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Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Snowflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Snowflake] Empty Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:15 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric was walking through the streets of magnolia. He didn’t really had much to do today so he wanted to get a job or at least an activity to keep himself busy. Otherwise he would be bored and he really hated that. He wasn’t in the mood to nap either as he just had slept the whole day and night before. He arrived at the request board. It was a board put up in every city where you could get a job when you didn’t get any at the guild hall. Chelvaric looked over the pamphlets and tried to read all of them carefully.

“Why not this one master. It’s just watching a store you could even take a nap in-between if you really wanted too.”, scraggy said to him as he was reading the pamphlet he was holding. Chelvaric took it from him. It seemed to be at a magical potion shop. That should be fine. Chelvaric high fived shraggy. “Good job buddy let’s get going then I suppose.”, chelvaric told scraggy and they started to walk in the direction of the store. Chelvaric was wearing a sleeveless shirt today as he didn’t feel like walking naked. But for the rest he was wearing the same jeans and shoes as always. Chelvaric arrived at the magic store a bit earlier then the job requested so he was waiting outside in the sun. It was a quite nice day though. The sun was shining bright and it was early on the day so it wasn’t too hot yet. Now he just had to wait.

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Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Snowflake] HVEbuMl

#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

At her foot, the white haired mage would kick at a stray pebble and watched it rotate over the dust for several turns. Beneath the linings of the soles of her heels was the sound of scattering, most notably tiny mounds of pebble and dirt that filtered through the spaces in his steps. There she was, underneath the blistering heat of summer, meandering through the crowds that flooded the streets of Magnolia. In her arms was a fox, its hair as white as snow, her companion cuddled up against her chest. The heat was too much for both of them, even worse for Vysella since she was still not used to such hot weather in the summer. For Snowflake, the metallic parts on her body was able to withstand the heat and thus, she felt better than she did when she was in her original body.

Among the buildings in the streets, Snowflake was searching for a particular one; a magic shop to be exact. Her real reason was because she has accepted a quest on a whim to assist the wizard in a magic shop. However, she would not be the only one doing the quest, for her fellow teammate had decided to join her on the mundane job. Soon, she would arrive her destination, a small cottage located in front of her with a tall man standing by its side, as if he was waiting for someone. The girl raised her hand and waved, hoping that the man would notice her and approached towards him. ”I see you’re a bit early today, Chelvaric.”


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#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was sitting on a bench as he waited for his partner to arrive. When he suddenly saw the silver hair of snow appearing on the horizon with her trusty snow vulpix in her arms. She looked great as always. She was waving to him and he stood up from his bench. “Yeah, I was quite bored today. I couldn’t even sleep! That nearly never happens to me so I went for a job and here we are. It’s good to see you again.”, he said and he pressed his cheek against her cheek as a greeting between close friends. He pointed at the shop and said, “Let’s get inside and start the job Snowie”, He used a nickname for her as he felt like it. He didn’t really had a reason to do it. But good friends always ended up giving each other nicknames.

He opened the door and put his arm in front of him to let Snow enter the building. The door fell shut behind them and they heard a man let out a scream. An old grey bearded man with a wizard hat and robes came from under the counter as he was rubbing his head. “God damn, don’t scare an old man like that.”, the man said while he still looked to be a bit in pain. “Oh sorry mister we didn’t mean to scare you. We're here for the job.”, Chelvaric said as he looked around the shop.

It seemed to be a cliché magic shop. Old dusty books decorated the sides of the shop. On the ground there were countless papers spread out. In front of the counter there were three tables that had all kinds of potions on them. They were labelled with just a piece of paper, ranging from curses to make the drinker fall in love with you. He wondered if they really worked. “Ah you’re fellow mages. Come in, come in. I need to go out to gather some ingredients. Can you watch the store and let no one inside the back room okay. It’s a special room and no one ,even you, is allowed inside. I'll be back by night. Have a great day.” He said while he picked up a bag and left the shop in a hurry. Chelvaric was a bit surprised in how fast the man was. “Well I guess we have to just sit here”, Scraggy said as he laid down and fell asleep.


Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Snowflake] HVEbuMl

#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The nickname Chelvaric had gotten for her was one that was adorable yet, strange since Snowflake was not used to such names. In fact, she’s had never had a close friend before receiving such amiability from someone else other than her parents. The silver haired mage was quite stunned, although she barely showed any of her emotions notably. The door would creak open with a small force of Chelvaric’s fingers and allowed the girl to enter first. She would nod in gratitude before entering, her eyes curiously wandering around the place. Vintage -- was the first thought that came to her mind upon seeing the magic shop. The smell of chemicals and potions wafted into her nose and books were scattered all over the place. The magic shop somehow reminded her of the libraries; the wooden shelves and cupboards neatly stacked with books, written in letters that she was not able to read.

The wizard declared that he was required to collect some ingredients, most likely for the potion that was left unfinished on his desk and demanded the two of them to look after the shop in his stead. Without even bothering to wait for their response, the old man hurried out of the store with a basket hooked on his forearm. The android leaned against an oaken desk, her arms folded across her chest, supporting her large breasts with her arms. A sigh escaped her lips and blue eyes flickered across the room, as if she was searching for something interesting to do. The mages had an entire day to spend time since the owner of the shop stated that he would only be returning by evening. Just when she was about to stutter the words out of her mouth, the door swung open, revealing a group of teenagers with a smug smile plastered across their faces.

”How can I help you?” She started.


#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Snowflake] Empty Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:59 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric went and sat on the chair behind the oaken desk. He pushed the chair a bit backwards so that I would lean back over. They had the whole day together so he guessed he could make some conversation with snow. “So how are you liking the guild after all these months.”, Chelvaric asked her and listened carefully to her explanation. “I Haven’t really met that many people of the guild actually just Alisa and you and the ones we met together. Too many to all say but like I feel there a lot of members left I have yet to meet”, He said loud up as he was thinking it. Before he could completely hear her answer some teenagers wandered the shop in. you could tell from looking at them that they weren’t interested in buying anything. The kids spread through the store and started to look around and trying to touch everything.

“Breaking is buying boy's so be careful.”, he said to them. Some of them laughed and they gave a rather insidious look. He had to watch them close as he didn’t know what they were up too. But then he remembered the room nobody could go too and he looked at the door behind him. Two of the kids were fiddling with the door.

“You kids! Get away from the door!”, he yelled at them but they just stuck there tongue out and continued. He didn’t want to use force on kids but he didn’t have to as Scraggy had a plan. He summoned his darkness blade and came threatening at the kids, jumping of a closet, and making demonic sounds. Since he was a demon it was quite natural to him. The kids suddenly sounded scared and started to run begging for their mommy in the direction of snow.


Eyes Wide Open [Quest: Snowflake] HVEbuMl

#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”I enjoy being in the guild.” She began, and let her arms dangle by her sides while she crossed over her slender legs on one another. ”I see, you’ve met Alisa as well. I told her about my, you know, transformation.” The girl confessed. The ones that were on her team were the only people who was aware of her drastic change but she decided that she wouldn’t tell anyone necessary unless they questioned about her appearance. She liked to keep things secretive, after all.

With the grins spread across their lips, Snowflake was able to tell right away that they would be troublemakers, mostly seeking out to cause chaos. She wasn’t sure what they wanted to do in the shop but perhaps, they just wished to rummage around. The silver haired mage pushed herself off the desk and walked towards the bookcases. Her gloved fingers idly ran over the dips of the rowed books, feeling the textures of their spines. Seeing the books in front of her urged her to go to the library to flip the pages of the books and absorb all the information written on the brittle sheets. Her love for libraries and books were massive, even more than her desire for sweet things that she would not even leave the area unless she was done, if there was a book in her hand.

Cerulean hues glided back towards the teenagers who were curiously running around the area. She noticed that Chelvaric had been keeping an eye on the notorious kids the entire time while she was busy observing the books. Whatever happened to the magic shop was none of her concern, although if it was possible she would’ve loved to keep the books to herself and mayhap, even make a potion out of it. Snowflake did not like to deal with kids either way thus, she trusted the job in her partner’s hands. By midnight, the wizard had finally returned with herbs and other ingredients in his basket. He would thank the mages for looking after the shop although Chelvaric was the one who did the most while she read through the books. Gladly, she accepted the reward, handing half of it over to her teammate and walked out of the shop.


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