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Rum Diary [Alyssa]

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Alyssa had thought about becoming a pirate at some points in her life. She read books about them, studied them and what it would like to live out on the open sea with nothing but storms and treasure to worry about. Before she was diagnosed with her mental disorder, her parents had told her stories of the pirates that came and smuggled things in and out of the country. They were stories filled with handsome men, fighting, death, and honor. She clung to every word as a child, eyes wide with excitement and joy. She wanted to fight with a sword, captain a ship, and live her life on the sea with riches unbeknownst to men. These dreams faded later in life as she began to realize that pirates were not all they were cracked up to be. They were illegal, much like her actions were anyhow, but they were also filthy and drunken most of the time.

She was working for a man that smuggled things for pirates today. Reagan, someone who she had worked for before, was an older man who loved money. They had that in common, so she did his dirty work for him and he paid her. The last job she had taken for him required her to make all the noise she could, draw as much attention to herself as possible, so she had set the dock on fire. This job required her to remain as inconspicuous as possible, so sadly, she had to leave Arcane at home on this one. She had curtly stolen a pair of clothes from a man that belonged on the ship crew. She sat on the dock, off to the side, hair tied up in a bun under a nasty hat. She had to make herself look as manly as possible, as she knew women were not allowed to work on ships these days.

As she ship pulled into the dock, the men, along with herself, wandered on to begin carrying things out onto the dock. At first, she grabbed some of the smaller boxes, lifting them to move them onto shore. She would blend in as one of the men at first, and then she would make her escape with the alcohol she needed to get back to Reagan. He was smuggling a fine type of rum into the country this time, someone extremely illegal, which could be subject to the death penalty if caught doing. Alyssa would already be killed on the spot if people knew who she was or the crimes she committed, so she was not too completely worried about death. In her last job, the guards had been out to kill her, she was only lucky they had been bad shots.

She was on the lookout for a crate with a crudely drawn banana upon the side of it. This was her signal that the rum had been stashed inside. The ship seemed to be full of fruits and things that were being traded with the country. Bananas were not a common export here, so they received them though different trades with different countries, basic economics. The crate was not a bad idea to hide the rum in, as she saw many of the men taking fruits out of different crates and taking bites out of them, so it would not be strange if she herself was seen digging in a crate. Her arms were beginning to burn from carrying the heavy wooden boxes, and she was surprised that she had not gotten a splinter as of yet. Finally, her eyes found the crate she was looking for.

Unfortunate for her, it was in the back of the cargo hold and she would have to move a lot more before she finally got access to it. So she continued acting as if she was one of the men being paid to do this job. Man, she could have gone about this an easier way now that she was thinking about it. She stopped, resting with a couple of the other men as the rest finished unloading the ship. Finally the crate was exposed, two men carrying it, complaining that it was too heavy to just be bananas. Thankfully, someone snapped at them to get back to work before they could dive in and look. As discreetly as possible, Alyssa made her way to the crate and opened it up, moving around some bananas until she found the small crate hidden inside. She lifted it, making it look as if someone had made a mistake, and carried it upon the shore. As the rest of the men walked back into the cargo hold of the ship, she slipped away with the crate in her hands.

Reagan was waiting not far from the docks in the woods. Alyssa found him quickly and handed him the crate. He looked inside and grinned. "Man I am going to make so much money off of this, thank you dear." He took a bottle out and handed it to her. "Since you have been such a great help to me, I will set you up with some more work if you would like. Simply take this bottle to the pirate named Balthazar and he will know I have sent you." He handed her the jewels she earned as well and then began walking off. "By the way, you make a very charming man." She did not know if that was a compliment or an insult.

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