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Smuggler's Schemes [Alyssa]

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Alyssa was silently observing the docks in Haregon, the place where she was ordered to go to complete her next mission.  She remembered back to her meeting with Reagan.  He was an older man looking for some help, promising to make it worth her while in money.  He needed to make sure a ship with smuggled wares got off of the dock without being stopped and checked.  Apparently security had been increased along the docks with the number of murders that had been increasing.  They were racking it up to being pirates when all along it had been Alyssa herself.  It was funny how these things worked.  At least they did not suspect her.

She had been watching the docks for the past hour, waiting for the ship to get ready to leave.  She had become quite bored but she knew she should not start becoming a nuisance until it was time, otherwise she might not distract the guards long enough to keep them from checking the ship.  She had noticed there were five of them so far, three checking ships, two that were patrolling to make sure nothing went wrong.  Boy were they about to get the surprise of their lives.  Seeing that Reagan had positioned himself to the far left of the docks, pretending to be a fisherman, she readied herself.  He was watching the ship just as she was, and he would give her the signal when it was time to make her move.

Arcane sat at her feet, his large form very comfortable as he let Alyssa rest upon him for some type of comfort as they waited.  He would help in the plan as well. Maybe instead of just a distraction, they could wreak some havoc as well, get in a few kills dedicated to their lord.  Arcane seemed to like killing nearly as much as Alyssa did.  He got excited every time he saw blood spill upon the ground, but then again, that was the way of her companion.  He would get excited about the things that she did just as he had gotten excited when they met Kenny.

Alyssa was slightly glad that Kenny was not with them.  With the last fight he had participated in with them, he had become nothing but a hazard in the way, nearly allowing himself to be killed.  She had saved his ass and yet he still wanted to fight with her.  Maybe she needed to find someone more like herself, more prone to killing and causing trouble.  Kenny, while he took on evil jobs with her, he was more good himself...or at least neutral.  She needed someone on her side that would help her murder and not be mad at her for following an evil god.  Maybe someone within her own guild, where she did not have to keep it a secret from them.  She was bad at keeping secrets, but she did not want the punishment that would come from speaking of her guild to others.  

It was at that moment, Reagan gave her the signal to go in.  She saw that the guards were pointing at the ship and she knew she needed to hurry.  Jumping up, she jogged down to the docks and decided how she was going to go about the distraction.  Honestly, she should have been coming up with a plan the entire time, but it was too late for that.  She could wing it.  Motioning to Arcane and a barrel, she watched as her companion spewed out fire and quickly set it aflame.  It exploded and drew the guards attention.  They quickly began running back to put out the flame that had grown over the dock.  Three of them were too worried about the flame to notice her, the other two shouted at her and began chasing her.

She took off, heading for the forest with them on her heels as the boat began to sail off with none of the guards realizing.  She leaped up, grabbing hold of a tree branch and pulled herself up.  The guards yelled at her to get down but she simply flipped them the finger as they began to climb as well.  With a laugh, she jumped to another branch and then let herself drop back to the forest floor.  She heard a click of metallic behind her and then a loud bang.  A bullet zipped past her head and her jaw dropped.  She had to get out of there quickly or they would kill her.  Kicking herself into high gear, she ran, evading the bullets.  Finally she managed to lose their trail.

Exhausted, she made her way back to the docks seeing that the ship had got away and the guards were still trying to put out the fire.  A chuckle escaped her lips as they did not notice her slip over to the man still fishing.  She took the bag beside him, without saying a word, and walked back off into the woods.  She opened it, seeing the cash inside, and smirked.  Yes, the payout had been nice.  Maybe she would have to start doing work for this man more often.  She met up with Arcane, who was lingering in the edge of the woods, and they quickly slipped away back into the town, hoping that no one had gotten a good enough look at them to identify them.  Spotting no guards, they walked back to their hotel.

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