teased right back, petting the nomad's arm, "You always look beautiful~"

Soon enough the shopkeeper took to explaining his problem, the one he needed their help to fix. He did this by grabbing a magical stick, at least something that just looked like a stick at first, but was then proved to be a wand:

"Look at this!", he frowned with an indignant look in his eyes, waving the wand around.

Alisa could feel his magic power in the air - no doubt Marina would too - but soon enough she didn't need to feel it. They could actually see a radiant white aura enveloping his body, yet no matter how much he wielded his power around, the wand itself didn't produce anymore than a few sparks.

"Are you sure you're using it correctly?", Alisa would cross her eyes and raise a doubtful eyebrow

"I MOST CERTAINLY AM!", he shouted angrily, stomping his foot with an embarassed look, before finally clearing his throat and saying, "Anyways. It's broken, and I need that money back. I need to find a better salesman, and while I do that, I need you girls to hold down the fort until that charlatan shows up."

With these words, the man soon left, leaving the two girls alone in his shop... Again... Only this time it wasn't even part of the job. Thankfully, there were hardly any customers so the two of them were free to look around and chat about whatever suited their fancy: "So far, what do you like best about Fiore?", Alisa would ask her eventually, looking into Marina's bright red eyes with innocent curiosity.

...They'd get about an hour to themselves before the person they were supposed to bargain with finally showed up... A rather pompous looking, finely dressed man visibly convinced he'd been called here to sell more items. So that's how Mr. Saton got him to come back. When he heard he'd been called over not to sell more items but to take one back, he looked visibly outraged, even more so when told his artifact was broken:

"Then, surely you wouldn't mind casting a spell from it?", challenged Alisa, a soft, confident smirk drawing on her lips.

"N-No... I'm not a mage. But I guarentee you It's working correctly!", he tensed up but then asserted himself, looking between the two girls.

Clearly getting through such a thick headed negotiator wouldn't be easy, and unlike those horny teenagers it didn't appear sensuality would win the day here... But fortunately there were two of them: Alisa glanced at Marina every now and then, wondering what kind of strategy the two of them could employ here.

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Eyes wider open [Quest | Marina] CyhFjWA

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#4Marina Wulfstan 

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Marina Wulfstan
If only she had a camera. Oh how cruel like could be at times. Oh well there was always next time. Of course she made a mental note to buy a camera once this quest was done. "Oh. You wouldn't have to be jealous. I make sure to keep you near me like...those personal sectary. The right handed man or in your case woman. Whatever you get what I'm saying right?". Marina wink back at her friend as she examine her attire. "And thanks for the compliment you flatter me. Though I couldn't surpassed your beauty." She didn't said this because of a lack of confidence, but she was fine with admitting that Alisa look better than her. Marina flash her pal a smile before she focus on the shopkeeper. She tilt her head slightly as she watch him get a stick.

Marina then realized it was a wand after feeling and seeing magic coming the older wizard? So magic users use them in real as well and not just in stories. After that he wave the stick around and complain that it wasn't working which cause Marina to laugh. How did he buy it without testing first? Certainly you should be able to tell if that wand was a dud or not.

"It's sounds like you got scam from the looks of it. How does one even break a magical stick?" Marina's question earn her a glare from the shop owner.  Marina held up her hands to show that she would stop talking.  He seem grateful for that as he finish shouting and giving them their orders for the day. With one final huff. He was gone leaving Marina and Alisa in charge.

"I definitely enjoy the beds and not having to share a bathroom with my brothers."Marina would run her hand through her hair as she kept chatting with her friend. Once again time seem to fly when a customer finally show up. Or rather someone trying to sell some crappy goods to the store again. So this must the guy who sold the shopkeeper that broken or in Marina's opinion fake want. Nope he wasn't going to fool someone who came from desert. Once he was finish speaking, Marina shook her head and lean on the taller woman.

"Look at me. Do we look stupid to you? I know that you're selling trash and trying to pass it off as treasure." The man who clear his throat and grin at Marina.

"Look. Miss I assure you I sell only the finest of equipment." Marina shook in head and sigh as she approach the man. The man carefully watch Marina movements. She would fold her arms across her chest and roll her eyes at this idiot. M

"Yet you can't even show us how that item works. Look I don't care about your crappy wands. Just give us the money back or we will tell everyone about this scam of yours and your butt will be lock up." A smug and knowing grin took over Marina's face as the salesman realized he wasn't going to fool anyone. He sigh and glare at the two girls.

"Fine. Here take the shopkeeper jewels back. Just keep quiet about this okay? Marina glance back at Alisa before looking back at guy. Nodding her head in agreement. The man handed Marina the jewels. Once they make sure it was the correct amount. The man was free to go.

With the storekeeper jewels return. Marina would place her hand on lacrima orb to contact Khalash that their task was complete. Khalash inform the two girls to take their cut, close up shop and head home. Marina would give Alisa her share of the jewels before the two them close up the shop and head home.


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