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Oak->Nanuq[Foot Travel]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

Oak->Nanuq[Foot Travel] Empty Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:07 pm

Fiora Sylvari
Fiora was done with Oak. She had no more quests of her level that she could do and the she had been to every part of the town multiple times. She had gotten bored of it. It was time to see the rest of the world. A little birdie told her that there was some work up in Nanuq town in the very north of Fiore. Fiora had never seen snow before as she was an elf and lived in the forest for the majority of her life. She wondered what types of alcohol they were have up there and if she could use it to make any more drinks to help improve her reputation. Fiora jumped out of bed and would slip on her black dress and then would head down to the lobby. She would then check out and head to the shopping district before she left. She had to get some new clothes for the trip since it was gonna be a cold one. Fiora would then go and buy some glvoes and then she would buy a coat and then she would buy some boots and then she would buy some ear muffs. She had to get the extra large ear muffs cause her extra big ass elf ears go in the way. Finally she checked out and would get a bag and attach it to her back so she could walk with it. It would slow her down a bit but she knew how to travel very well. She would head to oak and would go to the outside of the town and she would then head to the forest where she could travel faster as she could j ump to tree to tree like a ninja and navigate the roads faster that way by foot. She would travel for hours and hours without much fatigue as she would travel lightly and then she would see the trees start to be filled with snow and the wind started to blow cold. She would put on her winter gear from her pack and enter the town.

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