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Eyes Wider Open | Quest [Chelvaric]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Eyes Wider Open | Quest [Chelvaric] Empty Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:21 am

Venus Rosé

”Hmmm, I suppose it’s time.”

With a loud thud, Snowflake shut her book close reluctantly and raised her eyes up to the streets. Although she wished to finish her novel so badly, a quest calls for her. The paper that caught her eye a few hours prior was a job written with precision, as if the writer spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to receive a refund from the sellers that her client had purchased. It was of very little importance, at least to her, but she thought that doing something else instead of reading books might be better. It would give her a chance to explore more about the town after all, since she did not get a chance to do so the previous time she visited Magnolia.

The park was a beautiful place. The aroma of flowers lingered in the air and wafted into her nose while the dry leaves floated around her, along with the momentum of the breeze. Lovely couples huddled close against each other underneath their umbrellas by the benches while they sang their words of love to each other. Children ran around the field and over the grass, having fun with other kids and their parents would prepare their lunches. The girl wondered how it would be like to have a special someone to spend time with and watching these people in front of her brought a sudden desire to date. It was very much unlike her, for the thought never once occurred to her until these few days, after meeting up with someone whom she hasn’t seen in a while.  

A sigh escaped her lips as she glanced down at the paper crumpled up in her hands. She didn’t feel like doing the quest alone, not for this one at least but she wasn’t sure if she would run into anyone she might know of in this area. With very little hope, she held Vysella in her arms and stood up from the bench, her book tucked underneath her armpit.


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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was laying under a tree dozing off into distance worlds. On his chest there was a small book that people called manga. He had picked it up in a shop and it was so entertaining that there was a small pile of them next to him. The story was about a boy who fell in love with a heartless creature. The creature didn’t had any emotion so she couldn’t return the love of the boy no matter how hard he tried. But when bad people came to murder her he gave his life for her it moved her so much that her frozen heart melted and that she could feel the love of the boy she killed her assassins and cried over the boy. Her first cries were so loud that they were heard in heaven. An angel came down and revived the boy into a warrior of god. Now the two of them were having adventures in defeating evil. Chelvaric liked the story a lot. As he was even dreaming about it. Just when his dream came to the good part he woke up.

“you know scraggy this manga reminds me a lot of snow and me. I wonder if ill ever be able to melt her heart.”, he said to him. The recent jobs he had with her just made them grow closer and he really couldn’t stop thinking about her anymore. She was the only one for him. His tail was bugging him so he sat up to not crush it anymore. He never had felt something like this before and sighed a deep breath out. When he suddenly saw a shiny light coming from silver hair at the opposite of the park. It couldn’t be. Chelvarick picked up scraggy and ran to the other side. “hai snow! wat are you doing here”, Chelvaric said to his secret flame.


Eyes Wider Open | Quest [Chelvaric] HVEbuMl

#3Venus Rosé 

Eyes Wider Open | Quest [Chelvaric] Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:48 am

Venus Rosé

Snowflake noticed that not a lot of people were in the park, and the ones who were remained silent, enjoying the tranquility that reigned supreme within the area. The weather was not too warm to make her sweat bullets like the other day as well and she seemed to be enjoying the day so far. At her foot, she would kick at a stray pebble absently, watching it rotate over the dust for several turns and meandered over the path that would lead her forth to her destination. Beyond her was the sky, stretching on for eons without seeing the end to it and by watching the empyreans above her, her thoughts almost wandered off immediately.

It wasn’t until a voice called out for her that her brain waves suddenly reacted with a jolt, causing her to cease in her tracks, her eyes frantically searching for the source of the voice. She took a moment to recollect her thoughts and finally, her attention landed onto a familiar form. ”Chelvaric.” Her eyebrows shot upwards in surprise upon seeing him in the park before her attention glided towards Scraggy in his arms and then back to her teammate. ”Oh, I was just reading a book around here. It’s peaceful in the park, after all.” She responded to his question, wondering on her own as to why he was here.

Is this coincidence?, she pondered. The youth was wishing for a quest partner just a while ago and now, here he was, in front of her. The sudden occurence of events brought a playful smile onto her lips, barely noticeable. ”You know, I was just on my way to a quest. Would you care to join?”


#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

Eyes Wider Open | Quest [Chelvaric] Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:09 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric smiled as she said his name. her voice as tranquil as ever. He looked at the nice curves of her cheeks and nose. They were so nicely shaped nearly to mechanical precision. He wished he could stare longer at her but that would be akward and a bit weird. When she told the reason she was here he was quite surprised. It seemed they both had the same place in mind to read.

“Oh I was just here to read something called manga. There is a great shop of it in the city that sells them. Maybe I could show it to you later if your interested.”, Chelvaric said to her and smiled slightly as he looked at her. It seemed tough that snow wasn’t here only for pleasure as she asked him to join in on her job. “Of course I’ll join. What more fun is there then doing job’s with a beautiful girl on a nice day like this. let’s get going then”, he said to her and after she told about the quest they left for the quest location. Which was once again the shady magic shop they had watched not long ago. He wondered what the shop owner would ask of them again. “ so what is this job about anyway. It seems magnolia is a very busy place. I guess that’s normal for a city as big as this.”, Chelvaric said to her and looked through the crowds of people that were walking through the city. He wondered how many people even lived in this city. They arrived at the shop and Chelvaric prepared himself to do the job. “Master put me down I’ve be been carried enough.”, Scraggy said and he jumped down.


Eyes Wider Open | Quest [Chelvaric] HVEbuMl

#5Venus Rosé 

Eyes Wider Open | Quest [Chelvaric] Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:54 pm

Venus Rosé

”Manga, I see.” She paused, processing the word into her mind. ”I’ve heard of it before. I’d love to visit the shop some time.” The girl nodded, curious as to what kind of books she might see in the store. It seemed to be a new trend these days since she had been seeing such books being read mostly by teenagers and adolescents. She figured she should try reading it once in a while to see what’s all the fuss was about. The sudden compliment that Chelvaric had regarded on her appearance had astonished her since she was not used to receiving such remarks from someone else. Eyes blinked repeatedly as she tried to recollect her thoughts that went flying all over her mind.

Her steps would soon but falter as she addressed the message written on the brittle sheet of paper that was crumpled up in her hands. The location and the coordinates of the client was detailed on the paper as well, which made it easy for her to search for. Despite how she had already been to the Magic Shop before with her fellow teammate, the android was still not used to the streets and directions in Magnolia and it will most likely take a while until she would find herself in the right place without getting lost.

Their arrival there was greeted by their client’s withering smile, who would soon fill the mages the details of the quest before stating that he would have to go out to collect some ingredients, once again and vanished with a loud thud on the door. Here we go, she thought, a sigh escaping her lips and placed Vysella down on the floor. The white fox would set off to wander around the clustered area, sniffing the corners as if she was trying to get used to the place. Meanwhile, the mages were commanded to wait until the sellers arrive to ask for the refund for the faulty item.


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#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric smiled bright as she said she wanted to visit the shop. He was really happy that he could spend some more time with her outside of the job with her. Not long after they were walking they arrived at the shop and they went inside. The smell of the potions was even worse than last time and Chelvaric had to pinch his nose for a bit. The old man was waiting in the shop again. He didn’t take much time and talked them quickly through it before running off into the distance. Chelvaric was watching the books in the closet while Scraggy was following the vulpix around. Snow was just relaxing against the desk. He read all the exotic titles of the book closet. They seemed very interesting. Chelvaric took one out and was greeted with a lot of dust he coughed out loud and tried to regain his breathing. These books didn’t look like they got used much. He read through the pages when a customer suddenly entered the store.

“Where is that old bastard. I sold him the item fair and square!”, the man said. He was fat and was dressed in expensive clothing. His moustache went far under her nose. Chelvaric looked at the man before he responded. “but the item doesn’t work so give back the money. Or do we need to call the rune knights. You can explain it to them”, Chelvaric said to the man and looked intimidating to him. The man seemed scared and threw the money on the table. “fine fine i-I’ll pay now don’t ever come to me!”, he shouted as he ran in fear. “well, that’s the job I guess. You want to go to the shop snow”, Chevlaric said and walked out of the store with their part of the money.


Eyes Wider Open | Quest [Chelvaric] HVEbuMl

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