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Caravan Guard [Quest - Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Caravan Guard [Quest - Phoebe] Empty on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:46 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Okay so her first day in Era and what did she do, she slept in till late. Which was one of the first times she was able to do that since she turned fourteen. At the age of Fourteen her mom left and she had to take care of her sister Mary. Bring her to school, make sure she understood her homework and do her own. As she grew older she would help work in the shop in the afternoon when she came back from school and finish her homework behind the counter as well as simply work there when school was done and Mary was able to be on her own. She had always been working, either on herself, homework or at the shop. And she didn’t mind but it was the first time that she could do whatever she wanted: sleep.

As she woke up at the beginning of the afternoon, she would first take a shower and take it slow. She would have to walk around town to make sure not to get lost and find jobs to do. She was sure she would get bored and besides that, she needed to be able to eat, sleep, buy clothing if that was needed and so on. She had packed at least according to plan, a little bit of everything, mostly clean socks and underwear, bras, different sets of clothing for the weather. She would have to buy things differently if it would become winter but she planned to get home before that and simply switch clothing. That was the best option, maybe her dad and Mary would be used about the fact that she was travelling, maybe she could hand them some money. If there were enough jobs that she could do. Perhaps not three in one day again but that had been the combination a few days ago. She held her head high as she left her room and decided to check out the city. She was in her running gear, as she was jogging around to make sure that she stayed active and in case she bumped into a job where high heels weren’t preferred, even though she could do a lot in high heels. She was sure sometimes they weren’t practical.

She made sure to go around the inn first, so she would understand all the roads that lead back to it and print them in her mind. After that she would continue on, check out the headquarters a bit, some shops, cafes and restaurants as well as the quest board that she found by accident. Which wasn’t bad, she checked out the requests, there were more than she had ever seen on the board in Orchidia. She read them all and took quite some time to figure out if she could just grab one and do a job. She first wanted to get ready to understand the town better. She found one for tonight and she picked up that one and went to the address. She would make sure the man would know she would do the job. She hoped she looked good enough even though she felt so sweaty, which made sense in running gear.


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Caravan Guard [Quest - Phoebe] Empty on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:58 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
So she met up with Augustus Tavalar and he was glad to see someone that looked so active that wanted to protect his precious caravan. She didn’t really know what was so precious about it, but obviously she didn’t say that out loud. He would show her to where she would have to be tonight and she thanked him and told him that she would be there at ten pm sharp to switch shifts with him so he could sleep. After her long night, she was sure she could stay up for hours. She went back to the inn, found it with ease, and changed into different set of clothing so she could go around and have lunch somewhere, sightsee and after that at some point dinner. When she was completely done, she took a to go cup of coffee and showed up at the caravan parking spot. Augustus went away and she started walking around, even though it was summer, it was quite cold at night. She kept her warm, holding on to the cup of caffeine to stay awake as well. Which wasn’t that difficult at first. She sat down on the front steps of the caravan and finished the last of the now cold coffee when it was past midnight. She had completely forgotten it, worried about not knowing where to start looking for her mom, how Mary and her father were doing and so on. She almost dozed off when she heard something and jumped up, accidentally dumping her empty to go cup on the ground. She picked it up and followed the noise to the caravan next to the one she was guarding. She planned to knock on the door when she heard whispers of two voices and she tiptoed to look out of the window. It was just a couple, very romantic in a caravan, she thought with great sarcasm as she started to walk around on patrol again to guard the caravan she had to and to stay awake.

When dawn was approaching she set herself back on the front steps of the caravan and looked at it. She was tired but she was sure that her job had gone fine. Nothing had happened. Right before the sun really was above the horizon someone showed up and she jumped up, but it was one of Augustus Tavalar’s mercenaries, he handed her a bunch of jewels and said she could go as it was his turn to guard it. She was sure no one would show up to steal it but she didn’t say that and thanked him. She couldn’t wait for her bed in the inn and walked off to go there. This time before she would go to sleep she would quickly undress, put on an old t-shirt and jumped into her bed to catch that sleep. She wouldn’t want to sleep so long, there were lots of other jobs to do, clues to find about her mother. Maybe she should find the magazine to see if she was still writing. Something she could also have done in Orchidia, if only she had thought about it before.


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