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Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Sael]

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#1Sael Stiel 

Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Sael] Empty Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:40 am

Sael Stiel
Sael had looked around Magnolia for a while, on his way to his next job. Though seems he still doesn’t know how to use a map. It took him a lot longer than he was expecting but eventually he found the shop. The words ‘Mag Drug’ blazed above the entrance. Though humble in proportion on the outside, the interior of the shop was larger than you’d expect. Around the corner the cloud mage could hear, something. With another step forward he came face to face with his cilent.

“Oh glad you came!” He exclaimed. Quickly finished whatever he was doing he turned around. “Although I’m sure you already know what you’re here for I have to remind you.” Sael nodded for him to continue. “So today I’ll be leaving my shop for a few hours and so you’ll going to be watching over my shop while I’m gone. However-!” He pointed to the room behind him. “No one goes back there, private work area, don’t want anything destroyed while I’m gone, got it?” Khalash turned back to Sael. “So other than don’t let people in, there.” He pointed to the back room. “Business as usual?” Sael asked. Khalash smile. “See you don’t need my help, good luck, I’ll be back by this afternoon.” With a nod from Sael, Khalash left silently.

“Well, could be worse I guess.” Sael had never ran a shop before. Unless you count all the times he had to haggle prices for his family’s goods. While experienced in that department he doubted that he’d have to do in this scenario. Sael sighed. “Well prices aside I better get to work.” Although he couldn’t do much, cleaning around the shop shoulcn’t be too hard. First off he checked around the shop familiarizing himself with the layout. Trying to find something for him to do while he waited for customers. It was already mid-day, so they could walk in at any point in time.

“Hm.” The shelves would do well with some dusting, but then he’d have to sweep the floors too and he didn’t want to risk it in case he got customers or else he’ll, without a doubt, end breaking something in his haste. So, no dusting yet. Sael blinked at two contrasting colored vials. Sael bent down, legs straight, to examine the curiosity. “Whatcha we got here?” Sael hummed blissfully. Resting his wrist under his chin. It seems that these two vials were misplaced. Squinting carefully he found where they were suppose to go and restored them to their rightful place. Well, even if he couldn’t get down to some of the deeping cleaning that he wanted he could at least make the place more presentable. The mage quickly relocated an out of place clock. Leading him to this rather odd set of leather armor, and of course he had to find a helmet stuck in the chestpiece… After a few tries he managed to get the head piece out. Properly positioning it with it’s brothers and sisters on the armor stand. “That wasn’t too hard. Heh.” Wiping the sweat off his forehead he looked for what else to do. He moved back to the counter to cool down before he continued. No excuse for being so sweaty when you’re greeting you customers. I guess.

For the most part that’s how he spent his time there. Cleaning up once in a while, a chore that never seemed to end sadly. Sighing, he went back to work.

The day was rather uneventful. There was nothing else to say. When he thought back, there was that one customer around four a’clock who wanted to buy buy some combs, he was mislead to the wrong store so I set him straight, well not straight, Sael didn’t know where to find combs either, but hopefully he got the direction close enough. Other than that the clock was quickly approaching seven a’clock and Khalash still hasn’t returned. It had gotten so quiet that Sael nearly jumped in surprise when the door’s bell rang as someone walked in. “Hello there come on in!” Sael welcomed warmly. The mage had to hold a visible twinge when he saw the punks who walked in. They were the stereotypical punk teen rebel with way, way too long pants, the hoodies, the tattoos… They didn’t say anything but quietly looked around. Sael started to get a little nervous when there were suddenly three looking around the shop. It was probably rude of him to assume that something bad was gonna happen, but he didn’t want to mess up.

“Hey!” One of them called out. Sael came face to face with one of the kids. Though forceful their words were relaxed they are. They weren’t so bad, maybe. He could definitely handle this. “Is this all that you have?” They asked. His eyes drooped ever so slighty. Oh he already knew where this was gonna go. “‘ Afraid so. Did you find what you were looking for?” He offered. “No, but I know that there’s more stuff if the back. If you let us-” Sael cut him off right. “Sorry, strict policy, no one is to go in the back without permission.” The kid dismissed him. “We’re tight with the owner. You can let us through.” Sael didn’t like where this was going, his throat was contricting on him, his head had an unusual desire to make one with the counter, but he cleared his throat. “Sorry, but it’s Khalash’s word against yours.” He answered firmly. Pulling down the collar of his cloak and exposing his guildd mark. The boy in front of him hissed and retreated out the door, his buddies following behind him. Sael breathed out a sigh and leaned on the desk. “A bit too close for me.” He laughed. Although he was glad to not have to be forced to use his magic against them now he was left with nothing to do but wait. Or he could clean again. Yea he could do that.

Sael looking up in surprise when he heard the bells ringing at the front door. “Ah! Sorry I took so long...” Khalash stopped abruptly. The cloud mage freezing similiarly. Caught red handed redusting the shelves. “Have you been cleaning this whole time.” The shop keep asked. Sael nodded. “Why thank you, I haven’t had the time to get down and clean.” Khalash moved to the counter, placing some new items ontop of it before heading into the back room. When he came back out again he moved toward Sael, placing the jewel rewards in his hand. “Thank you for looking after my shop, now hurry on home. I bet you’re tired.” He laughed. Sael smiled and nodded slowly. Leaving the shop with a smile on his face and congratulating himself on not falling face first on the pavement. It would take a while but Sael would make it back home without too many scratches and bruises. Crashing ontop of the mattress with a groan, falling asleep instantly.


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