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Please help me. [Shin | social, open]

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Please help me. [Shin | social, open] Empty Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:01 am

Magnolia was kinda icky when wet. Really icky. There was nowhere to sit or lie down without getting wet. Park benches, tables, trees, even the alleys and corners got wet. Sinaloa hated when it rained, but only when he was tired. The rain was okay if he was walking. Even in really big storms when they would get swept off their feet by the wind. The cold rain felt nice.

Today though, she’d taken shelter on the steps to the cathedral, huddled into her oversized sweater. Somehow, this tiny corner at the top of the steps, just barely big enough for her, was spared from the soaking wet that covered the rest of the city. Sinaloa wasn't very noticeable, to the people wandering around touristing or too focused on going about their business. The small person barely made a sound as she slept peacefully, all scrunched up in the corner, like a cat hidden in the smallest space it could find.

It’d been a few days since she’d arrived at the town, guided here by…

She’d forgotten his name. She’d been trying to remember before she fell asleep but couldn’t for the life of her recall his name. His face, yes, but not his name. She even remembered every other word he’d said, particularly the invitation to join Fairy Tail. She wanted it, wanted to belong to a family like the one her mothers had created. It was painful on her own. Sinaloa started crying in her sleep, dreams turning towards better days when she was brave.

#2Shin Sekai 

Please help me. [Shin | social, open] Empty Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:52 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin was making his way to the guild when he notices that someone was hiding or something in a corner which made him think about that girl who he just started calling Dark Lilly after they parted ways. "HEY ARE YOU OKAY!??" yelling at the person just in case they had some kind of sickness. He tilted his umbrella so that if the person looked at him they could see his face clearly "The name's Shin if you need some help I can see what I can do?" he yelled to the person moving closer to them ready to send use a spell on them if they tried to attack him which he really hoped he didn't have to as the weather was already bringing down his mood he didn't need to fight someone on top of it.

Feels like I've been in this situation before...but when? Shin asked himself as he stopped and looked at the gray sky for a second. "Hey do you need a place to warm up and get dry looks like your really drenched?" he asked the person with a smile that could brighten up anyone's day if they were really depressed from the rain even though he didn't like the rain too much himself.


Please help me. [Shin | social, open] Empty Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:06 pm

Sinaloa woke up with a start, smashing her head against the stone wall behind her. It took a moment to realise she was, in fact, the one being yelled at. Thinking she was in a bad place, Sinaloa hopped to her feet ready to bolt, only to tumble down the steps when she lost her balance. She stayed curled on the ground a moment, gathering herself and biting her tongue through the pain. The small girl lifted her head up to stare at the man who had called out to- oh. She knew this one. He was the fairy dude. He was the one who helped her find the town.

Sinaloa smiled with relief, happy she'd found someone familiar. She squeaked and bounced to her feet, lunging towards him with arms outstretched. It was hard to remember to be afraid when she'd been feeling so alone.

Sinaloa clung tight to Shin, rubbing her cheek against his shirt. She liked this smell. The smell of a friendly person. It smelt like any other person, but this smell was special because it belonged to someone she knew. Sinaloa looked up at Shin with her big doe eyes for only a few seconds before popping up on tiptoe to press her soft lips against his. An unusual way to show gratitude, for sure, but the only one she knew. It never occurred to her it wasn't socially acceptable to kiss just anyone she met, or that there was a 'proper' way to thank someone.

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Please help me. [Shin | social, open] Empty Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:12 pm

Shin Sekai
As Shin watched the person wake up and stumble to him, he felt as if he knew this person somehow but couldn't put his fingers on it for some reason which was a first for him. When the person ran into him and started wiping their face on him but before he could even say anything Sinaloa kissed him for some reason making him turn a bright red My first kiss...she just... every last thought was running around in his mind all at once the next thing that he knew was that everything went black as he fell back to the ground with his arms by his side. The rain had stopped once the moment had passed and whatever Sinaloa would do to help her now passed out friend was up to her.


Please help me. [Shin | social, open] Empty Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:45 pm

Sinaloa shrieked as Shin went limp, her tight grip on his shirt toppling her over on top of him. This wasn't supposed to happen. People didn't just fall. Sinaloa panicked, sniffling and starting to sob as she struggled with what to do. He was too heavy to carry him and she didn't even know where he lived.

But he was Fairy Tail, right? There had to be someone also from Fairytail nearby... although there wasn't anyone in sight. Sinaloa sniffled and looked up, kneeling beside Shin on the ground. Like a tiny mewling kitten, she curled up and sobbed, waiting for someone to come close.

Desperate for comfort, she clung to Shin's hand until someone came to help, or he woke up on his own.

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Please help me. [Shin | social, open] Empty Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:42 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin woke up when he felt Sinaloa's hand touched his "W..what happen? are you okay?" he asked her sitting up Oh ya that's right she kissed me...on the lips, his mind went crazy once he recalled the kiss that she had given him. The air started to feel muggy as he looked around and dusted himself off from the fall Oh no did I pass out from the kiss?! Oh no I did way to go, Shin! he yelled at himself for making such a rookie mistake in that situation that he trained himself for the past year.

"Hey, why don't you join the guild this way you don't have to sleep in such weird places...Plus we could hang out more if you want?" he asked her as his cheeks turned slightly red. The moment of the two of them kissing was on repeat within his mind as he waited for her to reply to the request he had placed on the table. The offer was one of personal gain and friendship as he wanted to see her more and get to know her as friends and guildmates.

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