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Practical Uses [Quest: Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Ophelia and Alice weren’t even far away from the shop when she heard someone yell: “Wait! Wait a minute!” Ophelia and her stopped and turned to look over her shoulder. She turned around completely when she noted it was Khalash Saton. The owner of the Drug Magic Shop. She took a deep breath, wondering what idiocy she has to do now. Although gathering the herbs was a nice stretch of the legs and the potion was a nice kick of energy, she wasn’t sure if she felt like doing something else. ”Aren’t you a Magic Council Knight?” she raised her eyebrow but then realized that Konstantin might have told him, and since they had jobs together, Khalash might assume it. She simply nodded and gave one sharp look towards Ophelia and took the steps back towards the entrance of the shop to see what Khalash wanted this time. ”I designed a new shield for the Knights and I need someone to test it. Weren’t you the mage that used swords and everything.” Oh so the old man did pay attention to whatever she was doing. So she nodded, not feeling up to explain the whole requip magic. She just noticed that next to the door he had a paper about that proposal for assistance and she took it and handed it to him, ”Sure why not.” She shrugged and entered the shop again, where he would lead her to another part of the shop, which was open as well as isolated from the streets and she would be able to try and fight or hold the shield. She looked around, the walls were high but there was still green grass, only grass, no other plants. She looked around, not entirely sure what it was about this place, but it was less comfortable as she thought. Khalash had left her alone with Ophelia and they walked around the perimeter of the wall before he returned with the shield and immediately handed to her. She wondered if he would be able to only aim at the shield or if she should change into an armour to protect her exposed skin.

”Well hold it up and I will cast a spell.” she nodded, it was a clear description of what she had to do. She looked at Ophelia and gave one nod so the little companion understood to take a step aside and just wait for the match to be over, if you could consider it a match. If the testing of the shield was over. She held it up protecting the lower part of her face, so she could still see what he was doing. And also protect the upper part of her body. She noticed the fireball that was forming in his hand and that he threw at her, she duck her eyes and head behind the shield as soon as she saw it sailing towards herself. She gave a small grunt when it collapsed with the shield but it died out soon and she looked at the shield for as far as she could see, since it was attached to her left forearm.

Wordcount: 523/1000

Practical Uses [Quest: Alice] RVxL5Jg
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Adelaide Sokolov
She took the steps to get closer to Khalash so he could watch the shield or the damage that was on it. She got the shield of her arm and handed it to Khalash who was almost dancing on his feet out of happiness. He strapped the shield on his own arm and asked her to make the strongest attack she could and she nodded and took a few steps back. She closed her eyes and the light of her requip magic encircle her, change into the complete scarle armour and diadem set. She held her right hand in front of her left as if she was holding a sword hilt and took the quick steps and jumped up to slam the sword made of magic and the pressure of her body onto the shield to see what was happening.

There wasn’t a dent into the shield, perhaps one in her ego again, since she didn’t seem to be able to beat anyone lately. But Khalash seemed to be really satisfied by it and he stroked her ego by being impressed by the attack. And he was thanking her and giving her compliments and she looked at Ophelia with a shrug, she didn’t really mind him acting this way. It only made it more fun for her but she should really find someone that should train her in the close combat that she used. The shop owner beckoned her to come along back into the shop. She turned back into her normal clothing and the sword disappeared as well as soon as she let go of the made-up sword handle. She shook her head to let her hair fall over her shoulders again and followed the gleeful man towards his cash register where he paid her in the jewels that was on the paper for the job. She counted them quickly because Khalash seemed to want to care about his shield as if it was his baby. She didn’t want to stay too long. She opened the door to let Ophelia out. She was definitely hungry now after that short moment of using her magic as well as walking all the way to the woods. She and Ophelia made their way to the street and leave this shop. Khalash really was a strange man but she had to be done with this. She would see if she would be brought back to him in the future but for now she hadn’t seen more things about him on the quest board and thus the two of them could look for another job. For perhaps tomorrow, there were better things to do. With this weather: swimming sound like a great option. For now they would first head back to the Bed & Breakfast before they would make other decisions for today. She yawned, maybe that’s what she needed, a nap after that hike. But first of all it was very important to eat something. Something she deserved after her hard work. It wasn’t even that attack on the shield, it was the hike and not immediately having lunch.

Wordcount: 1039/1000

Practical Uses [Quest: Alice] RVxL5Jg
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