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End of Days [Shin & Latimere]

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Kenny's pike was on his back, his armor tight against his body as he had freshly retrieved through... Erm, a delivery service perhaps? He wasn't all that confident in the how, but now that he had it he was glad to have it back, but now he needed to test it out and get it going again and loosen it up.

He patted down his armor, dusted his garb and adjusted his bike. It looked more like a lance than a pike but maybe he was just tripping and he could get it up like normal. How was he to hold this thing again?  One gand at the top one at the base... Whatever he could hold this thing however he wanted and it'd be efficent. Now he needed to test himself out and take someone out to get things going.

He looked good in the garb, patted down a few more times before cracking his neck, shoulders, fingers, and  elbows somehow. This was going to be a fun day, a little of this a little of that. This was gonna be something else and all he had to do was fight someone and give them their end of days.

It wasn't that he wanted to murder but he needed to get through this day with something more than a few meager wins over lesser beings maybe he could find a mage to beat on. Yeah he would beat up a mage and drop them easily.

"Hey you Pinkie, c'mere."

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End of Days [Shin & Latimere] Qurywgl
#2Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin was making his way down the streets of Magnolia with his new leather jacket that had a rose bush on the back of it with ivy around the arms that connected to the back. For some reason he saw that a rather tall man is calling someone to him "Hey man who are you talking to?" the question he asked was rather simple as he didn't really see anyone around him during the time unless he was talking to him. Where did this guy come from I mean he looks like one of those old guys from mom's books? The red haired boy thought to himself making his way towards him slowly "Hey umm what are you doing here dressed like this? Not that I'm saying you dress weird but you seem to be strong so lets have ago?" he suggested to the man as a fun way to get to know him.

A number of people that were on the streets was rather small, one would think that due to it being summer they would be out having fun and shopping during the sales that normally take place in summer. Even the animals that he sometimes feeds and played with didn't seem like they wanted to do anything either Man today is weird but maybe this guy won't be as weird. Shin moved closer to man that quite frankly gave him a vibe as he got closer him.

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Ken tilted his head as the pink boy spoke to him, he didn’t understand much other than ‘lets have a go’ and that was exactly what he wanted. He gripped the base of his Pike and placed a hand on the blunt end. He stood in parrying stance as he waited for the pink man’s first move. They would have a go alright, but Kenny wouldn’t let up on him just because they were strangers. All of the time he had been here he had been beaten, he had little to no wins under his belt as a fighter and now it was time for him to cut himself out of the cloth that was the mediocrity he was forced into all of this time. The constant fear of loss and the agonizing defeat he tasted time and time again, it was about time he won one and this boy, rather he knew it or not would be Kenny’s first win in a path of what will be a Glorious path of domination.

Or at the very least a path of new found strength and ability. Kenny stood hunched, his legs shoulder width apart spear lowered ready for the first attack. There was much to a fight, he had to read his opponent and get ready to physically dominate them by any means necessary. He almost felt sorry for him, though Kenny wouldn’t over look him, no, he had to take this fight seriously as it would help him on the path to strength so he could return to his family. If they were still there.

End of Days [Shin & Latimere] Qurywgl
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Shin Sekai
Once he saw the tough guy get ready to take a swing at him so the only option that was left to him is to fight Guess talking is out the question then. he thought to himself taking his hands out his pockets "Hey you don't plan to fight me with that right it's kinda unfair." Shin told him with small droplets of sweat running down his face. His heart raced as he scrambled to Gotta try and so slow down this guy or something! after a few more seconds of planning, Shin took a jump back giving them 3 feet of space Have to keep him away from me for now until I can take out his legs. he thought as some people hide and watched the two of them fight. Shin extended both hands and made a circle motion with one hand and proceeded to open his hand allowing 5 petals to fly out towards the man while the other hand flicking his wrist that created a 5 feet long whip. Once they were close all the petals would explode and proceeded to lash him with the whip across the chest and face if it had landed "I call this Thron Boomer."  he told the man with a smile on his face and sweat running down it.

Using two spells at once took a toll on him but not as much like the first time that he at least he thinks anyway. Shin really didn't think much about his plan on what to do if the spells did nothing to this guy but then again it was two spells at once so he would have the upper hand if anything happened. Don't get up man just stay down and let's move on. he thought to himself thinking of a way to leave without damaging anything.

Magic 500/550:

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As Shin dashed backward three feet and extended his hands to make the two spells. Kenny had already began to react, he hadn’t stayed to watch the fireworks go off as he had already began going around the two attacks, one since the whip was plainly being thrown at Kenny with little to no ferocity and the Guildless had seen Shin make both conjurings and had more than enough time to react by simply sliding to his left just as the petals may have exploded and just as the vine ‘would have’ gotten to him. Since the vine was only five feet in length and the two had been standing at different ends of the path already, plus the additional three feet that Shin had jumped back there was no way it could have had the range to hit Kenny, so at the moment it was either retracting or limp on the ground.

Kenny was already in the process of charging when both attacks fell short, he would step on the vine whip’s tip incapacitating the weapon at its limit, and swung his pike towards his dominant hand being his right which was on the shaft whilst his left held the base making for a low arcing slash into Shin’s elbow onward to the rest of his body, with Shin’s vine being a part of him and stepped on unless he mustered enough strength to pull it from under Kenny it was a part of it kept him in place for the attack and what would be a brutal slash, unless of course Shin ducked then it would be far more costly as the attack, even with Kenny’s height and the angle he had to swing in it had enough force behind it to knock him silly while also making a skull shattering mess. All in all the young man would be cut from elbow to stomach and blood would likely flow freely, Kenny was not going to kill him but this was not just a spar, this was a fight.

End of Days [Shin & Latimere] Qurywgl
#6Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin let go of the whip after realizing that he messed up on his pacing and his overall attack and so he combat rolled to his left and ran behind the man kicking him in the back of the leg which would cause him to get on one knee and if that worked he would back away a few inches "Hey man take it easy I just want to see what you can do." he told the man while thinking of a way to slow this guy down or knock him out. For some reason, Shin's whole body shock in what he could on think was either fear or excitement from actually fighting this man head on but something like that was bound to happen to Shin at some point in time. Shin would look around to see what he could use to get a leg up on the man while not letting his guard down fully give the way that the man was using his weapon he knows how to use it quite well "Hey my names's Shin whats your name." he asked putting up his hands in a deffensive postion.


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Just as Kenny thought he had dealt a game ending blow, the young pinky dashed and rolled beneath the blade of his pike despite just how low the swing was, he displayed some interesting acrobatics. Alas, momentum would be on Kenny’s side, as when he was kicked to a knee he turned his body and spun on his knee as the pike would continue to swing and hit the young man whilst he spoke, he only backed away a few inches and the pike was seven feet in length meaning he would have no choice but to be clobbered or well be clobbered. There wasn’t a time for words, they were going at it like warriors. Or well Kenny was going at it like a warrior and wanted the guy’s jacket, the pink boy on the other hand seemed more interested in talking. Nowadays Kenny wasn’t one to talk, he didn’t ramble, he didn’t give long winded speeches about nothing, he wanted to be a fighter, one of the best in the world. It was a shame really, he wanted his name to be one known in every household, a dream that came when he was but a child. Now that he was an adult he had so many things to worry about now, it seemed like he would never recover from his fit of sadness, his loss, and now what had happened with him leaving those he cared about behind, though it was only supposed to be temporary.

As the spear connected, if it connected anyway and knocked the chatty young man out. Kenny would stand and take his new leather jacket off of the Pink boy while he waited for him to awake.

End of Days [Shin & Latimere] Qurywgl
#8Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin really didn't know what happen but all he saw was big man's weapons and was sent flying into a bench that has some flower pots that had some flowers were he was covered in dirt "What...the hell...man that was too far?" he asked the man as his body fell back onto the bench with a small amount of blood running down his face from the impact. Did I really just lose to this gym rat?...This...sucks. he asked himself just before passing out from getting the wind knocked out of him, now if the man would attack Shin he would not be able to defend himself as the blow was a lot stronger than he has thought it would be.

[OOC:Sorry this fight was really confusing but rematch is coming soon!!!]


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Kenny watched the kid go flying into a bench, confused by just how hard he hit him. He flexed his arms and looked down at them, was he THAT strong? Phew, maybe he should lay off the ramen for a while, poor pinkie was a bird for a good few minutes. Damn, no one would believe this one. Kenny, the guy who had lost in a fight to a small woman, just beat some random dude on the street. Literally, the guy was on the street now, he looked dead… “Shit is he dead?!” Kenny gasped as he looked him over.

He examined Pinkie closely, and chuckled. He knelt beside him and before anything else stripped him of that sweet looking leather jacket. Kenny then stripped off his own shirt and put the jacket on, popping the collar and overeaggeratingly slicking back his hair before flicking his fingers outwards. “Damn I must look good,” he chuckled to himself as he looked at his reflection in the shop window, “Hello handsome, are you the owner of that jacket?” he asked himself, “yes, yes I am other Kenny and might I say you are looking dashing this evening… but shit I shoudl probably check on that kid.” he mumbled.

“Why yes you should, look at that handsome and caring what a guy. Take care Kenny.”

“What a pitiful, pitiful sight. You’re layin’ there sleeping after a good fight.” he put a finger under his nose to see if he was breathing. Luckily there was a breath there and Kenny sighed in relief.

Kenny gripped the bag he had been carrying, not that it was completely coincidental or anything and got himself two beers. “Like to propose a toast to ya Pinkie, wanna drink a lil beer with ole Kenny You’re not lookin’ so good right now, but this is a celebration, for the first time I beat someone up.” he opened one, “I know you aren’t feeling real good right now, don’t  know if you can hear me either.r”

Kenny laid down next to the unconscious boy, “So let me get down here on your level so we can drink a beer together.” he shifted closer to him, “Let me get over next to ya…” he got closer, “Maybe not this close to ya, I’m starting to feel a little bit dirty.”

He shifted again, “Ya know what this ain’t working so good, Pinkie you gotta get your ass up. C'mon son.” Kenny got up from the ground and grabbed shin by the arm and tried to pull him to his feet, “I know you just got your ass whipped, but get on up and don’t get any ideas while you’re down there.”

End of Days [Shin & Latimere] Qurywgl
#10Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin didn't really hear anything but bits and pieces until he felt something or someone pull him to his feet "Ken..kenny...W...What...whhats going on?" he asked as his eyes adjusted to being back on his feet no thanks to the Kenny "AAAAAA! don't come near me!!!" he shouted as he looked at Kenny with slight fear in his eyes as he's never really done fought someone that could hold so much force in an attack. What is this doing and what happened to my jacket? he asked himself looking around for it when he saw Kenny wearing it "Hey give me my jacket back!!!" he yelled at Kenny as he pulled on the sleeve of it. Wait why am I even worried about it I can just buy the other one on the way home. he thought letting go of the jacket and dusting himself off before he walked away from the rather odd man.


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