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Practical Uses Quest. (Akai) (solo)

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Practical Uses Quest. (Akai) (solo) Empty Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:46 pm

Akai sulked back to the Mag Drug shop, last time he had been here had been incredibly boring, he'd sat at the register doing nothing, he was so bored. The only interesting things that happened was threatening teenagers, a guy who bought magical giraffe fruits and Akai spent his free time drawing circles. He paused outside the store, almost not wanting to go in and tell Khalash he had seen his post about a job. Momentarily waiting to see if someone else came by to volunteer instead of him. Unfortunately the street was empty, and those who did just kept on walking. With a deep sigh he shuffled his way in the door "Khalash?" He called, slightly hoping for Khalash not to be here, but the sign said he would be here so... There was a crash that came from his mysterious back room. "Are you okay Khalash?" Akai leaned down towards the door, trying to project his voice through it, "Can I come back there?" There was a silence for a moment, "Yes, please do, we will be conducting my research back here to day." Akai slid the door open, to a surprisingly spacious room, it wasn't big, but not much bigger then the main room. Khalash produced a circular shield with a golden rim, there was odd drawings all over it. "Today, im gonna test this magic shield I made recently, hopefully it should work really well, that would be amazing and make my life pretty nice." "Lets do it,
I need the money, and you need a test subject."
Akai laughed nervously, he didn't really want to be shot through a wall today. Khalash tossed Akai the shield, "I'm not really sure how well it's gonna work." Khalash said smiling, Great,
just what I wanted to hear right now.
Akai put on a fake smile, he wasn't exactly of fan of having things launched at him on purpose, no one should like it, it means they're under attack, and last time Akai was under attack, it had been a human sacrifice where he had almost died. Turning around he braced himself, waiting for whatever attack Khalash was gonna throw at him, a barrage of swords, a storm of nails. Deciding it was best to take a look at what Khalash was about to do he peeked over the edge to see Khalash summoning a fire ball in his hand, a fireball?! Akai was relieved it wasn't any of his ridiculous ideas, that would have been pretty bad, especially a storm of nails, that would hurt, a lot. The fireballl Khalash had summoned was about the size of a tennis ball and the flame reached about six inches in height. "SHIELDS UP AKAI!" Khalash yelled, and he threw the fireball, Akai braced himself for the impact of the fireball, except he felt nothing happen. "Did you throw it?" Akai asked. "Yes I did..."


Practical Uses Quest. (Akai) (solo) DC0NB5T

Practical Uses Quest. (Akai) (solo) Empty Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:50 pm

Akai lowered the shield and he saw that there wasn't even a single scratch, dent, discoloring, his reflection was just as amazing as it had been the first time he looked in the shield. Khalash looked very excited, rushing over he examined the shield. "Akai, hit me with your best shot!" "Okay"... Akai began to cast his spell. "NO NO, give me the shield." "Ohhhhh, yeah i can do that." He handed Khalash the shield and went to the back of the room. Khalash raised it up, "Hit me with your best shop Akai!" Akai removed the razor from around his neck and quietly sliced his hand, raising it in front of him a magic circle appeared underneath him two blood-red blades appeared behind, floating in mid-air. They shot out and smashed into the shield doing D-rank piercing damage. Akai didn't even care he was bleeding, the shield was intact, not even a scratch, dent, blemish, nothing, it was perfect. Khalash was befuddled, not even knowing that he was running his hand over the edge of the shield. Silence sat in between them for what seemed like forever, most of it consisted of Akai trying not to bleed on his shirt and Khalash looking lovingly at the shield he had just created. "Khalash?" Akai began, "Are you okay?" Khalash finally looked up at Akai, "This is unbelievable, attacks did barely any damage to it,
im so, so , sooo happy, words cannot describe how i'mfeeling right now. I Might have just discovered teh next step in magic, I might become famous!"
He smiled at the idea beginning to day dream again. Akai, on the other hand, was more focused on getting payed at the moment. "Sorry to disrupt your moment Khalash, but i would love to get paid, i'm saving my money and 50,000J would be pretty nice right now," Khalash looked up at him, he almost seemed hurt that Akai wanted money out of this excursion, but Akai knew better then to fall for that face, he remained the same relaxed face. "I'll be right back let me go get the money." Khalash shuffled off, clearly no longer upset he had to pay Akai, now happy he had learned something. Khalash returned with the jewels and handed them to Akai. "Thank you so much for helping me today i was able to finally get something out of all this old material." Akai smiled and took the jewels, the weight of the money felt nice in his hand. "You can go now AKai, thank you for you r work, it was of much help." Akai smiled and left the store very happy to leave.




Practical Uses Quest. (Akai) (solo) DC0NB5T

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