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Barren (Era->Magnolia->Hargeon) |Foot Travel|

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Barren (Era->Magnolia->Hargeon) |Foot Travel| Empty on Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:09 pm

Akai had barely been in Era a day when he decided to leave. There were barely any jobs, and the one he did try to take no one was there, so he decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to head to Hargeon, there seemed to be plenty of people there. He looked behind him at Era dissapearing in the distance. He was kind of glad to be leaving a place infested with Rune Knights, something about their anti-race tactics in the past have set him off, especially know that he wasn't human. Settling in the inn he stayed at in Magnolia he rest for the night
The next day he left of for Hargeon, He hoped the people in hargeon smelled better then those in Magnolia, they really needed baths. The path into Hargeon was prettier then the one to Era in his opinion, and the temperature slowly got warmer after time, which was something he didn't like that much, but he wasn't sweating yet, so he was okay. slowly he started to hear the waves of rivers and oceans, he wasn't that far off now, he should be pretty close soon, he guessed that he should find Kerii first now that he was in Hargeon.


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