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City of a Hundred Soldiers (open)

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City of a Hundred Soldiers (open) Empty on Sat Jul 08, 2017 2:39 pm

Akai strolled the Backstreets of Era, it hadn't been long since he had left, then returned to Era. He was waiting to get a quest, he desperately needed the money for something, that was his little secret. But for now the best thing he decided was to stop at a small city bench and take a relaxing sit. Era was somewhat bustling, a little bit bigger then Magnolia probably. His mother hadn't brought him into Era much when he was little, they were mostly working on the Aruble's farm. Akai kinda hoped he would meet another new person, he had met Kerii back in Magnolia, but right now they're friendship was on the ropes, so Akai hoped he might be able to make a new friend who wasn't part of his guild, but it didn't really matter to him, he just wanted to meet someone.

Akai stretched his arms, the sun felt nice on his face, maybe a quick break in the sunlight wouldn't hurt him. He yawned, A nap wouldn't either he thought. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, most of his stuff was back at the inn where he was staying, but he hoped no one would try and disturb a sleeping stranger. He closed his eyes and sat back in his chair, letting the warmth of the sunlight takeover and he soon fell deep asleep, all that walking had tired him out. Maybe fate would be cruel and wake him up?

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City of a Hundred Soldiers (open) Empty on Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:29 pm

Gala Nakamura
Gala yawned as he walked thru Era in his normal attire of black Chinese shirt and black pants, he never wore his rune knight uniform since it didn’t feel comfy to him. Along side the red eyed mage was his trusty Black hound Oslo and a recent newcomer and familiar to him named Shade which appeared as a bat like creature with one red eye which hovered along side Gala, when the man had went in for a mission today he ended up getting stuck patrolling and observing a section of Era much to the young knights annoyance. As he moved thru the streets of Era he glanced around from time to time but nothing stood out to him. No crimes taking places and the man got no weird vibes from any of the citizens around him even as they nodded to him and recognized him as a member of the rune knights.

Catching the sound of light snoring the young knight turned to see a man sleeping on a park bench and Gala just shook his head as he turned and approached. The sleeping man didn’t seem homeless and even if he was he couldn’t have been from here since Era took good care of all of its citizens. The red eyed man sighed before he nudged the mans shin with his boot”Oi you can’t be sleeping on a bench its city rules” he said hoping the man woke up and if he didn’t then Gala would then proceed to kick the mans shin with his steel toed boot.


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Akai's nap, well if it could even be a nap he hadn't even had time to fall asleep before someone told him that he wasn't allowed to sleep on a bench. Akai opened his eyes to see a black haired man, with two companions. The man had red eyes, That's not something you see everyday. Akai thought, but the man also seemed incredibly tired with the bags under his eyes. Akai had realized he hadn't said a word to the man who woke him up, so he thought it best to avoid any conflict. "Oh, uh, sorry, its just been a long day." Akai adjusted his glasses, they had shifted while he slept, and while their prupose wasn't as great as it used to be, they still provided some use for seeing. He stood up stretching, then he quickly sat back down, basking in the sunset. But then he thought. Taking in a deep breath Akai got a good whiff of this guy. He didn't smell awful like some of the rune knights who never took showers, but he did have that underlying sent of working out a lot, something many wizards have. "Nice companions there, they seem to really like you." Akai looked at the two companions. They looked pretty rare.

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City of a Hundred Soldiers (open) Empty on Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:26 pm

Gala Nakamura
Gala just sighed as the man woke up before the need to kick him occurred and the knight could only shake his head as the man explained that it had been a long day.”Sorry to say but rules are rules and I can’t let you take up space on the bench “Gala explained before he glanced at the man. He looked like he was either a mage or someone that had a decent job but he was always cautious.”Where are you from I haven’t seen you in Era before?” he questioned the bespectacled man who was glancing at his familier and his dog with curiosity in his eyes.

Yeah I’ve Had Oslo here for a few years and the bat like creature is Shade and a newcomer to my family” Gala explained before Shade glanced at him.” you seem rather calm around this person are you sure he is not a troublemaker” the spirit questioned the red eyed man scoffed.”considering I havent been knifed yet I would assume he isn’t a criminal


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The man stated that he couldn't let Akai take up space on the bench, which would imply sitting on it, but Akai decided to not point that part out. He sounded like some kind of lawkeeper to Akai. He also asked where Akai was from, which was really from no place in particular. "Oh, yeah, I've never really been to Era before, but I'm part of Lamia Scale, so quests equal money."

His wolf-like friend was apparently named Oslo, and the bat-thing was named Shade, Something with red eyes, named Shade, not creepy at all. Akai thought.

"You seem to know the city rules pretty well, are you a lawkeeper or rune knight." Akai asked. He wasn't to keen on running into a rune knight that much, but life was life, and maybe it wouldnt be that bad.

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City of a Hundred Soldiers (open) Empty on Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:37 am

Gala Nakamura
As the glasses wearing man explained that he was from Lamia Scale and had never been to Era before Gala simply nodded his head at the explanation.”at least your guilds more well behaved then some of the other ones, every time we have Fairy Tail mages here they always cause trouble even if they mean well” the knight sighed as Shade nodded in agreement to his partners words.”they may have some destructive tendencys but at least they are still good people” it said as Gala agreed”Yes I suppose you have a point Shade

When asked if he was a rune knight or a law keeper the red eyed man could only smirk slightly.” I would consider those two one and the same but yes I am a rune knight and most of my family are knights as well. My name is Gala Nakamura” he said with a small bow

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Gala Nakamura was an interesting name. Akai had now lost intrest in the man and decided it was about time he left, "I must be saying goodbye, have a nice life." Akai smiled and waved as he walked away.


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