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Caravan Guard (Akai)

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Caravan Guard (Akai) Empty on Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:54 pm

Akai was taking yet another quest, he took quite a lot of quests, but he was beginning to feel like Kerii, who reminded him of a worker bee sometimes, not that that was a bad thing, just that she never gave herself off-time she was always doing a job, you barely ever met her when she wasn't going from one job, to the other job. But recently he had been doing quite a lot of jobs, he'd decided to do as many as his rank allowed in Era. And tonight he was helping some worried caravan driver, not something he exactly wanted to do tonight, but it was worth the pay, and  Aka was not one to hate money.

Arriving at the Caravan, he was shown to Augustus's caravan. It was fairly small and pretty much only used for transporting his goods, not his family. Which was a main reason Akai never packed up to become a travelling merchant like some people in the world they decided they wanted to, why they did that? Akai had no idea, he thought it sounded like a pretty awfu life style going from town to town, probably selling things people would barely ever use. Akai sighed and leaned up against a caravan, he was not a big fan of this job, not one bit. Akai yawned, he was about to fall asleep, to avoid doing that and not getting rewarded for his effort, he stood up and walked around the caravan.

Walking around endlessly gave a person time to think about his life. Akai was already a lycan, which made him partly a new person. Maybe he should hold himself to some ridiculous joke he had made back at Olly's pastry shop back in Magnolia, maybe he should become a new person, it might help escape the constant threat of his memories, Akai liked that idea. Now he just had to find out how to get a new magic, and maybe loose his glasses. He wasn't a huge fan of contacts, the main reason he wore glasses and not contacts. He had never tried his glasses off after he became a lycan, but dogs and he didn't know about wolves, they didn't seem to have great vision, for all he could know, taking off his glasses might make him realize he was even more blind then he was before. He sighed and removed his glasses. For a few moments the world blurred histerically and everything to Akai became a shimmering rainbow of fuzz and darkness, but then it focused just enough for Akai to see, he was oddly surprised at this he didn't expect that, but he slipped his glasses back on and the world was again clearer, but now he knew that he could see better. His few moments of not walking made him yawn again and he continued to walk, he was tired of all this stopping he kept doing, because then it just made him more tired then he already was, Akai sighed at this thought and kept walking. Akai looked around, Augustus was stupid, his carts are fine! Akai was pretty tired of watching these stupid carts right now.

After making multiple rounds during the night Akai took a moment to tie his shoe, which almost made him doze off, "Augustus better pay me well." Akai grumbled, " Why, can't he even spare a single one of his mercenaries to watch this caravan." Akai sighed and kicked the dirt he was so tired of watching for this "possible" threat. Akai was pretty of tired himself, he would love to curl up on the ground and go to sleep, having dreams about burning this stupid caravan. But he couldn't which just made Akai moaned, he was getting payed too little  for this job. Suddenly he heard some noise, his head popped up, Augustus better not be right about this...idiotic tip, Akai thought. Akai walked quietly over to the caravan parked next to Augustus's carts, Akai grabbed on to the flap and pulled back the cover.

Akai winced at what he had done, simply stated he was just sorry and was just doing his job, and quickly shut the flap. Akai now, really wanted to give Augustus a good lycan punch to the face. Augustus had made him stay up all night, be entirely exhausted and open up the cart of a COUPLE WHO WAS GETTING IT ON. Akai Groaned and picked up a stick and threw it across the caravan and heard a satisfying crunch as it collided with a tree and broke. If akai had his way, Augustus had too much power for someone in his position and it made Akai pretty angry, he was already hangry, and tired, not a good combination. Akai felt that if he had been a Vampyre rather then a Lycan, he would have drank Augustus's blood by now. He sighed and sat down beside the caravan, morning was coming around the bend and Akai was done. Slamming the door open on the mercenaries, Akai outstretched his hand, it was pretty obvous he was done with this job, " Tell Augustus that his caravan was fine, and to call someone else next time he wants one of his stupid jobs done." Akai stormed out of the tiny house and back to the inn, where he would sleep the rest of the stupid day, away. Luckily he hadn't forgotten his Jewels in the process.

Arriving back at the inn he gave the lady running the desk a sweet smile, then he turned around went into the kitchen, got some breakfast and ate it, mumbling the entire time about how much he wanted to punt Agustus across fiore into the cold ocean in front of Nanuq so he could freeze. Akai mumbled all the way up to his room about how much he wanted Augustus to pay him more if he ever works for him. He mumbled the entire time he was getting ready to take a nap. Finally he lay down on the bet happily, this was the first time he had smiled in a while, the reason he smiled was because of two reasons, the first being him about to sleep, the second because he imagined all of Augustus's carts burning. A tired Akai fell asleep very quickly, most of his dreams happhy, but most of them consiting of a pained Augustus.


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