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Rounding Up Recruits [Quest|Chelvaric|Snow]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Rounding Up Recruits [Quest|Chelvaric|Snow] Empty on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:58 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric yawned as he was waking up from a rough hunt. The mouse he was chasing last night was quite good as he ended up sleeping at the other side of town. It was a bright morning as the dew had settled on his clothes. He hanged up on the side of the building and laid naked for the first time on the top of the building. The roof had walls on the side so nobody could see him. Scraggy was gone for a bit as he was gathering food for himself but he should be back soon. With all the jobs he had done lately he had a good amount of money. But there was a reason why he was saving up so much. He needed something new. Something Scraggy probably wouldn't like. But nevertheless, he needed it and he wouldn’t stop doing jobs till he could have it. It was a lot of work but it was fine since it was his job after all and people don’t complain about their job. You should do what you're meant to do and help everyone you can, he recited in his head. It was a saying of an old teacher. He always said it no matter what day. It got to the point where the class would just say, /aye/, in agreement without thinking about it. Well that was back in the good time.

He took his pants and put them on. He then searched for his boots to put them on. When he was done he jumped over the wall of the roof and landed on his feet on the ground. He had to find Scraggy so they could go to the job and do it. He was walking through the quiet streets of Magnolia. It was just early in the morning so it was normal that no one was out. It was a sunday too so nobody worked and just had a day off. It was the time of the week everyone was lazy except for mages. Mages worked the clock around so that’s why he was on this job. He arrived in the park and saw Scraggy sitting under a tree with an eclair in his hands. “Scraggy! Come on buddy we have a job to do. We need to find the captain”, he said to scraggy and they started to walk around the park to find the captain.

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#2Venus Rosé 

Rounding Up Recruits [Quest|Chelvaric|Snow] Empty on Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:02 am

Venus Rosé

The android awoke to a warm and wet feeling on her cheek. Dark, long eyelashes fluttered open and was immediately blinded by the rays of sunlight that shone down upon the town. Shielding her eyes with her hands, the mage gazed up at the empyreans above through the spaces between her fingers. A sigh left her lips as she pushed herself up to sit on her buttocks. Beyond her was a stretch of blue sky, spreading eons without seeing an end to it. For a moment, Snowflake wondered where in the world she was until a pang of nostalgia struck her as she recollected the memories of what she had been doing before. A book laid open on her lap and it was then she remembered that she had fallen asleep on a roof while reading a novel. Laying beside her was Vysella, who had been licking her cheek the entire time to wake her owner up.

”Nggh, I wanted to sleep longer. Why did you wake me up?”

The white haired mage groaned, followed by a big yawn which clearly indicated that her afternoon nap was not enough. With her paw, Vysella thrusted forth a sheet of paper in a direction and Snowflake would peer down at the small letters written across the paper. ”Oh, bloody hell.” The young lady cursed in dismay, mentally slapping herself across her forehead for forgetting such an important task. She leaped off the roof in a hurry, landing on the ground with ease. Vysella trailed behind her as she strode through the streets of Magnolia. A slight unwavering determination of the people to look her down as she walked brought mild disarray into her train of thoughts. The stares that she was receiving were a mix of both welcoming and unwelcoming, as an unfamiliar face due to her rather peculiar appearance. Snowflake assumed that the townsfolk were on high alert due to the incidents that were occurring within the area.

Her real reason of being in such a hurry was simply because she had taken up a quest a few hours prior. Not only was she late to meet her client to receive details about the quest, she also made a promise to her comrade that she would be meeting him in the park to accomplish the quest together.


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#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

Rounding Up Recruits [Quest|Chelvaric|Snow] Empty on Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:04 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric was leaning back against a tree as he was waiting for his comrade. But she wasn’t showing up at all. It seemed that Snow had overslept or that something had happened. Well this wasn’t making Chelvaric’s mood good at all. Especially the worrying was not good for him. He thought back at when his class was wiped out and he was the only survivor. He didn’t want to go through that again. He needed Snow to be safe. But then again they were in the middle of a big town and Snow was a great fighter. It wasn’t as if she could be killed as easily as an exorcist child in education. He pushed himself of the tree and started walking around to see if he could find her. He looked at all the people’s faces and searched for her. But no one could even compare to her beauty so it wasn’t hard to see that they weren't her.

Whenever he saw silver hair he would walk up to them and grab there shoulder to turn them around. But mostly it were girls who had dyed their hair silver as it was fashionable. He got slapped a couple of times but he didn’t mind that. A slap wasn’t gonna kill him. When he arrived at the end of the park he saw someone clad in armor. His helmet was nearly covering his entire face. The rest of his body was also covered in the metal. It was a dark blue tint with a red cape bounded over his shoulder. This was the captain he was searching for. But he couldn't start the job if Snow wasn’t here. And then he saw it. The white pure skin, the silveren glazing hair and the cloth covering her eyes. No-one but herself used that. He ran up to her and jump hugged her. “SNOW! I have been looking all over for you what took you so long. I thought something happened!” He said to her and Scraggy came running after him trying to do the same to the fox.


#4Venus Rosé 

Rounding Up Recruits [Quest|Chelvaric|Snow] Empty on Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:04 am

Venus Rosé

The streets of Magnolia was surprisingly less crowded than the usual but it was most likely due to the fact that it was the weekend, not to mention -- it was way early in the morning and it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was the sort of silence that her body had been craving for, after the strain of quests that had been pushing her to and fro between places. Dawn was just commencing, giving the town a little colour instead of the blacks and greys that had greeted her when she came from the rooftop of a building. The endless sky was filled with sunlight, pure scattered light; its colorful hues ambitiously illuminating each crevice of the land. Sparrows chirped an explicit background melody while the harsh gales blew across the vicinity.

With a huff and a puff, it took her a while to get to the park although it wasn’t supposed to be that far from where she was originally. It was due to her terrible sense of direction that had caused herself to be lost along the way toward her destination. Her heart pounded against her chest, threatening to lunge out of her throat since she had run as fast as possible all the way. ”Sorry, I wa--” She began, her words cut mid-way as the impact from Chelvaric’s tacklehug somewhat caused her legs to fumble about, if not from the shock of even receiving a hug from someone in the first place. The young woman stood still, her eyes wide while her arms were outstretched in front of her in an almost awkward pose.

”I apologize, I forgot about our appointment.”

Snowflake blinked owlishly and proceeded to mend her slightly awkward tone of voice, the words now coming off as clear and resolute from her lips as she spared the stretching horizon a long, observing glance. She shook herself out of her reverie and was brought back to what she had been prompting about. ”Have you found the Captain already?”


#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

Rounding Up Recruits [Quest|Chelvaric|Snow] Empty on Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:11 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric heard her saying sorry just before he plunged his arms around her and gave her a big nice hug. He wrapped close around her body and hugged tight. It seemed that Snow didn’t know what to do at first as she was really quiet before she started to talk. She apologised for forgetting their appointment. Chelvaric looked mischievous to her and started to talk.[color = #00ccff] “Well you’ll have to make up for forgetting about me”[/color], he said to her a bit disappointed. She then regained herself and asked if he had found the captain yet. “Oh, yes I actually just found him. He is right behind you”, Chelvaric said and pointed to the captain after releasing Snow from the hug. “Yeah, we better go talk to him master instead of awkwardly looking at him from afar or we’ll be seen as bandits trying to do something to him”, Scraggy said to Chelvaric. He nodded to Scraggy in agreement.

Chelvaric started to walk closer to the captain and put his hand up as greeting. The captain first looked suspicious at him before he greeted Chelvaric back. The captain seemed to be wary of their behaviour earlier. “Hello citizen, how can I help you today?”, he asked to Chelvaric. “We’re the mages that took your request”, Chelvaric said to him.

“I am Chelvaric and this is Snow. How can we be of service to you?”, he asked the captain curiously. The captain smiled as he seemed to be waiting for them to show up. “Ah finally! You mages need some military practice showing up late for the job. But alas, at least you’re here. Well, the job isn’t too hard. With all the bad things happening around Fiore, mostly in particular in Magnolia. I need some extra guards to keep the streets safe. So what I want you to do is round up any willing citizen to join the corps. Doesn’t matter how they look or how they are. I will shape them up!” the captain said and nearly shouted the last part. “Alright we will see what we can do for you captain.”, Chelvaric said and turned to Snow. “So I guess we should walk around the park first and try to convince as many people as we can”, he said to her and thought how they best go about this.


#6Venus Rosé 

Rounding Up Recruits [Quest|Chelvaric|Snow] Empty on Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:14 am

Venus Rosé

Snowflake turned to look into the direction that her fellow comrade had pointed and was introduced to the sight of a man, entirely clad in armour and his eyes were hooded behind a helmet that she couldn’t even make eye contact with the man. The guard raised an eyebrow at the two, scanning them from head to toe with a skeptical look plastered on his face. The young woman would bow at a slight angle due to her polite courtesies upon the captain approaching towards them. Chelvaric would wave towards him as a greeting and when he mentioned that they were here due to the quest he had pinned up against the quest board, the captain guard’s face would immediately light up. Thus, he began to fill in the details about the quest which was quite simple; to recruit anyone available and who might be a good candidate as well.

With that, the man disappeared to tend to his own duties leaving the two mages to accomplish a simple quest. Snowflake placed Vysella on the ground off her arms as she scuttled away and began playing with the grass. She quickly exchanged looks with Chelvaric, wondering how she should begin. ”Do you reckon I ask strangers those are walking by?” Her attention shifted towards a group of young people roaming about in the park. The boys seemed well-fit and healthy enough to join the police corps and so, she began approaching towards them. Compared to their bulky bodies, Snowflake appeared to be a mere teenager, a few feet shorter than the boys. She enquired them if they would want to be recruited to take part in protecting the city. The boys would exchange curious glances among one another and while some agreed, the others did not like the thought of it. Snowflake jotted down the names of those who accepted and before she knew, she had already collected a handful of volunteers.


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

Rounding Up Recruits [Quest|Chelvaric|Snow] Empty on Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:46 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at Snow as she started to talk to him. She asked if they should just ask people that were walking around. He guessed that was the only option they had really. So he nodded to her as he talked, ”Yeah that should be fine Snow.” He then continued to look around the park.

He was searching for some people that were still young and that didn’t have a job yet as those would be the easiest to get into the city guard. He saw that Snow was already really busy with a group of strong men. Chelvaric saw a group of young girls standing near the entrance of the park. They seemed like really smart book reading type of girls. They didn’t seem strong or anything. But being a guard was more than just having brute strength. Their knowledge could help in solving murder cases and the like. He walked up to them and started to talk to them to persuade them to join the city guard. He told them tales of bravery and duty and he said that they could prove that the female guard is better than the male guards. When they heard that they were all jumping to sign up. Some didn’t but others did and it gave him some nice names.

 Scraggy took a notebook out and started to write down the names that he heard. He was very careful when he wrote them down so that he didn’t make any mistakes. He wondered how Snow was going around with her name collecting and he walked further into the park. Chelvaric saw Snow walking and he walked up to her to see what she was doing when a big group of people swarmed Snow and Chelvaric as they had heard of the sign up for the guard.


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#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Hours plodded by, each separated by an eternity as Snowflake and Vysella roamed around the park, searching for candidates that might be interested in joining the guard corps. She glanced down at the sheet of paper in her hands, that had already been crumpled up by the people who were snatching it from her earlier. There were a few list of names but it was barely half a page and it was still not enough. If possible, she wished to recruit more members. After all, having a duty of being a guard in your own city or town was of high honour. A sigh escaped her lips, not entirely content with what she had while Vysella was busy looking for more people. During the entire time, she was too busy with her work that she had almost forgotten that she was with her partner, Chelvaric. Eyes frantically looked around the area, wondering where the other mage had disappeared off to.

In a distance, not too far from her location was a man of silver hair, just like hers with a rather strange creature standing beside him. With first glance, she knew it was her fellow friend and raising her hand, she would began to wave in their direction until loud footsteps approached and she was suddenly surrounded by a large amount of people. Holding the sheet of paper up in front of her chest, she contemplated how she had brought herself into this situation, all the while being astonished by the crowd before her.

”We heard there were a few people recruiting to become guards of the city from other people, so we came!”

”Oh, here.”

With almost no interest in the tone of her voice, she handed the paper over to the crowd as they struggled and fought over who was supposed to write their name first.


#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

Rounding Up Recruits [Quest|Chelvaric|Snow] Empty on Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:44 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric saw that Snow was in a pinch as the people were struggling around her to write there names on the paper. This wasn’t going good. He rushed to her side to help her out of the crowd. He started pushing through the people and was trying to reach her but there were just too many people going around. He breathes in deep and started to shout to calm this crowd down. “EVERYONE FALL IN A LINE NOW. ARE YOU SOLDIERS OR A BUNCH OF KIDS”, he screamed loud and clear to them. Some of them tried to talk back but soon they would succumb to the group pressure and they were all falling in a line neatly. Chelvaric gave Scraggy the paper and he could start giving it to the people so they could write their name one for one. Chelvaric walked up to Snow and looked if she was alright. When he was certain she wasn’t wounded he started to talk to her.

“Snow are you alright!” he asked of her and walked around her just one last time to make sure she's okay. “God, these people suddenly got so fired up. I wonder how the captain never could get recruits before. Or maybe he's just intimidating in that clad of armor of his. Anyway Snow after their done signing up i guess we have enough names. Lets return to the captain”, he said calmly to her. Before he stroked some hair out of her face. “We did a good job again!”, Chelvaric said and started walking to the captain after they finished the sign up.


#10Venus Rosé 

Rounding Up Recruits [Quest|Chelvaric|Snow] Empty on Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:53 am

Venus Rosé

Arguments erupted within the crowd as people scrambled for the paper, squishing the fellow mage in between. Snowflake tried to push herself out of the aggressive crowd, but all was sought in vain. After a while of being pushed around, she was starting to get irritated and began pushing the people herself to force her way out of the mob. Not wanting to harm the citizens, she ensured to not use too much force on them. Upon doing so, she was stepped on multiple times and jutted in the stomach but she was aware that the townsfolk did not mean to do it on purpose although she failed to hide the fact that she was indeed, really annoyed. After a number of failed attempts, a loud yell echoed throughout the area, causing the crowd to quiet down slightly. Using it as an advantage, she threw herself out of the crowd. She was panting due to the force she had been exerting the entire time and her heart thudded against her chest.

Eyes wandered around the area and she noticed Chelvaric standing close and realised that he was the one who had put the people in order though some did try to resist. He commanded them to queue up without any more arguments and they obeyed quickly. Snowflake fixed her dress that was ruined by the horde of people and dusted off the particles off her favourite outfit while her comrade came running to her, his features apparent of apprehension. He examined her carefully to make sure she did not have any injuries but little did he know that she was an android and these sort of attacks were even less than ant bites to her.

”I’m a cyborg, remember?”

A smirk grew on her lips as she absently tucked a strand of loose silver hair behind her ear. When the people had finished writing down their names to be recruited, they returned it to her, in which she took it back to the captain as told, to report about the entire situation.


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