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Dozing Kids (Winderlin and Shin)

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#1Winderlin King 

Dozing Kids (Winderlin and Shin) Empty Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:54 pm

Winderlin King
So it's been awhile since Winderlin been apart of Fairy Tail. He is has finally come to terms about his family. He has still been sad and depressed about but it was time to start living and he needed to not be depressed all the time. His family would want more for him. They would want him to go out and experience the rest of his life and try to live it to the fullest. Everyone in the guild seemed to be ok with him here. He hasn’t really spoken to anyone but he knew the faces and names. He felt like he had a place to belong and that meant it was time to work, it was time to finally take a quest.  

He got up from the table he sat at and fixed his black jeans he had and straighten out his royal blue shirt that had writing on it. He waked to the quest board and stared at it looking at his options. He grabbed his necklace piece that had his grandparents name and held it as he thought. It was a thing he did very often. When ever he was really thinking about something or trying to answer a awkward question his hands would resort to the necklace. But his thinking went on for a bit as he looked a t the board. He didn’t really want to do any fighting and he wasn’t in the mood to search for nothing. He just really wanted something easy and straightforward.. Like the kids quest that caught his eye.

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#2Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
When Shin walked into the guild he was kinda shocked to see Winderlin at the quest board and noticed that he had a quest in his hand "Yo Winderlin what's going on other than taking a...quest with kids." he said as he has never had a good experience with kids as he found them hard to deal with but maybe this could change that plus it would allow him to get to know more about Win. "Hey why don't I come with ya man?" he asked with a smile on his face as he walked over and patted him on the back I really don't want to deal with kids but hey maybe they'll focus more on him than me. he thought not really thinking about what Winderlin would do if he Shin just tagged along with him. The guild was rather packed today for some reason as the two were blocking the traffic flow of the quest board.

It felt weird being around Winderlin but at the same time, it was also good to have some one that he could relate to hopefully as it would not be good to reopen old wounds which was something that he didn't like doing. Shin placed his hands in his pocket's so he wouldn't do anything that may weird out Winderline I really hope he doesn't have a weird side to him I don't want to deal with another Ice cream girl. he thought waiting to see what Winderlin would do and say.

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#3Winderlin King 

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Winderlin King
Shocked to hear that..... Shin was he's name right. Winderlin didn't know what to say and he sort of wanted to go alone but it wouldn't hurt to have company with him since he didn't really find the idea of being alone fun. So having him joining me wouldn't really hurt to be honest. But why does he want to go? Winderlin isn't judging or being mean about. Shin is a very good looking boy but why did he want to go with Winderlin. now Winderlin realized that the was having a full blown conversation with himself and was overthink the whole thing. This is completely random with this whole thing. But hey let's give it a shot.

"Sure. It's a small school quest. We have to make sure kids don't sleep and make sure everyone pays attention throughout the day. We have to meet up with the teacher so I guess we should get going.. Why so many people"
Winderlin said turning to see that the guild was packed today. he didn't even remember seeing that many people before hand let alone just showing up. He started to walked towards the door of the guild and motioned for Shin to join him in this trip. I guess this is going to be fun Winderlin thought as they walked. He hasn't had company in a while and this was honestly something cool and fun to do. Hopefully he could have more days like this.

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#4Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
As they left the guild they Shin couldn't help but see that Winderlin was a bit out of it but then again the first quest is the hardest when you're new to a guild. While they walked to the location the air felt rather nice and cool for him but then again it was one of the more warmer days in Magnolia Wounder what he's thinking right now? he asked himself as they walked down the streets "Say we should hang out more man I think it be better for us to get to know each other and stuff." he told him pulling a rose out of his hair and smelling it "Wanna smell?" he added as they walked, Is that weird I feel like its weird? he asked himself pointing the rose at him in his left hand.

For some reason asking Winderlin if he wanted to smell the rose felt off as he never let anyone touch his rose unless he had another on him to keep around. If he doesn't give me back my rose I'll kick him in the knee. he thought as the image of the whole thing would happen but something told him that he would give it back and they could move on with the quest.

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#5Winderlin King 

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Winderlin King
Winderlin was happy to take the rose from Shin. Winderlin was surprised that he had one in his hair. Now come to think about Shin smelled like roses. Winderlin never really gave Shin a look. He notice that he had roses all in his hair. It was kind of funny to see them there. He means they were a nice touch to his personality and looks but strange in a way. Maybe they meant something or maybe they were decoration? Could he... no.. that's stupid Winderlin thought. He knows...was it weird that he was thinking this. I mean it's not wrong thinking this stuff but still it's weird. God Winderlin shut up, you think to much.

“Thanks for the rose. Well you know about me. Family died lost twin sister and have water magic. Nothing else to really talk about for me. How about you rose boy? Anything you want to spill about yourself? I won’t judge so don’t worry actually I can’t judge I’m gay so it’s kind of stupid for me to judge and yeah…. I’m ranting.. Sorry. I'm going to shut up now.” he told Shin, great move Winderlin now you just lost a friend you idiot. God you need to learn how to play it cool like that was a huge no no. Thank god they were about another five minutes away from the school that looked rather small from a far.

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#6Shin Sekai 

Dozing Kids (Winderlin and Shin) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:56 pm

Shin Sekai
The rose made Shin feel naked as he didn’t want to lose the rose “No problem man I can’t imagine not having one on me at all times. I don’t really have much to tell I mean my full name is Shin Sekai my family is kinda rich but mom wanted me to do more.” he told him with a bit of fear as he normally doesn’t tell others about his family due it leading people asking for money and other things. He never really went on quest with anyone one from the guild which might be fun so long as the kids don’t mess with him or his hair or anything like that. I’ve never been in a classroom before wonder what it’s like to be in one? Shin asked himself as the air of the summer day blew past them.

Once they reached the school and entered the building they were greeted by the teacher that had asked for them and was given the details as to what they were supposed to do while in the class. I really don’t like kids but hey should be easy right? Shin thought to himself as they began work to keep the kids awake during the lesson. “Hey did you have teachers and stuff growing up?” Shin asked Winderlin tapping one kid to wake up and pay attention which was really weird as he sat in front of the class and from what Shin’s mother told him those that sit in the front are more likely to get A+. So this is a class room...not impressed. he thought heading to the window until he had to wake another child.

#7Winderlin King 

Dozing Kids (Winderlin and Shin) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:26 pm

Winderlin King
Winderlin looked at Shin and smirked. “Been ahead of my class for eighteen years. I got this.” He said then looking at the all the kids. He began getting a head count and started taking attendance. He was moving quickly in the process. He was curious to how Shin was reacting but he had a job to do so that was more important. “Ok you should maybe sit down.” He said to Shin.” As he pointed to the other desk. “This is the crazy part.”

“Ok class. My name is Mr. King. I will be taking care of your class today. This is my partner Mr. Sekai. I’m sorry to tell you this but there will be no games with me. Sadly I can’t teach you the same way I was taught but I can make do with the rules I have.” Winderlin said as he stood at the desk firm and tall. He went to the board and began writing what the teacher left them to do. “I do not care if you all work in groups but the minute people aren’t working there will be a punishment and trust me you might not like it.” Winderlin said has he passed out the last packet. As Winderlin went to sit down a child had raised their hand and he nodded. The child had asked Winderlin to state a little about himself. “Well was top of my class my whole life. And my family had recently died” He said and he then moved his finger and caused water vapor from the air to form and splash the girl. “Also I’m a wizard and I don’t think ask the teacher about his life is a question,. Anyone else wanna not pay attention?” He asked and all the kids shook their head no. Damn Winderlin was good at this. The whole class went by really smooth. All the kids were scared of getting soaked by water. Soon Mrs. sandie came back and thanked us for the helping and gave us our reward.

“That was fun. We should maybe do more quests together. I would like to get to know you better rose boy” Winderlin said as they walked out of the school. He had a smile on his face. He haven’t had this much fun in a while. “Thanks for coming with me you were a big help.” He said.

#8Shin Sekai 

Dozing Kids (Winderlin and Shin) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:53 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin didn’t really like the fact that all the kids looked like they wanted to fall over and sleep for the rest of the day but what can you do with kids that don’t want to stay awake? You give them a reason to stay awake which he did by moving them away from their desk so that when they fall asleep they fall out their chair and force them to wake up. This would only serve as filler so that he could have the feel of being in a real classroom with other students even though he is older it’s always good to make up for the lost time at some point. As the lesson went on Shin started to fall asleep himself but quickly caught himself, who knew keeping kids from falling asleep would be so hard to do Think I’ll take a nap when I get home today. He thought to pinch his arm to stay awake.

Shin was really impressed that Win was able to handle all the kids like he did but I guess that would go to show that some people can do things other can't. As they “No problem man. This was actually kinda fun to work with someone on a job.” he told Winderlin as they walked I think he would be a great teammate if we had to pair up. He thought moving some hair out his eyes so he wouldn’t walk into anything random like a light pole or something. This quest just may have made the foundation for a new friendship as they walked. If I have to go back to another classroom it will be too soon. He thought to himself putting his hands behind his back.


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