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Cult in the streets. [Quest: Selena]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena had only come to Magnolia but had managed to find a hotel to stay in. It was fairly lucky she thought. It was relatively clean and had a comfy bed. Selena was still in bed having a dream, well nightmare.

Selena was running, running, but she was not sure from what. she knew something was following her, something demonic. she knew she could not look back because if she did she would be screwed. The temptation was compelling her to but she could not make herself. Instead she kept running. Now she was getting tired it felt as if she was running forever. But still she had to keep going, despite the burning in his legs, his thighs calfs all his legs. The road in front of her was getting darker and she could not see anything any more, but she kept running. Now his upper body was tiring. His arms throbbing his chest on fire, his shead beginning to go dizzy from the lack of oxygen. It was impossible to keep running but she had to try. What ever was behind her was not going to stop so she had to, just a little bit longer. Or so she thought. Suddenly Widens felt his ankle connect with something and she fell shead first into the abyss. For a brief moment his body stopped throbbing in pain, but only for a moment. Instead of being sore fear now struck her to his very soul. from the darkness she seen two eyes of the brightest red glimmer in the darkness. It was huffing too from all the running. From the two big eyes that was in front of her two smaller eyes opened on top of it. "Finally you stopped. It was about time" The smaller of the two eyes said. she sounded as if she was from brooklyn. The larger eyes now coming closer to Selena. she could feel his moist breath against Selenak whole body as it came closer. Selena scurried away trying to get away but it was no use, it was as if she was being held to the ground by something. she wanted to wake up so badly "No this is a dream!" she shouted to the figure. The figure only laugshed in his demonic brooklyn ish tone. "HAHAHA. Like i will let that happen. Now Red-Eyes Black dragon, Burn this mortal in heaven's Flame! FLAMING BLACK METEOR BLAST" The figure roared as the huffing of the dragon stopped and opened up its mouth. Selena Tried to use his magic to stop but nothing worked. A hot humid sheet could be felt as the dragon did this. A Burning ball then appeared in the mouth of the dragon. Its eyes and the smaller eyes of the figure shined red as the ball came and fired at Selena. Selena felt the ball collide with her as it burned and singed every part of her in a dark burning flame. The heat was unbearable, boiling and unrelenting wc 502/3000

Cult in the streets. [Quest: Selena] BLlZQ5m
#2Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
All Selena could hear was the laugh of the man as she burned up. she could not see anything but the flaming red eyes of the dragon and her. But was that a tear she could see in the larger dragon's eye? And what a mundane name, Red-eyes black dragon, i mean that was just stating the obvious. Soon Selena realised she was no longer burning up in fact she was fine, but she knew she was still not awake yet.

Selena opened his soft azure eyes and was almost blinded by the light. It was the opposite to where she had been. Instead of a complete dark and unknowing area she was in an area that looked like old musty ruins. It was extremely bright with the sun. Selena could see a few old yellowish pillars that were dusty and beginning to crumble. she noticed that she was standing in the middle of the area. the ground below her was paved in rocks that were all cracked crumbling and like gravel. Selena wondered where the shell she was and if she was even sleeping any more. she did a quick survey of the area. There was nothing but these ruiny looking place covered in a dusty sand like dust. Selena began to walk forward on the crumbled stone path. It seemed like it was leading somewhere. After walking on the crumbled stone path for about what felt like an hour she met some stairs. she wondered if his legs could take it from all the running she did from that Red eyed black dragon but then she noticed that they were no longer throbbing and burning, but perfect. And so was his upper body no throbbing or burning or nausea. Selena began to walk up the steps. As she did she noticed some chips and cracks in them. It was weird these ruins must be really old. as Selena reaches the top of the stairs there was a temple. Not really sure what to do Selena Entered. The second she entered the door shut behind her sealing her in. Selena was now scared again. The ruins were musty and humid, but worst of all bitch black, and she could not use his magic still. The darkness did not last as torches on the wall lit up leading to a room at the end. hesitant at first Selena began walking towards the said room in hopes of an exit. As she walked she noticed strange inscriptions on the wall. Some of animals and other of people or a mixture of both. There were even some weird symbols of bowls and cups and other various things. Selena reached the end of the tunnel to the room which did not have an exit. Instead it had stone tablets with other symbols on them. Selena went closer to examine them. The one in the middle had two people who looked important, They had monsters and people flying overhead, they looked strong and fearsome. 502+503=1005/3000

Cult in the streets. [Quest: Selena] BLlZQ5m
#3Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
The one on the left had some dragon while the one on the right had a man with a wand, probably a wizard of some description. Selena was about to study the others until she heard something behind her. the tunnel behind her had now disappeared as she had turned around and she was now outside again. Selena quickly turned to face the stone tablets again but they had disappeared too. What in the shell was going on?

Selena turned around again but instead of being met by noting, instead she was met by a person coated in blue armour with a sheathed sword standing beside a Pure white dragon with eyes of blue. Suddenly the man spoke "What Business do you have with the Pharaoh's Crypt!" she demanded. Pharaoh? Fiore did not have a pharaoh. Where the shell am I, the young mage thought. But she knew this guy was a guard, she probably brought her out again. The dragon she had looked familiar too, almost like the dragon with eyes of red but more majestic and way stronger. "I see your silence speaks it all. You are nothing more than a filthy Grave robber! But how you managed to get shere, not many can pass the seal." the man said. she almost seemed impressed with Selena. Selena wondered what seal she passed though. she Thought this was all a dream. It was was it not? Selena was about to explain all that had happened, from the dragoon with red eyes to how she was hunted and, killed? she was still unsure herself. But before that the man in blue armour said "Well as impressive as that may be, rats still need to be exterminated especially when they plague us so. Blue Eyes White dragon." she said lifting his hand. As she did the dragon flew into the air. It now took a similar pose to the one inscribed on the stone tablet. And now that she seen it the man in blue armour look a lot like the man underneath. Selena knew she could not run or else it would end like last time, with her running into darkness falling and getting killed, kinda. Selena tried to use magic but all that happened was his eyes were glowing. The man in blue armor then laughed at Selena "HAHAHA, I see you have some skill with magic, but as long as I am sure you are useless!" she said. "Now let me put you out of your Misery! Blue Eyes White Dragon, Finish this pathetic maggot. WHITE LIGHTNING" The man in blue armour commanded the dragon. Selena just sighed at the terrible name. The Dragon's Eyes then shone a brilliant blue along with the man in blue armor. The dragon's mouth then opened and formed an orb of white light. It was fired at Selena. Selena Tried moving but was petrified. The attack came closer and closer , until it his cause an explosion of dust from the ground upon contact. 504+1005=1509/3000

Cult in the streets. [Quest: Selena] BLlZQ5m
#4Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena grunted as the lightning hit her frying all his nerves and causing her to be paralyzed. she lay there on the ground still conscious as the man in blue armor drew closer. "Hmm, why did Blue eyes white dragon hold back...." the man said aloud. she did not know Selena was still conscious. His eyes were closed which concealed it she also stopped his breathing. "This person still needs to be taken care of though. OK Blue eyes white dragon to make sure you do not fail me this time you know what to do." she said to the dragon. It was weird Selena could feel the sadness coming from the dragon, just like the red eyed and black dragon. Selena's thought was just interrupted by The man in blue armor saying "Polymerisation!" As she did Selena could not help but open his eyes. This time she seen three blue eyed white dragons. But they all glowed and merged together. With a flash of white light they had merged together. The dragon now had three heads all as white as the other with eyes a deep blue. "Oh you have awoken, excellent" The man in blue armor said. "Very few get to see my Blue eyes ultimate dragon, i only bring it out in extreme cases but for you I'll make an exception. See my dragon too alike to you so she held back, but even now if she used his minimum power she could easily wipe you out." The man said with a devilish smile. Selena was now almost wetting herself, she was going to die now for sure. "Now blue eyes ultimate dragon destroy this fool. TRIPLE WHITE LIGHTNING" the man in blue armor bellowed. As she did the three dragons opened their mouths and a ball of white light entered. It targeted at Selena and shot beams at her simultaneously. Selena felt the enormous beams hitting her and pulverizing her. . The demonic laugh of the man in blue armor could still be heard. As Selena was being pulverized. Suddenly the laugh just stopped as Selena opened his eyes once more. This time she was at an entirely different place. But where. It was his hotel room! What the shell kind of dream was that! Selena got out of his bed and noticed she was completely drenched in sweat as if she had been, running. As she got out of the bed she felt his nerves go for a split second. It was enough to make her fall to the ground very hard. groaning she picked herself up and made his way to the shower. she stripped down and got in. As she did she noticed a mark on his face. It was almost like a burn mark, like from the blast from the black dragon with eyes of red. Seriously what the shell. It was a dream but she still felt the pain from the white dragon with eyes of blue and black dragon with eyes of red and their masters. 507+1509=2016

Cult in the streets. [Quest: Selena] BLlZQ5m
#5Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena hopped into the shower and scrubbed herself and with that it was as if nothing had happened to her at all. she then hopped out and use his water magic to dry herself, but this time she could use it. she then put on his blue t-shirt and top with black pants. maybe she could do some training to take his mind off things, but where to go, she thought. Deciding to think about those ideas on the back burners she went into the elevator and headed down. she began to softly hum to the music in the elevator as it pinned closed. Selena began to wonder why she had that dream of dragons destroying her. But the weird thing they were sad. One cried and the other shield back to save her. Selena's thoughts were interrupted as the door pinged open. she would have to think more on that later. Selena then went outside, where to go.

Selena was taking a jog around the area. With no real memory of what her life was like she just trained. Selena had figured out some things, such as her name, the guild she was apart of and the limits of her physical abilities. As she ran it wasn’t long until she ran into a bulky man. “He watch it!” She barked looking at the man. “Oh a Rune Knight perfect.” He said. The man introduced herself as Devon and began to tell Selena of the mission he needed a hand with. “And what do I get?” She asked looking at her through skeptical eyes. “Money and a bit of fame.” he said simply. Selena nodded. “Sure, be back soon.” She said running off.

Hmm a cult though. For some reason the words rung bells in Selena’s head, although with the frequent headaches she was getting it was hard to tell. Selena did find it somewhat odd how she was asked to do this. It almost seemed as if the knight had seen her before. Although he did mention that a Rune Knight would be perfect, the General Devon seemed to look at Selena with familiarity. Deciding to ignore this Selena went on to try and find any hints of the cult. Selena knew she couldn’t ask just anyone, they would of course have to look, well like they were in a cult. That being said she felt as though some could be hiding in plain sight. Taking a moment to consider the approach to this challenge Selena decided to just ask anyone she seen, but also keep an eye out for anyone acting suspicious. “Excuse me” She said bluntly to a pair of women who were deep in conversation. Both looked at her and frowned. “And what do you want?” The bulkier of the two asked. “Wonderin if either of you know about any cults around here?” Selena asked rather convincingly. Both looked at each other shocked, but shock soon turned to a fit of laughter. “Why would we know, you silly girl!”

Cult in the streets. [Quest: Selena] BLlZQ5m
#6Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
The woman with the larger nose said. “Oh well.” Selena said sighing, appearing unfazed at the laughing. “See ya later, slim, snout.” She said waving goodbye to the two women who stopped laughing for whatever reason.

Selena then decided to as a group of children who were in an alley close to a bakery shop. If Selena could remember anything, it was that the kids always knew what was happening. As she approached some of the older boys began to whistle at her and began to do some motions that most would find offensive. “Hey baby, what ya lookin for?” One boy said slouching more, as if to better his chances. Selena decided to play along for fun. Taking a lock of hair and twisting it in her hand she looked up. “You fellas know where a girl can join a cult?” Her voice was sweet and light and all the boys seemed to be thinking the same thing. “No, but maybe we can fulfill your kinky needs~” Another boy said. Selena flicked her wrist, but nothing happened. She did not know why she did that but turned and left, ignoring the howls of the delinquents behind her. Selena would then simply go up to another young looking person in the streets. She asked if he had heard of any cults, but he simply said no. Sighing heavily Selena left to go back to report to the general.

As she walked she noticed a man in a cloak heading into an alley. Selena had met eyes with her and he stopped. “You know where I can find a cult to join?” The man in the cloak looked unsure. “Why?” He asked, looking at the emblem on her shoulder. “Easy, I want fulfillment in my life. I hate these bastards.” She pointing to her shoulder. “When I was cold on the streets about to die, they didn’t give a shit. I want to be apart of something bigger.” She answered. It was true, every word she spoke and the man seemed to agree. “Meet us here in an hour.” He said handing her a slip of details. After an hour Selena met outside a rundown shack. She was asked for the password, and she read it from the sheet. Selena then went down a tunnel to a chamber filled with cloaked figures. One larger than the others came to her. “Why do you want to join?” He asked. Selena gave her the same answer. He seemed convinced and turned around. “She’s lying, she’s a knight. Get her.” Selena sighed as she ran out of there. Her speed was unmatched by anyone. She was glad she went for that jog. Selena after getting out of the tunnel went back to Devon and told her of all she had found. He nodded and then paid her promptly. “Good job, Selena.” He said. “How do you know my name?” Selena asked. “Oh easy, you were in a tournament in Baska a while ago, and you did a lot of good with the knights.” He said as he left.

Cult in the streets. [Quest: Selena] BLlZQ5m

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