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Dance of the Undead [Akai]

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Dance of the Undead [Akai] Empty on Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:06 am

Akai strolled around in Era, he was heading towards one of his jobs, it was a little later in the day, as the job had specified. He was heading towards the gates, just as the report Marwin had given him said to do. He ran back over the report once more, he was to search the woods fo any unwanted guests, such as the risen dead, reports of them had been swirling through Era for a while now and Marwin finally decided to check them out.

By now the sun had set and Akai was walking through the forest. He slowly got deeper and deeper into it. The tree's eventually closed out most of the moonlight making him stop for a moment to let his eyes adjust. After a few minutes he could see clearly again, Must be nice to be a neko, he thought. Akai sniffed the air for a moment, looking for the smell of death, he had smelled it before in Kerii, but had decided it was blood, Akai always regretted not checking that out. But so far the woods, smelled like woods. The reports were probably false in the first place and Akai had been sent on another, pretty useless quest. Great, he thought
, just my luck to stumble on another useless quest. Akai had done many pointless quests before, like signing up some body builder for a competition, a part of Akai had hoped that he would fail. But Akai would probably never know, its not like he had stayed in Hargeon long enough to find out, he had literally left right after the quest, and an wakward run in with Kerii. Akai decided he had enough thinking about that moment, Kerii might forgive him, and well he had what he thought best for him.

Nothing was coming into his nose now, and it was pretty late, he'd been searching for a while, Maybe he should give up? Akai decided not to and went on looking. He'd been searching for a good long while now and not a single thing that even smeled "dead" had drifted near his nose. He was crossing a river when it hit him like a train, the smell was awful it curled around his nose and he lost his dinner in a near by bush, when he looked up the tree in front of him had a small saphire embedded in its trunk, probably some kind of sign that he was close. Akai looked back up and followed the smell, after about 24 meters, he saw it. Hidden among the trees, there was a statue of a lady holding a knife, and a shrunken head. The statue was surrounded by claoked figures casting aincient spells, and you guessed it, summoning the living dead, and managing to keep them in line, and not killing, eating, dismembering and whaterver it is the undead do, to eachother. Akai wrote down some quicks not and skitted back away into the darkness, leaving the awful looking creations to themselves. He rushed back through the woods, past the tree and over the river. After a few minutes of running he managed to get lost, " great, I manage to get lost saving a city from the attack of a bunch of dead people. Moaning Akai tried to smell for familiar smells, like that of people walking through town, or burning gas for lights, after a while Akai started to run again, he needed to find a way out pretty quick.

Akai had been running for too long now, he needed to get out and tell Marwin what he had seen. Those cultists had plenty of undead at their disposal. And by tomorrow they would probably have enough to overpower all of the current Rune Knights in Era. Akai finally decided to climb to the very top of a tree. Managing to get all the way to the top he looked out at the city looking for the lights of Era. Luckily to his east they shown bright, sliding out and down the tree he sprinted in that direction, using every bit of his lycan speed to get there.

Back inside the gates Akai rushed to Marwin, and swung the door open, " I managed to find some cultists raising the dead way back in the woods past a small river, next to a tree where with a saphire embedded in its trunk.. Marwin looked at him and shook his head, waving his hand he sent a group of rune knights to go take care of the current, aggrivation. He thanked Akai and handed him a large bag of jewels, which Akai promptly took. He'd gone through quite a lot to get that report, well not exactly a lot, but he had lost his lunch over that. Akai really needed to learn how to get control over his nose now, he couldn't loose his breakfast, lunch or dinner on every quest he did. Akai looked out towards the forest, he saw the lights of the rune knights leaving the woods, he watched a little while longer and saw the blasts of magic erupting from the part of the forest where the zombies and cultists were hidden. Akai was glad he had saved Era, but Era probably had no Idea he had just managed to save their lives. With great reward, comes little recognition, Akai thought, he was pretty tired of not being recognized, but he would just have to work towards that, it would take a while but he would make it, eventually.

Back at the inn Akai ate a second dinner after loosing his first, thanking the cook for cooking so late he left a little tip then storlled up to his room and fell down on the sheets, he was pretty exhausted. Akai had done so much, in so little time that he almost felt like taking a break, but life gives very little breaks. Akai smiled at that thought and rolled over onto the floor getting up he strolled over to the bathroom and cleaned himself up and got ready for bed. Turning out the lights he curled up under the covers away from all the darkness, tonight had been pretty terrifying, being forced to run around in the darkness, one of his biggest fears by the way, but luckily the night was over and Akai could finally get some rest for tomorrow and whatever quests it held in his future.


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