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Friends or Foes? [Caius]

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Friends or Foes? [Caius] Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:35 am

The sun was setting to the West of Haregon when Alyssa decided to go for a walk down the dimly lit streets of Haregon. The scenery was peaceful and serene as the streets were empty. There was no blaring sun to burn her fragile skin and no crowds to evoke her claustrophobia. She was currently at a new state of peace that she had not been in for a very long time, around seven or eight years. Malum was certainly holding up his end of the bargain. He had given her power, pleasure, and a sense of calm even in the dark which she was normally frightened of. She was scared of nothing at this point.

Sliding down upon a bench facing a park under a streetlight, she allowed herself to relax and look out on the animals playing in the deserted park. As the wind blew her scent their way, they barely glanced at her before scurrying off into the forest. As the wind picked up even more, it blew her long white hair into her face. She was thankful she had decided not to wear a dress that night, instead she chose a pair of black skinny jeans, a tight novelty shirt that held the words 'I Believe in Magic' upon it, and her normal pair of tennis shoes.

She was not entirely sure what she was waiting for upon the bench, be it for a victim to kill, a new person to meet, or just serenity. Arcane sat at her feet, eyes darting around after the animals that ran about. She could tell he wanted to chase after them, but he knew better. His form had finally evolved. He was larger, stronger, and held new power which made Alyssa all the happier after her fight with Yumi. That demon had managed to change both of their lives and it seemed for the better. She could now sleep at night and smile without having a thought about Kenny. Sometimes she wondered what he was doing, but she would quickly brush it out of her mind as it was none of her business. She had to concentrate on becoming stronger, not only for herself and Arcane, but for Yumi and her new guildmates, whom she had yet to meet.


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The sun started to set in Hargeon Town which was emptying the streets. Most people were probably either getting dinner or heading home to their families. Caius wandered the streets lost in thought about recent events that had happened. Ever since discussing a plan to attack light guilds with Yumi, he had been coming up with the best scenarios of attack in his head for when the time came. Everything so far he thought of was trash. After the last mission failure, he wouldn't accept anything less than perfection. The docks were the place where he was most at peace and could think clearly so that was his current destination. The sound of the waves crashing against the pier and the wind blowing in his face was what he needed now.. The fastest way to get there would be to cut trough the side park so he crossed the street and headed in that direction.

As he continued walking, he saw a girl with snow white hair and a large orange dog that was laying at her feet. In all his travels he had never seen a beast quite like this one. Naturally he was curious as he squatted down to get a closer look. He kept his hands relaxed on his side. Though he wanted to pet it, the beast was fairly large so if it showed aggression he could be in trouble. "Hello ma'am. You look lovely tonight. Pardon my asking but your dog has a very pretty coat. What type of breed is he." Caius said smiling warmly.

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Alyssa jumped at the sight of the man before her. She had not heard him approaching and he scared her slightly. As he addressed Arcane, Alyssa smiled and petted her companion on the head. "Oh, this is Arcane, he is a Arcanine, recently evolved actually." She stated proudly. Arcane was her only family at this point and she loved talking about him. "I have had him for a very long time now. He has a very distinct pattern on his coat, one different from most other of his kind." She looked over the man before her and smiled. He did not seem to be threatening to her, so she relaxed some what. "Thank you for the compliment, sir. You do not look too bad yourself. It was a nice night for a walk, glad I am not the only one that took advantage of that." She stood, offering her hand out to the man. "My name is Alyssa, it's a pleasure to make you acquaintance." Her voice was pleasant and she seemed like the innocent girl as of now. There would be no implications that she was a murderer or followed an evil lord. Her hair blew behind her in the wind, whipping around her face slightly as she smiled. Her face was beaming with pleasure from meeting another person. Even Arcane seemed to be happy about meeting someone, as he lept to his feet and ran over to the man tail wagging, demanding some type of attention from him.


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The woman's companion was a type of breed called an Arcanine. Upon seeing him, the beast got up and made it's way over to him. "Nice to meet you Arcane." He reached out his hand and pet its shaggy, orange fur that was marked by jagged black stripes. He started to scratch the mane around its neck and it's leg started to kick in response. The dog was obviously delighted at the attention it was getting. It was a real sweet heart.

The girl got up and introduced herself to him as well. Caius put his hands on his legs and pushed himself up to greet her. He reached his hand out and gave her a firm handshake. "The pleasure is all mine Alyssa, my name is Varian." It wasn't his real name but an alias he used in the field to the public. His real name was Caius and his code name was Black. The reason for this was to confuse enemies and make him harder to track. His guild valued secrecy over all else.

"So do you live around here at all Alyssa? I just arrived a few days ago for work so I've been enjoying the sites. It is a really pretty town" The docks could wait for now. He was interested in the white haired girl that stood before him. It was always useful to make as many connections as you could in case you ever needed a favor. He just hoped this woman could be useful to him.

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Alyssa watched the man pet Arcane, he loved it. Her companion always loved more attention. She listened to the man's name, hearing it roll off of his tongue. It did not sound like he was confident in the way he said it, making it hard to believe it was his real name, but she would take it for now. It seemed he was secretive, leading her to believe that he may possibly be as evil as she, if not more so. She would have to watch out for the man. "Live around here? No. I guess technically I do not live anywhere, simply wander. I came here to take a few jobs, make some extra jewels. It is a nice town, very pretty scenery. I enjoy the docks. Fishing and all." She explained, looking out into the park before her. "I assume this park is nice as well, I guess that is why I stopped here. Thinking about too much and I needed to relax." She shrugged. "You said you just showed up for work, so I assume that means you do not live around here either. Though with the current string of murders, who would want to live out here besides the severely fucked up?" Funny enough, Alyssa had been one of the reasons for the spike in the murders, along with her new mentor and the girl she met in the square. It seemed that this town was full of this fucked up people anyhow, not just herself.


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Caius frowned a bit at her response. She wasn't from the area so most likely she wouldn't have much useful information about the town that he didn't already know. Regardless it never hurt to ask. "I see. We're alike in that aspect. My job keeps me wandering from place to place but I do not have any complaints. I love seeing all the new sights each town has to offer." Originally being from the countryside, it was always his dream to travel to the big cities ever since he saw them in books. He was happy Grimoire Heart took him in when he was young. He thought he would grow old and die on that family farm.

"As for my hometown, I currently live in Oak. I have a lot of friends there that I have met that convinced me to stay. I don't have a house but small apartment." Even if he told the truth on this one she wouldn't believe him. His real home was a room on the Ark, a giant airship. As far as the "friends" he spoke of he meant Phantom Lord. They were another dark guild that basically controlled the town. He was able to act more freely and be his violent self rather than the goody toe shoes that was Varian. Not to mention all the work there was to do there.

He was delighted to see that Alyssa loved the docks as well. This way he might be able to kill two birds with one stone."Actually before I met you I was going to the docks. Would you and Arcane like to come along? We might be able to catch the rest of the sunset before dark. Even if we miss it, the Hargeon Lighthouse is always pretty to look at along with the sounds of the waves. What do you say?" Caius said offering his arm out to her to take her.

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Alyssa had not thought about going anywhere just to look at the scenery since she had met Kenny. Though, it seemed to be time to forget him. He was simply her past, one that she would take care of in the near future, but for now, she was going to enjoy her life. She gave the man a polite smile and took his arm. "I honestly do not think I have ever just sat and watched a sunset before. Never really crossed my mind. Come to think of it, I do not think I have ever seen the lighthouse at night, either." She said, thinking aloud. Arcane jumped up from the ground quickly, ready to follow behind them. Alyssa allowed the man to lead them towards the place where they were going, as she did not know her way around the town. She noticed that she had overlooked many beautiful places in the town, and she could not help but think that this town would look much better running in the blood of innocents. She stopped that train of thought for the time being, wanting to enjoy her time with the man she had just met, though she refused to acknowledge the name he gave her was real. Other than the fake alias, she had no reason not to trust him, and he was acting like a complete gentleman so far. She took her time while they were walking to study him, taking in his appearance, making sure to memorize his face. She never knew when someone was going to be of good use later on, and allies were always welcome.


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Alyssa was eager to accompany him over to the docks as she wrapped her arm around his and clung on tight. Being new to the town, she had not seen the sunset over the ocean or the famous lighthouse yet. "Oh trust me you won't be disappointed. Follow me." Caius quickly pulled her forward and led her and her canine companion past the park. They continued down the Hargeon Streets until they finally reached the pier. The pier was currently deserted with empty benches littering the wooden walkway. It looks like they had many options on where they could sit.

Caius had been here multiple times and knew the best seat was at the bench at the very end of the pier. He offered Alyssa a seat first before he would sit down next to her. They had made it just in time as the orange ball of fire eclipse the sapphire blue water. The water shimmered like diamonds as he glanced over to Alyssa to see her reaction. "See? Just like I told you." he said.

A few minute passed and the sunset was completed. Darkness now enveloped the sky as the street lights flickered on. The lighthouse shined around in circles on top of it's small rocky island in the distance. Since that was over, he went straight back to asking her some more questions. "So you said you travel and have jobs lined up as well. What is it that you currently do exactly Alyssa?" He asked raising an eyebrow. He would try to prod this woman for some more information hoping she wouldn't continue to be useless.

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As Alyssa took a seat on the bench that the man had pointed out, she allowed her eyes to wander over to the sun setting over the horizon. She was truly entranced with the sight before her. She had never seen anything like it in her life. She had thought she was truly at peace earlier that night, when she had been sitting upon the bench. Yet this was what true peace was, and for once, the man joining her was not talking her ear off. It was actually peaceful. She felt eyes on her as she watched the sunset, yet she was not uncomfortable. As the last bit faded behind the horizon, she looked back at the man with a smile. "Thank you for bringing me here. It was very beautiful."

Alyssa bit her lip at his next question. How would she answer? What all could she tell the man? Yumi had not specified what all their guild was secretive about. She just assumed they were secretive about everything, so she was careful how she answered her next question. "I am a connoisseur of sorts, a collector. I also work as...population control. Though I did not start this route until I got here to Haregon as I accepted a new faith." She explained, keeping it as vague as possible, speaking of collecting the skulls of the innocents she killed. Technically, she was a type of population control, though she was not exactly sure how the man would take her words.


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Alyssa showed signs of dismay answering his question about her work. She explained it as being a collector and handling work with population control. However, she stated that the work she did didn't start until she discovered a new faith. The first thing that came to his mind was Yumi. He had just talked to her a few days go about their plan to attack the light guilds. Part of that including recruiting new members for the guild. Yumi was a religion crazed fanatic and she always was trying to covert people to hers. Alyssa could be harmless and be faithful to a religion already set in Fiore but it never hurt to ask.

"I see. Good for you. As long as you are happy with it that's all that matters? If you don't mind me asking, what faith was it that helped you down your new path? I grew up out of the country where we didn't have much religion so I've been looking into them since I got here to get more familiar with the culture. I know Fiore has a lot of them like the Illumin, Astora, Malum, and Classica." He slipped in Malum just to see if she had any reaction to the name. Yumi was the only one who practiced that faith that he knew about so it would be a dead giveaway. The chance was slim but it was worth a shot. Caius' patience was starting to wear thin. If this woman didn't reveal anything soon she would be going over the railing into the ocean.

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Alyssa froze at the mention of Malum. She was not aware the religion was widely accepted, especially through the town. As it was a religion that involved gaining immense pleasure in killing innocent people. "Malum...yes that is the one. I was not aware that it was accepted as a true religion. I believe the woman that brought me into the religion told me she was the only follower..?" She stated it as more question, as she did not know everything about her new religion as of yet. "I did not expect it to be accepted at least...but if you know about it, it must not be bad to talk about, right?" Arcane was watching the man closely, observing his every mood as he did most people that they traveled with. He was very protective of his owner and so, he watched over her as he would his own family...though she guessed she was Arcane's only family so it made sense for him to want to protect her.

She watched the man, gauging how he reacted to her saying Malum was indeed her god. She could not tell if he was lying, saying it was an accepted religion, or not. His face remained impassive, making it hard for her to tell anything. Maybe he was familiar with Yumi, maybe he followed the same religion. "Why do you ask?" If he was going to get answers, so was she. Her friendly demeanor faltering slightly as she saw the impassive look upon his face.


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Her face said it all as soon as the god Malum was mentioned. She even confirmed that it was a woman that told her about the religion in the first place. It had to have been Yumi. She was the only one he knew of that worshiped him.  Malum was a blood thirsty god and this woman was more than likely putting up a charade. The whole sitting alone in the park thing was probably a way to lure victims. The old innocent girl routine. Honestly, Caius was impressed by her acting but she also was a potential threat now. They both wore masks over their true nature and he was lucky he saw through hers first. He smiled and would answer her question.

"Well you see the reason I asked... is because I fucking hate Malum" His smile was now turned to a frown and his eyes when from kind and lighthearted to an ice cold stare. While he was speaking, his index finger was lifted up in the air. Black wind spread out in a circle around them 8m wide and would fire upwards like a volcano eruption. Alyssa and Arcane would both be caught up in the blast that would smash against their bodies and shatter their bones on impact. While the Arcanine was up in the air, Caius stood up and opened his mouth. A jet black stream of wind that would strike the dog and send it flying over the pier into the ocean. Now he wouldn't have to worry about it getting in the way.

Alyssa landed about 5m from where he currently was. He unsheathed his blade from his hip and walked over to her. The blade was turned upside down as he took the hilt by two hands and plunged it down into her right knee and twisted. This would keep her grounded if she tried to do anything. Caius kicked her in the ribs to see if she had any response "Hey girl are you still with me? The only reason your still alive is because of my curiosity. What did the little demon girl promise you exactly." Yumi's job was to get Grimoire Heart followers not her religion followers. The radical cult mixed with the guilds motives. If one of these mass murders got caught, they could see the Grimoire Heart tattoo on their body and interrogate them to get guild secrets. Alyssa would need a good answer if she wanted to continuing drawing breath on this earth.


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Alyssa was not surprised when the man turned on her one bit. Though she was surprised at how powerful the mage was. She had little time to worry about Arcane as she knew he was going to be fine, the Arcanine knew how to swim, she just hoped he was not hurt too bad. Upon hitting the dock and having a sword impaled into her knee. She cried out in pain and bit down on her lip to keep any more sounds from escaping her lips. She would not be able to fight this man, that she knew. Yumi had told her to be secretive about her new guild, and so she would. If this would end up in her demise, so be it. At least she had managed to serve her new lord somewhat. She glared up at the man and a smirk climbed onto her lips.

"Do you bring every girl out to the abandoned docks in the middle of the night? Or am I just special?" She looked down at the sword in her leg and shrugged. "I would guess I'm just special because this seems to be the first time you have ever stuck something inside a woman. Am I right?" She was not going down without a fight, and she would not be opening her mouth to this man any more than she had to. She was going to keep her promise to Yumi, she would not open her mouth about her new guild.


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The woman's response was worthless. Just empty threats and attempts at humor to somehow put her mind at ease from the dire situation at hand. No mention of Yumi or the guild which would have been the only thing that would have saved her. That means she probably was just some crazy lady that was converted for fun by the demon loli. The only reason he tolerated Yumi was because she managed to keep it a secret for all these years and her tremendous power was an asset to their cause. Despite all that, he always had doubts on her loyalty if it came down to the religion and guild. Not to mention the pain in the ass clean up they would have to perform after one of Malum's rituals. Perhaps he was just taking out his pent up anger out on this woman.

Caius spit off to the side at her retort. "You're right. This is the first time I've stuck something inside a woman." Caius pulled out his sword from her right leg and eyed her left knee. He jammed the blade through it just like he did previously. "This is the second time I've been in a woman." Caius pulled out the blade and stabbed it into her stomach. "This is the third time." I'm sure she got the point by now. He smirked at her bloody mess of a body before pulling out his sword. He shook the blood off his blade and would sheathe it back on his side.

Walking over to her, he squatted down and picked her up, tossing her over his shoulder. He walked over to the railing before turning his head towards her.. "Praise Malum." he whispered to her mockingly before tossing her off the side of the pier into the ocean below. Maybe if she was lucky she could catch a glimpse of her pet one last time before sinking to the bottom of the sea. Caius turned around and surveyed the area making sure their was nobody around. It looked clear from what could see so he put his hands in his pockets and walked back towards the city whistling a tune. Caius would have to find some place else now where he could think up a strategy for their guild's next attack.


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