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Substitute Teacher, [Akai]

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Turning the bend once again Akai saw the fantastical school, it was still as nice looking as the first time he saw it, with all the roses and the playground, it would have been a nice school to go to. It was early in the morning and the sun wasn't high in the sky yet. He held the notes on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in his hand. He was subbing for teacher Sandine, someone he was glad to help, she was very nice and employed wizards on many occasions to help out at the school. Not long ago Akai had helped keep some sleeping children awake, he wondered if they would be in his class again? Akai walked into Teacher Sandine's room and sat down at her desk and spread out his stuff. He might not have gone to school much after the sacrifice but he had gone before that. But after joining Lamia Scale he continued his education to his own terms and learned more, at least enough to be considered adept in what he had to know. Checking the notes Sandine wanted Akai to start with addition first, he passed out a small worksheet onto each empty desk and wrote ADDITION, in big letters under the board, he also wrote his name on the bottom left, Mr. Evel. Sitting back down he went through the rest of the notes and organized everything in the proper order, he wanted to make sure there was no glitches during the lesson that he would have to sort out. Looking out the window he saw the students filing into the school yard waiting for the school to open the doors and let them in so they could begin their day of learning. Akai smiled and went and sat back own at his desk, enjoying the little bit of tea he had brought with him. Sipping at it he heard the bell ring, and the opening of doors, slowly students filed in to his classroom, some recognized him some were to sleepy to notice, he did not see the kids that had fallen asleep in the class last time, they were probably sick, or on vacation, or skipping class and being rebellious, whatever they were he would have to mark them absent. Once everyone seemed to be in his classroom he began roll call, going through all the names only five students were missing, including the three he watched last time, turned out their was an illness going around making some people sick and keeping them home fore a while.

"Hello everyone, I'm Mr. Evel, im subbing for Teacher Sandine for today. As you can see today we will be starting off with addition, please get out your pencils and I'll do the first question on your worksheet with you." Akai took a piece of chalk and begin to write on the board, the kids here were 4th grade to 5th grade so what they were doing was a little harder, but the first question was pretty easy, 67+33=? Akai quickly ran through it putting it in vertical form so people could see it, it came out to be 100. Okay everyone continue on your worksheet, i'll walk around to make sure they're correct. Akai strolled around the classroom, and pretty much all of the children understood how to do the simple math. After about half an hour of doing the work, Akai erased the ADDITION and replaced it with SUBTRACTION, then he collected the worksheets and put them in the collection bin. Passing out the subtraction paper he wrote the first question on the board. 143-86=? "Okay lets do this one together too." Akai turned around and quickly solved it, this time it made the answer 57. Once again everyone seemed to understand it and Akai dismissed everyone for lunch and recess.

When they returned Akai had written MULTIPLICATION on the board and had the question 7 x 9=? on the board. The kids had another worksheet on their desk and he began solving the equation. "And... The answer comes out to be, 63. Does everyone understand how to do it? A unison of yeses followed and the kids got back to work, Akai was surrounded by some pretty intelligent small children. Slowly the hands raised as they were done, as the last five finished up, Akai wrote DIVISION on the board. Akai collected all the papers and put them in the collection bin too. For the final thing he gave all the students division papers. "Just how subtraction is the opposite of addition, division is the opposite of subtraction so, 63 / 9= 7, does that make sense?" The kids all shook their heads in understanding. "good then, now lets finish the rest of this." The kids all put their heads down, and began the work. Akai looked over the class and realized he was blessed with subbing for a pretty respectful class, they seemed to like Teacher Sandine, and pleasing her. One by one, they filed up to the bin and dropped it off, Akai handed them their homework, and those who finished early were able to do it at their desk, some of them were able to finish their homework. The bell rung and the students collected their stuff and filed out the door, "Have a nice day everyone!" He called as they left. He cleaned up everything before he left, including throwing away some of the trash on the floor, he also wrote a very good note about the behavior of the children to Sandine, she should know they were very well behaved. Not long after all the children had left the building a blonde haired teacher wondered into the room, "Thank you so much for subbing for Sandine, she hated to leave, but she had too." Akai smiled, "It was no problem, it was easy." The teacher smiled and handed Akai a bag of Jewels. He smiled said Thank you and left the building it had been a pretty easy day of work.


Substitute Teacher, [Akai] DC0NB5T

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